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How To Create Evergreen Articles For Your Blog?

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In this new article, we are talking about evergreen content and how you can easily create evergreen articles that last.

Let’s get started!

Create Evergreen Articles

How To Create Evergreen Articles For Your Blog?

How often have you thought about starting a blog?

Most often the biggest question is what to write about.

There is a new blog sprouting up every other day and to stand out among the millions of them, is quite a challenge.

Everyone wants the blog to be successful and make some money off it.

But with the competition way too high, one needs some sharp tools to thrive.

It is not even the case that once you have come up with a blog topic and figured out the content, the work is done.

It is after that, the real work starts.

There needs to be traffic generation and enough leads to attract an audience to the blog post and the many other marketing aspects that follow with it.

Above all this, there is one thing that could determine how well the blogs perform, the quality.

If the content is good enough to keep attracting the audience continuously, that is where you know that the move was right.

And this is where evergreen content comes in.


What is Evergreen Content?

Just like the name says, evergreen content stays green all the time.

It just means that irrespective of when it was created and how long it has been, the material would still be relevant for the readers.

The content would never be outdated and has almost no expiration date.

For such content, phrases that talks about time like “last year or next month” should be avoided.

Everyone should be able to relate to it, even after months or years of publishing.

Such articles might not get an instant spike in traffic as soon as it is posted.

But it would generate more over time, while the popular ones die out.


What to Avoid?

Many topics can fall under the category of evergreen.

The key is to know what should be avoided while creating such posts.

Evergreen articles should not feature any content that is only a fad.

The articles should also not cover topics like news and informative base on fancy trends.

Such content might generate traffic for a niche group for a while, but it wouldn’t stay relevant after that.

Articles that speak about statistics should also be avoided; the numbers would change over time, and the content won’t stay up to date all the time leading for the audience to look elsewhere.

This does not mean that timely and trendy articles have to be avoided altogether.

The blog has to have a bit of this too. But it also needs a steady flow of the evergreen articles to bring in new readers over a long time.


Why Evergreen Content?

Apart from the points discussed earlier, there is also another reason to opt for evergreen articles for your blog.

Not every blogger can come up with optimum content in a timely manner.

Whereas if they have a schedule they follow, it might even be tough to write articles that are trendy every time.

One common way bloggers and business go about this are to create a bunch of articles at a time, and post them at different times.

This is done easily when the content is evergreen.

So it doesn’t matter, when it is posted,  the article would still attract the crowd.


How To Create Evergreen Blog Articles

Now that we have covered the basic, let us see how can to actually create evergreen content.

These tips will help bloggers to go in the right direction:


1/ Choose The Topics Wisely

The foremost thing is to nail the right topic.

For example, if you have a brand with an e-commerce website that sells house furnishings.

For better lead generation, there is a blog attached to it. If you post articles that are related to each product of the website, its design, and details, people who are interested in that products will only be visiting.

Moreover, once that product runs out, there might not even be any new visitors to the article.

But if the focus on giving interior design tips and ideas while integrating the products in the blog, then more people will read them.

Even if the product is not for sale, the blog will still receive more traction.

Come up with original ideas exclusive for the site and the products.

Create Evergreen Articles choose topics wisely

There are a few ways to go about this, to identify which kind of articles are best for the blog.

Start with a basic search to know about the existing content on the same niche, look for common highlights that covers your website and keep up, and compare the blogs with the peers in the market.

Thorough research also needs to be done to find out how other articles are performing, which are good and which are bad.

Once you have accomplished this stage, you have done the homework to know what is best for the particular blog.


2/ Create Original Evergreen Articles

Irrespective of the bling you add to any blog, it is the content that will keep the readers interested.

All articles have to researched and bring value to the blog.  

The articles need to have a unique voice, a way of storytelling and should showcase your confidence in the brand.

Include other valid sources of researches to help add more authenticity to the articles.

It has to stand out yet appeal to the average reader.

Original surveys and studies are done by your own team could offer this to the blog.


3/ Add Visual Elements

It is a widely acknowledged fact that visual media attracts more attention.

Readers often click on a shared image or post on a social media, or a simple Google search to be redirected to the blog.

These representative visuals will not only invite the audience to the website but also make it more vibrant.

add visual elements to your evergreen articles

Any articles, that is just words without any interesting images to break it down with, could get boring for the reader.

Today, the internet is filled with impatient people.

If there are ways to compress the blog content or represent it in infographics, this is also an excellent way.

Such images are often sought after in networks like Pinterest.

There are many ways to collect relevant pictures for the blog. Subscribe to any photography service or premium libraries like Iconfinder and Stock where one can buy suitable visual from there.

One can also use other websites that offer free images that could be used for blogs.

Beyond all, the best way would be to come up with your own pictures, and photography.

Hiring a designer or photographer for this, will not go in vain.

How to use the visuals to tell the story of the brand will depend on many factors like the styling of the website.

It doesn’t have to be images alone.

The medium could vary from tutorials to gifs or anything suitable that describes the point of it.

Try to keep things to the professional side though.

If the layout gets too crowded with pictures, that it looks like the written content is there for namesake, that will also not give a good impression.


4/ Create Material for the Brand

Most often, bloggers get overwhelmed and deviate from their core ideas. It might be good for the brand depending on the subject.

But the aim of the blog is to create brand awareness.

The articles should be in line with the thought and promote engagement.

Consider the previous example, for a furnishing store, an article cannot talk randomly about a travel experience.

But if the article is titled ”The most beautiful Interiors, you came across during Travel,” now that lines in perfectly with the website.

The types of articles should also not be monotonous.

There are many ways to bring in readers from all the aspects.

One could talk about green buildings, sustainable methods and even talk about the history of interior design.

The only common thing about the three topics is the brand theme, but it might cater to different groups of readers.


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5/ Update the Content

Like we discussed before, it is not entirely possible to stay out of trends. Any website needs a few such articles too.

Along the same lines, at some point, many articles will get outdated, especially if there has been a mention of one specific product that was on sale at that point.

So what could be done about such articles?

The simple answer is to update them. If you have mentioned some statistics, update them with the latest one.

Replace the sales with the new ones, or simply remove the promotional Call to Action part of it.

This will get rid of the obsolete content and keep it fresh all the time.


Ideas For Creating Evergreen Content

It is only apt to think that it is much easier said than done, we totally get it.

So we are giving a few more tips on the ideas to use to create evergreen articles.


1/ Tutorials and Guides Are Great As Evergreen Articles

How-to Tutorials never go out of style. It is almost every other day that we depend on the internet to teach us something.

From a simple cooking video to building an entire house, the internet has got your back.

Now, this is one topic where visuals are better than written content.

Make a Youtube Channel and come up with videos that have tutorials of things that could be relatable to the brand.

You can further redirect the audience from this to a product or a blog with the transcript of the video itself.

For the same furnishing brand we took as an example before, one can create tutorials on how to fix a broken piece or how to pick the colours for separate spaces.

Tutorials can show with visual aids, about colour schemes and how to work with it.

Remember, if these tutorials include any software or techniques, make sure to update it with the recent options or create a new tutorial with a link from the previous one.

This way, both the blogs could be given attention from the viewers.


2/ Lists

If there is an article titled ”What to do in Seattle” and another name, “10 Things to do in Seattle”, the studies show that people often opt for the second one.

There is a reason why this happens.

Lists indicate clear ideas, point to point and easy to comprehend.

These lists could range from trendy topics or evergreen articles.

The 10 best items of one year would not be the same for next year.

But 10 ways to make a recipe, might still be the same for a few years.

People prefer lists that are compact and interesting.

Don’t go overboard with 20 + lists that are exhausting even to get through.


3/ Problem Solving

Any product that is available, is a solution that could address a problem or gives some kind of benefit from it.

If the articles can target the type of issues to which the products or the services could be a solution, then these articles could turn out to be evergreen easily.

There are also many websites that specifically do this alone, where people ask questions, and others answer it.

Use such Q & A portals to mention your product in an intelligent way.

QuoraAsk.com and Yahoo Answers are few of the leading websites for such causes.

Crafting articles around the problems also gives the opportunity to emphasize the benefits of the products and their uses in day to day life situations.

This will make it more appealing to the audience.


4/ Reviews

Product Reviews are one of the hotshot topics for evergreen content, as long as the product is in the market.

But today, with the resale markets like Facebook and eBay, even that is not a problem.

Reviews do not have to be product bases alone.

Many travellers writer reviews of hotels, flight experiences and other services too.

Forget all that, even online subscriptions are getting reviews these days.

The “is it worth it” question is what that has been circling around the internet a lot.

So with strong keyword and smart use of them, one can circulate a well-written blog with quality content for a very long time.

This is also another section, that might need a few updates occasionally.


5/ Informational Articles

If there is any particular niche that the brand caters to, then the articles could include details that might apply to the well-versed reader group.

If there is an expert in the team, then don’t hesitate to go in detail and write about the hardcore research that even though only die-hard fans will read them.

The website might be using many jargons and technical terms that common readers would not understand.

There could be separate articles explaining what these are.

Glossary of such terms and phrases would be a lot helpful to the reader and even turn them into a committed one.

It would also make the readers feel like expert themselves, and it wouldn’t be long before the website is the go-to one for expert information.


6/ Testimonials

A good testimonial will always ouch for the site.

If you are able to get the clients to get back with reviews, don’t hesitate to publish them on the website.

This will also make the team work hard to get 100% customer satisfaction too.

Testimonials are always evergreen, however early it was uploaded.


7/ Brand Books and Newsletters

Another trend is to create a downloadable book or a pdf right on the website that is exclusive to the brand.

It should impart something useful to the readers too.

But it could also tell the brand story, how the site has reached the current level and the inspiration behind it. Readers really appreciate real-life stories for inspiration.  

If you are offering it for free, add a subscription option to get the download.

This will also bring in engagement to the website.

Another way to work around the same idea is to add newsletters to the website.

This would cover important deals, sales and also give a chance to add timely articles.

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8/ Create Historical Evergreen Articles

Any brand or product will have an evolutionary story.

Articles that talk about how the product or service in its current form has evolved throughout history makes for excellent content.

Presented with images and appropriate titles, it makes up for excellent material.


9/ Cyclical Evergreen Content

Take holidays of example.

They will certainly come at least once a year. So the articles could be relevant once a year around that time.

This also works for seasons.

Especially if the site is related to fashion or design, the trends and ideas change for every season too.

So if you publish one this year, 365 later, it is sure that the content would be in circulation again next year.

This might need updates yearly. Nevertheless, chances are high for it appearing in the search results with good keyword optimization.

When it comes to blogging, one is never really be done with working. It is not a 9 to 5 job but you are constantly working on ideas to create things. Considering every single factor that could affect the website, it is not an easy job to come up with good content every single time.

Evergreen content is only a part of the deal. It shouldn’t be the only thing on the website nor should be relied on exclusively.

For any blog to work, there has to be an overall plan with a balance of each element.

Investing in content alone would not yield the results; tremendous work should also go into ensuring that the content is marketed correctly.

Every brand has a story, and even a blog is a brand.

Be sensitive to that; it is getting harder to find originality these days.


That’s all for now!

So are you familiar with evergreen content?

Do you seek to create evergreen articles for your blog?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply




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Create Evergreen Articles For Your Blog That Last - 2019 Edition
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In this new article, we are talking about evergreen content and how you can easily create evergreen articles for your blog that last the test if time.
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