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Blogging Ideas: Types of Content You Should Focus on for Your Website

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In this new article, we are talking “blogging ideas” and how you can find good “blogging post ideas” easily and quickly so that you will never run out of blogging ideas when it is time to write again.

Let’s get started!

Blogging is an essential element of each content marketing campaign.

When you want to attract more users to a business website, you develop a blog section, where you answer common questions and offer in-depth solutions.

When people search for solutions, Google suggests your pages as relevant.

So, you get people at your site and you have a chance to convert them.

But many bloggers blog for the sake of blogging. 

They don’t maintain online businesses.

They just have things to say, and they build an audience that wants to hear them.

Both categories of bloggers will suffer the inevitable writer’s block at some point while blogging.

They simply run out of blogging ideas.

All the blogging content ideas and topics have been covered.

The content schedule is looking dry… so what do they write about when they have run out of blogging content ideas?

At this point, it’s important to ask yourself: did you cover all types of blog posts?

Instead of topics, you should shift your attention to blog types.

I promise; you’ll get the best blogging post ideas that way!


Blogging Ideas: Types of Content You Should Focus on for Your Website

  1. Posts with Tons of Statistics

When you want to deliver value for your readers, you do it through numbers.

Let’s say you maintain a blog for students.

There are tons of statistics posts you can come up with:

  • Student housing issues
  • Student debt in the U.S. and around the world
  • How many students order essays online?
  • The greatest challenges that students face

Blogging Ideas:

You get the picture.

These posts won’t be simple text inspired by the topic.

You’ll dig into research and surveys.

You’ll find exact numbers and you’ll list them.

Statista is a great source of information that will help you find some great blogging content ideas.

And if you have lots of visits and many subscribers to your site, you can do something better: conduct your own research that delivers relevant statistics.

You know how popular the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey is.

It’s a publication that people can’t wait to see, year after year.

Once it gets launched, bloggers and article writers quote the stats for the entire year.

When you extract statistics from your own survey, your website will gain authority.

It will get multiple backlinks and it will rank better in Google’s search results.

But if you’re not ready to take that step, you can write posts that collect relevant statistics in one place.

Those are cool, too!

  1. Case Studies

Are you selling a particular product or service?

Case studies rock! If you’re selling software, in particular, they are essential.

Let’s see an example.

Crazy Egg is a website testing tool, which reveals different issues and suggests improvements.

At the website, you’ll see multiple case studies about brands using the tool and achieving actual results.

In the case of Wall Monkeys using the heatmap and A/B testing features of the tool, they managed to increase the conversion rate by 550%. These are real results, confirmed by a reputable company that used the exact tool.

When someone is thinking about investing in software, they wonder:

Are my competitors using this? Do any other brands use it with successful results?”

The case studies give them proof.

But hey; you don’t need to be selling software to start developing case studies.

They are cool for other products and services, too.

If you maintain a marketing blog and you want to talk about a particular trend, explore how it works in a company.

Do your research, get some interview, and extract the real results.

  1. Research or Data

There are plenty of blogging content ideas that you can tackle with research and data.

  • How does writing therapy help you heal?
  • How can you benefit from a gluten-free diet?
  • What supplements should children take?
  • What’s the most effective time-management system?
  • How can you treat bacterial infections at home?
  • How can you keep your skin young?

The list can go on and on.

This is the type of post that should convince your audience to take particular steps.

They won’t start taking supplements just because you say so.

However, they will do it if you offer convincing data from scientific and medical research.

Since academic research studies aren’t easy to read and understand, most bloggers and website owners order a research paper at EduBirdie. An academic writing service assigns an experienced research writer for your topic, so you’ll get high-quality content that convinces people to take action.

But if you want to complete this type of content without help, you should give it enough time.

Dive into the research.

You’ll probably need to pay to access some of the sources, but it will be all worth it.

This kind of post is believable. It has the potential to trigger conversions, and it will definitely attract backlinks.

Blogging ideas - research and data+

  1. FAQ

Every website needs a FAQ section.

Let’s say you have an online streaming service for fitness videos.

Before subscribing, people will have questions.

  • How much does it cost?
  • Are there extra charges?
  • Do I access all content forever once I pay?
  • Can I download stuff?
  • Why is this service better than all others?
  • What types of videos will I see?

Sure; sure.

All this information is already at your site.

People ask anyway.

You’ll provide the answers in the FAQ section, but you know what?

They will still ask the same questions.

Many website owners and bloggers neglect the fact that the FAQ section gives them space for complete articles.

You can turn each question into a blog post, so you’ll deliver a detailed answer.

Here’s how Alo Moves does that at its website:

Blogging Ideas: AloMoves

When you click on a question, you see a brief, but clear answer.

This is a great way to create an uncluttered FAQ page, where the users can easily see the question they have without the need to scroll down the page.

Plus, you get space for more content.

More content means better chance to rank in search results.

  1. Infographics

Infographics have been popular for years, but they still remain one of the most popular blogging trends for 2019.

Sure; an infographic requires a bit more effort than your usual post.

That’s because it involves research and graphic design.

However, the fact that your audience likes infographics is enough for you to consider them.

How do we know that your audience likes infographics?

When this type of content is good, everyone likes it.

You need reasons to start working on them?

  • They are portable and embeddable. Other bloggers will include them in their posts. People will pin them in their Pinterest boards, so they will spread on that platform with the speed of light.

Infographics have a lot of potential to go viral. They are popular on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other platforms.

  • Infographics are easy and fun to read. They compress complex information in a convenient format. You deliver statistics, data, and charts without overwhelming the reader with too much text.
  • They help with branding. You can include the logo and the brand’s colours in the design.
  • Infographics are pretty.
  1. News / Current Affairs

It doesn’t matter what audience you target with your blog.

They want to know all about the trends in your industry.

If you’re writing tech reviews, they want to get the latest news from popular tech brands, and they want to stay informed on all the trends.

This is a great type of post to write on a weekly or monthly basis.

What happened in the tech industry in June 2019?

You’ll sum up all the important events and keep your readers updated.

But you can also tackle specific events through individual posts.

Where do you get this information? – Press releases! Yes; press releases are very much alive and all big brands use them to inform news agencies about their new projects.

Keep following press release websites and you’ll find great things to write about. 

Of course; you don’t want to rewrite the press release or just share it as it is.

Your website needs unique content.

Try to get an interview with a representative of the brand.

Connect this particular news to the current industry events. Find a special angel.

In this new article, we are talking 'blogging ideas' and how you can find good blogging post ideas easily and quickly so that you will never run out of blogging ideas when it is time to write again. Let's get started!Click To Tweet
  1. Political Posts

Okay. This cotent ideas is tricky.

But it’s also a controversial type of post that can get you a lot of traffic.

Have you seen the post about North Korea on Wait but Why?

It is absolutely brilliant.

Tim Urban made it fun, eye-opening, and political all at the same time.

If you go through the site, you’ll find other jaw-dropping posts of this type.

They are based on research, facts, strong personal arguments, and a lot of humour.

In this case, we’re talking about one of the most talented, high-profile bloggers the Internet has ever seen.

But hey; that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve that level for your site.

In one way or another, all industries are affected by politics.

New laws and regulations are coming up, so you can discuss them through your blog posts.  

  1. Resources

Your blog is a source of learning for your audience.

When they want to solve a problem and you have the solution, they come to you.

But if they have a question that requires an elaborate answer, you can develop a special kind of blog post: one that lists the best learning resources on that topic.

Let’s say you maintain a website for parents who homeschool their children.

Your blog is a great source of tips on the matter.

But the resource’s type of post will be different.

You’ll collect all the best online courses in different categories.

You’ll suggest the best books for different subjects.

Finally, you’ll also suggest training materials for parents who want to learn about the homeschooling process.

Oh wait; those ideas could make three different posts of this type.

These posts will include many links to authority websites.

That boosts your reputation in the search engine’s eyes.

However, you’ll also include internal links, which will keep your visitors browsing through your site.

That also helps with your search engine ranking, but with the conversions, too.

  1. Educational Posts

Sharing links to educational resources is great.

But there’s something better: writing an educational post that other bloggers will share.

This is the type of content that cements your status as an authority in the niche.

You’re not just a blogger who picks random topics and shares random tips and thoughts.

You offer high-quality content of great value.

These posts take a lot of time to complete. In essence, you’re developing an online textbook for your audience.

You can develop a series of posts that educates your audience on a particular topic. Include a lot of research, definitions, and facts that make the content accessible for beginners.

As you progress, you’ll write chapters that target advanced learners.

Educational posts are applicable to all niches.

If you usually post cosmetics reviews, why don’t you develop educational posts about the history of makeup and skincare?

You can continue to educate on different styles of makeup, and the best ingredients for different skin types.

  1. Mythbusting Posts

Don’t myths make you mad?

You’ve shared so many facts through your post, and people still believe fiction.

Maybe it’s because those myths are all around the web, so your audience needs an authority to debunk them.

Be the authority!

Find various examples of people believing these myths.

You can link to blog posts that support them.

But if you really want to bust the myths, you must do it with believable facts and examples.

You can bust one myth at a time through a detailed blog post.

But you can also write a post that lists the most common myths in your niche and clarifies the truth.

These are among the most interesting posts you’ll publish.

They can take many forms.

A listicle is great, but so is an infographic! If you want to get really bold, film a video!

  1. Sarcastic Posts

Not everyone can be funny or sarcastic.

It takes a lot of skill to make people laugh, but think at the same time.

The best bloggers can tackle the most serious topics with sarcasm… just like in the North Korea post we mentioned above.

But if you have this skill, you should use its full potential.

Humour and sarcasm grab the reader’s attention and keep it throughout the entire post.

The post will be informative, but interesting at the same time.

Sarcasm, in particular, is very effective in blogging.

You achieve it by making unexpected connections that make the reader laugh but also wake them up to a serious point.

The abortion laws in the U.S are in the heat of discussion at this point.

If you can tackle that issue with the right dose of sarcasm, your post will have a lot of potential to go viral.

People will comment on it.

They will catch on your humour and they will add to it.

They will share the post to social media, so others can engage in the discussion, too.

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Blogging Ideas: Types of Content You Should Focus on for Your Website – Takeaways

There Are Countless Blogging Content Ideas To Trigger the Writing Process

If you go through blog post examples for the sake of finding new topics, you might get stuck.

The same topic is covered by all other blogs, so you don’t want to deliver something your audience already knows.

But if you look at the types of posts you can develop from a single topic, you’ll get more creative. 

Your website has a niche.

We get that. But the niche determines the topics; not the format of your post.

Don’t get stuck with a single form when there are so many options to explore.

Have you covered all these types of posts on your blog? If not, then what are you waiting for?


That’s all for now!

So do you have trouble coming up with good blogging ideas?

Have you used any of the ideas tips suggested in this blog before?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so you are notified when we reply.




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In this new article, we are talking "blogging ideas" and how you can find good blogging post ideas easily and quickly so that you will never run out again.
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