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How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website

In this new article, we are talking about how you can maximize ad revenue on your site and easily boost your advertising revenues on autopilot.

Let’s get started!

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How Do You Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website?

There is nothing more annoying than intrusive pop-up ads and badly placed sticky ads that spoil the user experience. The golden rule for running ads on a site is to balance the number of ads that appear, their placement and any income gained against the negative impact ads can often create for a site.

Therefore it is important to optimize the look and feel of any ads and their placement within a site to maximize ad revenue.

5 Easy Ways To Maximize Ad Revenue While Maintaining The User Experience

Here are 4 very simple things that you can do today that will really maximize your ad rev.

  1. Page speed
  2. Test ad formats and placements 
  3. Write more content
  4. Create videos
  5. Utilise social media

Page Speed

Ads are known to slow sites down. None of us go to a search engine looking for information and then want to sit there waiting for the requested page to load. This is especially when using a mobile device. Mobile device searches have now overtaken those made on desktops and laptops. This is why it is so so important that your pages load fast.

Google now creates its rankings from its mobile-first index. In other words, Google looks at the mobile version of a site, checking how fast it loads, how responsive it is and the overall UX so the mobile version of a site must be user-friendly and fast.

Slow loading pages negatively affect a sites SEO resulting in visitors just bouncing straight out.

Make page speed a priority when you want to maximize ad revenue and boost earnings.

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Test Different Ad Formats And Placements If You Want To Boost Ad Revenue

This sounds complicated but it is not if you link your Adsense account into Ezoics free ads testing platform.

Ezoic is a trusted partner of Googles Adsense and works alongside Adsense.

It’s easy to set up, with no additional plugins or extensions to install and once integrated the system tests and tracks the ads using machine learning and AI technology.

The Ezoic ad testing platform knows that quick, fast loading attractive ads trigger interactions from visitor’s. Ads also need to look seamless (native) within the design of a site.

Ezoic tests ad formats and their placements and works out the best scenario to max the ad revenue. You can do similar optimizations by using WordPress plugins but it then becomes a manual process.  We have used both methods on InfoBunny but have found that Ezoic’s Ad testing platform is by far the best way to test ad types and placements and enhance ad rev

Ezoic is the complete package when it comes to boosting and maximizing your ad revenue and it is free so why wouldn’t you try it?

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Write More Content For Higher Ad Revenues

Another key way to enhance revenue on a site is to simply write and publish more unique quality content. It is content that brings in visitors and it is content that drives and maximizes the ad revenues of a site. This is one reason why accepting guest posts and outsourcing content writing where possible is a very good idea. 

It is also good to note that content should be long-form as long-form content is proven to do well in the SERP’s.

According to Ezoic the word count range with the highest EPMV is 750-1000 words.

EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) measures how much revenue you earn for every 1,000 visitors across your whole website and not just a specific page or ad unit.

The second-highest-earning word count range is 1000-2500 words which is more in line with what SEO experts suggest for SEO optimization (1500-2000)

Not only does more content bring in more traffic it obviously gives you more opportunities for ad placements and this brings you increased revenues.

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Create Videos For Revenue Growth

It is clear with YouTube being the second-most popular social network on the web that video is a big driver for ad revenue.

1 billion hours of video content is consumed on YouTube every day. Using YouTube to host images offers you an option to enhance and maximize ad revenue on your site.

There are two ways to add video to a site. 

  1. You can host them yourself
  2. You can host then on YouTube or Vimeo

There are pluses and minuses to both methods.

Self-hosted videos look the best. You don’t have YouTubes branding all over the page when you self host. You can also run video ads before any video runs when clicked. The downside is that hosting your own video content uses up a lot of resources so you will need to be paying top dollar running costs otherwise your site will just slow down to a stop.

YouTube videos are fast to run when embedded on the page. This gives a good user experience which we know has SEO benefits. Additional clickthrough traffic also comes your way from YouTube as the videos are found by those using YouTube. You can also build yourself a following on YouTube. This gives an additional ad revenue income stream and helps with a site’s branding.

Of course, as you scale a sites ad revenues running costs are not so much of a problem. At this stage there is nothing to stop you from hosting your own video content and also sharing your videos to a branded YouTube account. If you have the resources to host your own videos then why not do both. Take that additional benefit of click-through traffic from YouTube and the additional revenue stream. Maximize your ad revenue.

Google likes to point users in the direction of their video content within the SERPs and if a sites YouTube videos rank then they drive can traffic back to your site.

Utilise Social Media

You can drive traffic to a site with YouTube videos and there is no reason why you cannot drive traffic with social media sites.

Simply share your content to your branded social channels and grab any traffic that comes your way. You can even boost your social share count if you have a ViralContentBee account.

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How To Maximize Ad Revenue On Your Website – Conclusion

As you can see there are some very simple steps you can take to boost your ad revenue. The smart move is to create an Ezoic account and just let Ezoic work for you on autopilot especially as you more than likely already use Adsense. With Ezoic being a Google trusted partner you really can’t go wrong.

Regardless of how you test your ads, it is key just to create regular content and give yourself more add placement opportunities. Engagement with your ads is how you maximize your ad rev.

Now, it’s over to you.

Do you run ads on your site?

Have you ever used Ezoic? If so how was your experience?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Regards Dexter

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How to maximize ad revenue on your website
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