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11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples)

In this new article, we are talking about affiliate content ideas that convert and give you our guide to what works well with our 11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples) article.

Let’s get started!

Header 11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples)

Conversion is very key for every business, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, course creator, influencer, service provider, or run a SaaS company.
A low conversion rate can put you out of business or make you unprofitable and a good conversion rate can boost your revenue and customer base.
For affiliate marketers, the conversion rate is a critical part of boosting our income.
It’s already a hard task to rank for money keywords, low conversion rate shouldn’t make it harder.
Out of many factors that affect conversion rate, content is a critical factor.

Poor content can ruin your site’s conversion rate.
You need the right type of content and quality to boost your affiliate revenue.
As an affiliate marketer and freelance writer who has worked with several other bloggers to create content, I can testify that not all content converts the same.
Some content types naturally convert better than others and in this blog post, I will share 11 tested affiliate content ideas that convert better for affiliate blogs.
Let’s get to it.


11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas to Try Out

Below are the best affiliate content ideas that convert above average than other content styles.

1. Product Reviews

This is the most popular affiliate content that bloggers and affiliate marketers do a lot of.
If you pick a product to promote, it’s logical to create a product review on the product.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that product reviews convert well (above average).
Yeah, when done well it converts well.

But the sad reality is that only a few bloggers ace their product reviews.
Most product reviews look the same and are no different from other reviews on the same product.
You have to remember that the only reason people search and read up reviews on a product isn’t for you to convince them to buy it but to find reasons not to buy it.
Sounds like a paradox, right? Well, that’s the reality.

Most of the time people search for reviews, they are looking for reasons not to buy a product and not the other way round.
Sadly, many product reviews just sing the praises of a product to make a sale and ignore the shortcomings of the product.
Don’t make that mistake.

From experience, product reviews that highlight both the good and bad sides of a product get more love and convert better.
There’s no perfect product – and readers are aware of that.

So, many just want to know if the shortcomings aren’t a dealbreaker for them.
Here are some tips to create better product reviews for your site:

  • Come up with an Interesting Article Title:

An example of a good title that acts as a clickbait is this:
Product Review – Read this Before you Buy
Product Review – Is Product Worth it or a Scam?

  • Share your Recommendations and Opinion (Be Personal)

The only reason many people read reviews is to find out what others think about the product.

So repeating the features and price of a product wouldn’t do any good as these are information that can be found on the product’s website or sales page.
What can’t be found elsewhere is your opinion, your thoughts about the product.

What do you dislike about the product? What’s your opinion about the product?

This is the priceless information that

  • Highlight the Shortcomings (Cons)

The best kind of reviews that convert better are reviews that share the shortcomings of the products and do not hide them from readers.
Whether you hide them or not, the prospect knows that there’s no perfect product out there and there must be a catch.
So if you fail to be the guy that shares the catch, the reader will most likely continue the research.

  • Use a good article structure

Here is my preferred structure for a product review:
What is the Product Name?
Who is it for?
How Does It Work?
Features of Product
How Much Does It Cost?
What I Dislike About the Product (Cons)
What I Like About the Product (Pros)
Wrapping Up / Conclusion
Check out this Kicksta Review and GoHighLevel Review articles to see how to structure your content.

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2. Product Comparison Posts

Product comparisons are also a popular type of content to create for your affiliate site.
In fact, some product comparisons have high search volume which means more traffic and revenue for your affiliate site.

But besides that, creating product comparisons for a set of products you’re promoting will help you build topical authority around the product.
For instance, rather than just creating an article on Product Review, take it a step further and create product comparisons using the product’s competitors like product vs a competitor.

Product A vs Product B.

What this does is that it tells Google you’re an authority around this product.
Now, many of these comparison keywords might have low search volume.

Do not overlook it because a low search volume can still bring 2 to 5 sales a month.

And as time goes on it compounds.
In fact, I recommend beginners to go after comparison posts because they are less competitive compared to product reviews and they are rewarding in the long run.
Some of these keywords might develop search volume as the product gets more popular, so revenue and traffic can rise later on.
When creating comparison posts, the same rule applies here, be fair and honest with your review.

3. Product Pricing

Ever thought of creating an article that breaks down the pricing of a product?

Well, if you never thought of that, then that’s a new content idea to add to your calendar.
In most cases, the product’s official website ranks #1 for its pricing keyword.

However, what happens to the second position and third?

This is where the opportunity lies.
Take, for instance, the keyword “Clickfunnels Pricing” has a global search volume of 12.8k.

Clickfunnels Pricing screen - Affiliate content ideas that convert

Given it has a high search volume, ranking on #2 and #3 for high volume pricing keywords like this can send hundreds to thousands of dollars of commissions your way.
Definitely, it wouldn’t be easy to rank for such keywords especially when your competitors are well aware of the potential of the keywords.
But it’ll be less competitive compared to review keywords and might even convert better.

Here are some tips to create better pricing articles:

  • Use a pricing table to make your article visually appealing.
  • Highlight bonuses and better deals your readers can benefit from.

4. Coupon and Discount Page

Coupons and discount pages are some of the most converting content you can rank as an affiliate marketer.

Not a surprise that some coupon blogs earn five figures per month.
A product coupon should include coupon codes or discount links that give readers a discount by using your link.
While not all products offer coupons or discount codes, the majority do.

You can request a coupon code from your affiliate manager.
Once you get your coupon code, you can create content on “Product Coupon Codes” or similar keywords that have search volume.
Now here’s the thing, for products that don’t have coupon codes or discount links available, should you still create such content?
Yes – please, do.

When you create such content, you can let your readers know there are no coupon codes or discount links for the product – some readers will still get the product with your affiliate link anyway.
This way, many bloggers have been able to add extra hundreds of dollars to their monthly income.

You’ll be surprised that there are lots of coupons and discount keywords on products you already promote.
Looking for a place to start from?

Start by checking your target product name on Semrush and see if it has keywords that relate to coupons and discounts.
Because there’s nothing much to be written under a coupon and discount page, I tie it together with the pricing blog post to avoid thin content.
For instance, as I did with my Authority Hacker Pro Price article.


5. Alternatives to Competitor

Does your target product have popular competitors in the industry that have high search volume? Then you should create a “competitor alternatives” blog post and list your main affiliate product as #1.
This isn’t a new thing in the industry and can be very lucrative if done well. For instance, “10 Oberlo Alternatives”, “[competitor product] alternatives”.

Start by researching other alternatives to the affiliate product you promote and then check if they have an affiliate program.
“Alternatives” posts give you the opportunity to promote other products on your list.

6. Best Product Category

“Best XX Tool”, “Best X and Y for Marketers”, are some of the common affiliate content to create.
They can be quite competitive most times but are also very lucrative keywords.

If you’re going for this kind of keyword, you must be prepared to build some good links to your content.
Adam Enfroy was able to build a seven-figure per year blog by focusing on these types of affiliate content.

Adam Enfroy was able to build a seven-figure per year

Who said a blog can’t generate a million dollars per year? Then think again.

Adam creates the “best” kind of content with which he has been able to generate over a million dollars since starting his blog in 2019.

As said earlier, these are competitive keywords and would require a good number of links.
If you have the resources to get good-quality links at a faster pace, then these are amazing keywords to target.

Or you can use them as your long-term ranking project while still targeting the low competitive affiliate content.

7. “Why I Switched to Product”

This is very common in the digital product industry. You see affiliate marketers create articles or videos explaining why they switch from product B to A.
An article like this has the potential to go viral and most importantly, generate affiliate sales for the product you’re promoting.

google search screen capture

A behind-the-scene about your reasons for sticking to a product will provide a good personal review that prospects seek.
You can bet that there are a lot of others that might have similar needs like yours and would be convinced to make the move.


8. Product Blackfriday Deals

Black Fridays are special days for both companies and consumers.

This is the day many companies record the most sales every year.
And if as an affiliate marketer, you’re not taking advantage of Black Friday, then you’re putting a chunk of money on the table.
Anil Agarwal made over $13k in one week by promoting Black Friday deals.

Who says you can’t? It starts with planning ahead before the next Black Friday.
Start with creating Black Friday deals content which can be an individual product Black Friday deals article or a Black Friday deals page.
For instance, this Bloggers’ Black Friday Deals page by Technumero is a good example of a deals page.
You should optimize your Black Friday deals page for a keyword to rank for it.

Keywords like these are seasonal keywords and might not have a high search volume at the moment not until Black Friday.
So, secure the position and be ready to bank on it in the next Black Friday.

9. Create a Resource Page

Almost every blogger should have a resource page that includes the products and free resources that can help your audience.
A travel blogger’s resource page should include travel backpacks, cameras, recommended credit cards, etc.
The purpose of a resource page is to make it easier for your audience to find the products you use and recommend as pertaining to what your audience needs.
If you don’t have a resource page on your blog, then you should consider adding one.

This is also a good idea for YouTubers that promote affiliate products. Add a link to the products you use and promote in your video description.

10. Case Study on Product

Everyone loves case studies that hold their hands and teach them how to accomplish a result.

And that makes it the perfect opportunity to promote your affiliate products.
When speaking of case studies, there’s a high chance that you’ll make use of two or more products to accomplish the result.

Hence, the opportunity to promote different products in a single case study.
Wondering what case study to work on? Well, let your audience decide.

You can email your audience to know what they’d like you to create a case study about.
Better still, look at what your competitors are doing to decide.

But always make it a point to understand what your audience needs.
For instance, if you’re in the weight loss niche, a good case study would be detailing how you lost a certain amount of weight in 30 days.
If you’re in the travel niche, an idea for a case study is to explain how you’re able to save thousands of dollars while traveling or how you’re able to travel on a tight budget (less than $400).
The idea is to look for a case study idea that gives you the opportunity to educate your audience at the same time promote your affiliate products.

11. Tutorial Guides

Tutorial guides are quite similar to writing case studies but it involves having technical knowledge and taking your time to do more research.
There’s no exact length for how long your tutorial guides should be as long as it provides value to the reader.
A good example is Infobunny’s ultimate guide to blogging which is over 8000 words.
It could be less than that like the BloggingExplained.com web hosting guide which is a little over 2000 words.

The main point is to ensure you provide answers to troubling questions that readers have.
Whenever you recommend a product within the tutorial guide, add your affiliate link to it.
The more products mentioned in the tutorial, the more links you can add.

While the conversion rate isn’t as good as that of product reviews, it provides the avenue to promote more than one product in an article.

Bonus- Interview Product Creator
This is an underutilized content idea by content creators and affiliate marketers.

If you have exhausted your content idea and want to step up your game, then you should consider interviewing the product creator.
Most times the product creator already has an audience of followers he can share the interview with and that means the creator will be helping you promote his/her tool.
And it doesn’t stop there, you also get the opportunity to bargain a discount for your audience listening or watching the interview.
If you run a podcast or a youtube channel, then this will be a great idea to add to the list.
However, it will be difficult to get a product creator onboard if you don’t yet have an audience, as it’ll be considered a waste of time.
Anyway, that shouldn’t be an excuse not to try and give it a shot.

11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples) – Wrapping Up

Running out of content ideas to promote a product shouldn’t be a challenge anymore.
With the above content ideas, you can create multiple contents around a product, establish topical authority, and bank on the product.
At this junction, I wish you the best of luck as an affiliate.

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11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples)
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11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples)
In this new article, we are talking about affiliate content ideas that convert and give you our guide to what works well with our 11 Tested Affiliate Content Ideas that Convert Better (with Examples) article.
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