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Instagram Video: 4 Things Marketers Need To Know

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Today we are talking Instagram Video and offer you 4 really simple things that marketers need to know when working with Instagram Videos.

Instagram Video: 4 Things Marketers Need To Know

Instagram Video: 4 Things Marketers Need To Know


People worldwide watch videos on their mobile devices all the time.

Whether it’s to entertain themselves, see what their friends are up to, or learn something about products they’re planning to buy.

Videos are widely utilized by many, including businesses that want to carve a vast space in the world of social media.
The popularity of video content doesn’t seem to wane, and the number of videos being watched online today even has doubled the amount watched in 2018.

This isn’t a surprise since 65% of the population are visual learners.
In digital marketing, marketers and advertisers understand the value and impact of video in promoting brands on social media.

This is why the forecast for the next 12 months shows that Instagram videos will be widely utilized more than any other platforms on the World Wide Web.
Out of all the social media platforms available on the Internet, Instagram is leading in helping brands showcase their products, build a wider audience, reach their target markets, and strengthen brand loyalty. In 2021, about 1.21 billion people actively used Instagram, which is 28% of the world population.
The platform hasn’t stopped improving its services; in fact, they’ve been adding new features to help users maximize their experience on the platform.

If you’re a marketer, it’ll help you gain inspiration from other brands’ video content. You can easily download their videos using online applications. If you wish to know more, a review of them on EarthWeb or any other similar site is something you should check out.
As a marketer, if you haven’t included Instagram videos in your arsenal of tools, there’s no better time than now to begin exploring their benefits for your clients. Here are some of the things you should know about Instagram videos:


There Are Four Types Of Videos On Instagram

There are various ways you can showcase your brand on Instagram. Each has its own specifications and benefits. You may try and experiment with each one to determine which works best for you since Instagram provides the analytics to see if the content is performing or not.

Instagram Stories

About 500 million people create and watch Instagram Stories on their mobile devices daily.

Interest in brands can soar with this kind of video content.

Videos on IG Stories can last for 15 seconds and disappear after 24 hours.

You may set your profile to save IG Stories automatically and save some on your highlights so your audience can easily access them.

Instagram highlights can give your target market a clear view of your brand and what you offer.

You can quickly show products, events, reviews, testimonials, and collaborations in this space.

Instagram feed videos

Instagram feed videos can be posted the same way you post your photos.

You have an option to use the IG camera directly or upload the video from your library.

IG feed videos can have a length of three seconds to ten minutes, but a few large and verified accounts can share a long-form 60-minute video.

Using IG feed video can help convey a compelling story for your brand. You may add a caption to contextualize the video better, and also add subtitles within the video.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great way to increase brand knowledge and awareness, especially if you have special events.

Two accounts may simultaneously host an IG Live. Once you’re rolling, your followers will receive a notification and see the word ‘LIVE’ under your profile picture.

When you go live, your followers can react and comment. As the moderator, you can pin relevant comments so they’ll be shown on top, and you can also filter the words so rude commenters won’t have a chance to spread hatred. Instagram Live videos can last up to four hours, and once they finish, they can be shared and watched on the platform for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Instagram Reels

This is the newest feature of Instagram and a great way to showcase content in a fun way.

The Reels feature is integrated with music, effects, stickers, and filters to create entertaining videos to inspire your audience and create content that could go viral.

If the brand you’re working with targets a younger audience, Instagram Reels are the best way to send your message across.

The young population spends time watching Reels all the time, and they’re quickly captivated by them.

You Can Post Direct Links On Instagram Stories

Many users say they discovered new brands because of Instagram Stories.

And, more importantly, they’ve bought products using links posted on these stories. Links posted on a story can directly bring your target niche to your landing page.

This is a great way to increase sales and build brand awareness.
The video you post on your story should solve the problem of your target market, and a link to your website visibly posted on the story will allow them to check out your offerings.

So, even if IG Stories are just 15-seconds short, you can maximize their potential to your advantage.

Instagram Live Has A Live Shopping Feature

Users can directly shop from your stream. Once you tag a product, it’ll appear at the bottom of the screen. Users won’t even need to go outside the app and complete the checkout within the platform.

The real-time interaction of your brand with your users during an Instagram Video livestream allows you to build lasting relationships, and your audience would know that they can reach out to you anytime.
You may also answer a few questions from your audience, and this is your opportunity to increase product knowledge and awareness.

Instagram Live Has A Live Shopping Feature

The Instagram Video live selling feature can allow you to post up to 30 products, offer discount vouchers, and launch new products effectively to your target market.
Working with influencers can up the ante of this live shopping feature.

The influencers you’re working with can introduce your products on the live video and discuss the features and benefits while showing how the product works.
If you get a contract with micro-influencers, those with followers of up to 50,000, you can easily reap the rewards.

But, suppose you can get a contract with mid-tier and macro-influencers, those with followers of up to 500,000 and one million, respectively; you can relax and watch your sales soar.

Influencers have a very loyal following and whatever they say gives credence to any product they endorse, which their followers will instantly patronize.


Pasting Videos Regularly Is A Great Strategy

Posting regularly will make you memorable to your target market. They’ll most likely remember your brand when they constantly see your logo and content online.

The probability that they’ll pick your products from the shelf is higher.
This is why, in creating video content, you need to be able to hook your audience quickly so they won’t swipe next.

The first three seconds in a video are crucial to connect with the audience, and if you fail on this aspect, what you worked on will be put to waste.
People’s attention span is getting shorter, and it’s not just the kids you have to worry about.

Even adults’ attention span has shortened, and it takes substantial convincing for them to stay and watch something. So, it’d be best if you post interesting video content.


Instagram Video: 4 Things Marketers Need To Know – Takeaways

Banking on video’s effectiveness in digital marketing is expected in this modern times.

But, ensuring that your content will make people’s time worthwhile is something every digital marketer needs to work on.
Using the various types of Instagram videos can have enormous benefits for any brand, but utilizing them wisely should be considered.

And, if you feel like checking out the competition, downloading their videos and studying them thoroughly can be helpful.

Instagram Video: 4 Simple Things That Marketers Need To Know
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Instagram Video: 4 Simple Things That Marketers Need To Know
Today we are talking Instagram Video and offer you 4 really simple things that marketers need to know when working with Instagram Videos.
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