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How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram

In this new article, we are talking Telegram and How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram.

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How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram

How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram

Telegram is one of the new players in the instant messaging app scene. This application is a cross-platform, cloud-based messaging service that is free to use.

Despite being a new face in the marketing landscape, this freemium application has been growing swiftly since its inception in 2013.
This freemium messaging application is a cost-effective and convenient way for brands to reach potential customers without worrying about security. Currently, the monthly active users on this messaging app are over 550 million, and Telegram channels generate 30 billion post views.

This app is very stringent with its data security, considering the volume of data that goes in and out of it; thus, it offers end-to-end encrypted chats and video calls.
By incorporating Telegram marketing into a company’s marketing strategy, its brand can leverage the steady growth of users. However, the thing with freemium applications is that after it’s gained traction, there will soon be paid options to monetize the app’s popularity.

Hence, brands must get on the application immediately before it becomes saturated or paid. One way to go about it is to work with a third-party entity that offers this service, like UseViral’s Telegram promotion service.
On the flip side, if you’re a hands-on business owner or marketer and want to do Telegram marketing yourself, here’s how to promote your brand on Telegram;


1. Using Telegram Groups

Suppose you’re using other messaging apps and know how they work by heart. In that case, you may already be familiar with chat groups from different social media platforms or other messaging apps.

Telegram groups work precisely like other groups from other messaging apps; however, the difference is that Telegram can accommodate up to 20,000 members in a group.
Chat groups are excellent platforms for building communities. Imagine a space specifically devoted to discussing anything related to the services or products of your business. Group members can share photos, videos, user-generated content, files, and even send messages here.
These features make Telegram groups an excellent marketing tool that can quickly reach a large audience. With this capacity, imagine how big your brand’s community can get, especially if the content you share remains valuable to the members of your brand’s group.
Of course, to avoid chat groups from going off-brand or evolving into something else, Telegram gives admins granular control to make managing thousands of members inside the group easier.

2. Leveraging Telegram Channel

Another way to promote your brand on Telegram is to create a channel. A Telegram channel is where you can broadcast an unlimited number of messages or content to a large number of users.
It is a space for brands to send out announcements, updates, or just about any content type without worrying about posting limits. However, unlike the Telegram groups, the channel is meant for one-way communication and is not intended to spark conversations.
There are two types of Telegram channels – public and private channels. Admins can control both private and public channels, even if they differ in how members can join.
A public channel is a searchable platform open to just about anyone who wants to join. Some admins submit their channels to the Telegram Channel directory to increase their brand’s visibility and searchability. On the other hand, a private channel requires an invite before anyone can come in. Private channels are perfect for businesses since they can keep track of who can access their content.
Another feature that Telegram channels have is the anonymity of members. Since these channels are for broadcasting content and messages, members are just there to consume and not interact. To protect the members of a channel, they remain anonymous to each other, which can be an advantage in discouraging competitors from poaching a brand’s channel members.


3. Utilizing Telegram Chatbots

The bots are everywhere. Nowadays, people are always looking for something that makes their jobs and lives more manageable. In the realm of marketing, chatbots are absolute lifesavers. These handy little programs help channel or group admins with various tasks and save marketers time, energy, and money. If you don’t want to put up with tedious tasks, automating them using chatbots can help you.

Like the other features of Telegram, chatbots are currently free of charge. All you have to do is use the Telegram Application Programming Interface (API) and Telegram Database Library (TDLib) to build your customized chatbot that can help you with a lot of tasks like providing customer support and collecting leads or sending articles and newsletters to existing customers. Chatbots exist to make the lives of admins easier in any way possible.


4. Using Individual Messaging

One-on-one messaging is an excellent way to make customers feel special and your account humanized in the digital age. The simplest way to reach out to your market on Telegram is to send them messages directly. They say your network is your net worth, and this adage holds truthfully, especially in the digital landscape.

You can add more people to your contacts list on Telegram and continue to grow your connections. While doing so, you can also send a link to your brand’s Telegram account on social media posts, business cards, blogs, and especially on
your website.


5. Trying Cross–Promotion

If you’ve drained all ideas and messaging activities for your groups, channel, and one-on-one messaging, why not try cross-promotion activities?
Another way to supercharge your Telegram promotion strategy is to implement cross-channel promotions. As mentioned, public groups and channels are searchable inside the application.
You can look for other public groups aligned to your target market by using keywords on the search bar or searching in group directories.
Once you see related groups, reach out to the admins and ask about their rules on posting what your brand offers.

By contributing valuable content like advice, tips, and resources, you will most likely get some attention and entice new people to follow your brand’s channel or join your group.


6. Paying For Telegram Ads

Another way to go about promoting your brand is by paying for advertising.

You can pay Telegram to display sponsored messages to the public. However, Telegram ads can target only public channels and have minimal input about the characteristics of the audience you wish to target.

Also, ads will only be visible to channels with more than 1000 subscribers, has a limitation of 160 characters, and require significant funding. Such restrictions can discourage micro and small businesses.

However, it can still be helpful as it can give you precise and efficient ads that a large number of users will be able to see.


How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram – Takeaways

Telegram marketing is a fresh way to reach out to your target market. This app is now considered one of the high-engaging mobile apps in the market.

Adding this platform to your marketing strategy is an excellent way to boost your brand’s omnichannel presence. Aside from sending individual messages to your market, brands can also make use of groups, channels, chatbots, and
cross-promotional activities to build their authority and generate more leads.

The right time to build your presence on Telegram is now when it’s still free to use for personal and business

So, go ahead and try it for yourself!

How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram - 6 Working Methods
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How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram - 6 Working Methods
In this new article, we are talking Telegram and How To Promote Your Brand On Telegram. Here are 6 really easy Working Methods to promote...
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