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Twitter Engagement – 9 Ways To Make It Skyrocket For You

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Do you want to increase your boost your Twitter engagement and grow your followers?

Well, the best way to do this is to engage with others on the Twitter network.

But just what can you do to increase your odds of boosting your engagement with others on Twitter today?

It’s not getting any easier to engage with others today on Twitter, but it can be done.

You must spend some time there on Twitter.

It’s like any other network, the more time you put into it, the more you get back.

Too many people give up too soon with Twitter!


Twitter recently lost over 1 million followers but many of those were bots.

Who wants to engage with a bot, right?

So you may have noticed a slight dip and follower numbers and engagements recently.

Don’t despair!

There are some things you can do right now to increase your Twitter engagement rate:

Twitter Engagement - 9 Ways to Make it Skyrocket for You


9 simple ways to boost your Twitter Engagement and make it SKYROCKET

1/ Ask Questions To Boost Your Twitter engagement

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as part of your Twitter strategy

Even if it is just to ask your followers how their day is going.

You may be surprised at who answers you and how you can get to know them better along the way.

People love answering questions too.

It can be a way for them to help or give advice.

It could also be a way for them to simply participate.

Participation is the key on Twitter now. Unless you are a news organization that can blare out breaking news, you will need to participate with others.


2/ Answer Questions

You can search with hashtags on topics you are knowledgeable on to answer other’s questions.

Think of it like Quora.

You can showcase what you know on Twitter in the same was as Quora.

People on Twitter may be looking for help. You may be that person who can help them.


3/ Conduct Polls

I love taking polls from time to time.

You sometimes get answers in replies too.

Recently I asked about what place people share videos on. I gave 4 options.

One person replied that they prefer LinkedIn which was NOT on my 4 options.

That gave me food for thought!

You can set the polls up to last for up to 7 days so you can give people time to respond.

Be sure to keep the URL from your poll so you can go back to check on the results and/or share in a blog post.

Sharing polls in a blog post may also increase your engagement if others share it from there.


Check out my latest poll for this post about CTA’s:

4/ Mention Others In Your Retweets To Really Boost Bour Twitter Engagement

One thing you learn in marketing is that it’s all about them.

Yes, it’s NOT about you! Mention others often and give them credit along the way. You can do this in your retweets and tweets.

Be sure to use the @username in each of these.

Recently there was a post here by Dexter on how he increased his engagement with mentions.

There are some great ways in which you can mention others.

Always build others up on Twitter!


5/ Embed Their Tweets On A Blog Post

I love showcasing others and my own tweets in blog posts to show great examples.

Of course, it must be relevant to the post at hand.

This method increases the engagement from others and receives more retweets right from the blog post.

Furthermore, it can also give fresh air to an old tweet.

It gets even better if you have mentioned others in the tweet.

They can also see the tweet that mentions them right on your blog post – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Join the conversation - We are talking Twitter Engagement and how to boost yours -Click To Tweet


6/ Join Twitter Chats

This is one method to increase Twitter engagement that I preach but don’t do enough of myself.

I love Madalyn Skar’s chat on Thursdays at 1 and though I don’t always get to make it to it.

The best way is to set it up in your calendar.

I did that last week and was able to read some at the end. Always informative chats by Madalyn.


7/ Use Call To Action Words In Your Tweets

Yes, those popular CTA’s really do work.

You hear about them all the time in marketing.

There is a reason for that.

People need to know what to do with a tweet.

Read, share, click, ignore?

You can use words like:

  • Buy Now
  • New Today
  • Sign Up Free
  • Please Retweet
  • Please Share
  • Get it Now
  • Free Today
  • Sign Up Now
  • Ends Today
  • See it Now
  • Get Your Copy


8/ Use Follow Friday #FF

This is one of my oldies but goodies.

You can get creative with this one.

Do recommend people for different reasons for others to follow them.

Use Follow Friday for a segment of people who you like to engage with.

I do this sometimes with local folks.

I will do a Follow in RI or Follow these Locals in RI tweet on Fridays with the hashtag #FF of course!

Other times I recommend bloggers, friends or social media mavens, etc.

I tell people they should follow these people because of x, y, and z.

Other times you can do it to just say Happy Friday to friends!



9/ Use Quotes 

People love quotes on social media and Twitter is no exception.

You can easily share them from Brainy Quotes or make your own with Canva and include your own logo.

This is a great way to do some branding at the same time! Of course, if you don’t have time to make your own you can find beautiful quotes on Brainy Quotes.com


Bonus Tip! Video

As you probably know video is huge on all the networks today. Just keep it short on Twitter. 2 minutes and 20 seconds is the max you are allowed on Twitter to use video.

You can also edit videos right on Twitter easily.

Just be sure the length of your videos for Twitter is NO more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Otherwise, you will use the edit feature there to shorten it up.

Be sure to watch it before hitting the tweet button.

The Actual Engagement Rate

The engagement rate on Twitter is calculated by the number of people who saw the tweet and the percentage of people who DID something with the tweet.

It could be one of the following actions on Twitter:

  • Re-tweet – Someone who retweets your original tweet.
  • Favorites – People who give you the heart symbol for your tweet as a favorite. (Similar to a like on Facebook).
  • Replies – When someone replies to your tweet.
  • New Follows – When someone new followers you on Twitter.
  • Conversations with you from the tweet.
  • Clicks to your link – If someone clicks on the link you have tweeted – those count as an engagement too.
  • Responded to Your Twitter Poll.
  • Video Views – When people view your videos on Twitter.
  • Mentions – Someone mentions you on Twitter by your user handle – of course you would thank them to engage with them too 🙂


What Is The Average Twitter Engagement Rate On Twitter Today?

Many today consider 1.00 a great engagement rate on Twitter.

There are so many factors to consider though as it’s hard to compare with someone who has a million followers vs someone with a few hundred followers.

I like to see my own client’s engagement rate increase over time.

To me, that’s the best measurement of an engagement rate.

The other factors to consider are finding out what made the engagement rates better – was it the content, photos, video or time of day and day of the week?

These all must be considered when determining your best time and day and medium to use tweeting.


The buffer app blog did a great post about how to find your Twitter engagement rate but you can find yours within your own Twitter analytics too.


Twitter Ads

Another option you have of course is to do Twitter ads.

They have a new Promote Mode for $99 per month.

I’m almost at the end of my 30-day period test.

They are in beta.

With this Promote Mode feature, they pick and choose which of your tweets to promote.

I liked the ease of use and wanted to test it out. More to come on my blog soon.

Of course, you can go with the Traditional Twitter Ads and promote a special tweet or your profile for more followers.

You will not have to be worried about getting a Twitter suspension for these activities since you are going through Twitter itself.

I have run ads in the past for as little as $5 but the Twitter ad button tries to get you for at least $50. So just beware!

You may be surprised to learn that Twitter ads can work better than Facebook ads.

Twitter has always been the little gem of mine for marketing.

Too many people and businesses still dismiss Twitter today.

They don’t realize what they are missing there.

9 simple ways to make your Twitter Engagement SKYROCKET
Thanks for pinning my image 😉

That’s all for now!

I’d love to know how you are engaging on the Twitter network today.

Are you using any tools to do so or are you doing it from the mobile app?

Please leave a comment below so we can discuss!

Make sure you subscribe to the comments so you are notified of my reply



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    Hi Lisa, great post.
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    They are very handy when used for different niches.
    Much easier to follow what your followers are sharing and as a result to build engagement.
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    • Lisa P Sicard

      Thank you Dexter. I really appreciate your having me here on your blog. I’ve been watching it grow and evolve, loving that! Using Twitter lists really does keep me better organized on Twitter. You can save a lot of time when looking for things to RT, etc. Have a great day 🙂

    • Dexter Roona

      Hi Lisa, your welcome. Yes, Twitter lists are great, probably the standout Twitter feature for me,
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    Awesome twitter marketing strategies!

    Due to my workload, I spend less time on Twitter, But I will start following and start managing my twitter account.

    • Dexter Roona

      Twitter for me is the best social site to network and market on, along with Pinterest. They are certainly way better than Facebook.

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      Hi Saurabh, I do see you there on Twitter so you must be spending some time there 🙂 I’d love to know how you make out with following these tips. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

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    Hi Dexter Roona, I always share my post on twitter. I have very less time to engage with Twitter for other activities. This knowledgeable information is very helpful one to motivate and start activities on Twitter. Thanks for sharing

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      You are welcome Sazia. I hope you do start to engage. I’d love to know how it goes for you. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment on this one. Have a great day!

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    Hi Lisa and Dexter,
    I have been using Twitter for some time but only for using it in my posts. I see I have been missing out with all the info mentioned here. Will learn more about using Twitter. Thanks.

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      Hi Kathryn, Oh yes, you must be missing out a lot if you are only posting your own posts. I will have to look you up and start engaging with you for practice. I hope you use it more that way going forward after reading this 🙂
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    Simply asking questions rocketed up engagement for me Lisa. Pure magic. Ask and folks feel inspired to answer. Excellent tips.

    • Lisa Sicard

      Hi Ryan, thanks for coming by on this one. Ah yes, asking questions can do that. I used to be afraid of silence when I asked questions in the beginning. I love doing polls, I’m due for another 🙂 Have a great evening Ryan.

  12. Sathish Arumugam
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    Twitter has grown quickly and the character limit of that also increase, it is not only a place to share the occasional tweet and audience, but it is also the place to stay consistently enaged to connect with the audience which is the place to drive the conversation. These top strategies for building twitter engagement help to improve the Twitter engagement rates.

    • Lisa P Sicard

      Hi Sathish, you are right that you must stay consistent there on Twitter today to engage with your audience. It’s not a place to just share your own stuff and go away. Thanks for coming by on this post and have a wonderful day and new month ahead!

  13. Dexter Roona
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    Hi, Lisa, do you know what is happening with Twitter?
    Are they purging fake and dead accounts? I have seen a drop in followers recently for no apparent reason.
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