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Best Ways To Save Instagram Videos

In this new article, we are talking about Instagram video downloaders and offer you some of the best ways to save Instagram videos

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Instagram has become an increasingly popular and influential social media platform today.

For general users and marketers, it’s a great app to use where the videos and photos keep them busy for various reasons.

Instagram videos can be quite impactful, whether you have recorded your own or you want to upload someone else’s content on your page. Having great options to save the videos can help you engage with your audience and also collaborate effectively with other users.

Here are the best ways you can use to save Instagram videos.


Using Setapp.com

It is important to understand how to download Instagram videos. although there is no direct method of doing so.

You can opt to save the video to Mac or any other device for clarity or for purposes of meeting customized needs.

Setapp provides members full access to Instagram video saving on iOS apps and Mac.

You can begin by registering as a member and enjoy a seven day free trial before subscription.

The Elmedia player is a great option for video saving because it is easy to use, well-reviewed, trusted, and secure.

It can allow for any download on the web, which makes it more effective and collaborative for your audience. 

Setapp.com members have the advantage of enjoying efficiency due to the use of apps that guarantee the speed and quality of the videos. Setapp offers full access to utilities at a one-off cost with diverse tools that are installed to boost workflow. 


Having A Collection Of Instagram Posts

This method enables you to save videos to your personal Instagram profile.

It gives you the option of organizing the pictures and videos that are saved on Instagram. 

When you come across a video that you want in your collection, you only need to click the save icon underneath and the content will be automatically saved.

You can later access the content through your profile page and clicking the hamburger icon appearing on the left side and selecting “saved.”

If you want the video to appear on a specific collection you have already created, use the save icon and select the collection you wish to save your video to.

This method is easy to follow and enables you to easily access a video at any time effectively and efficiently.


Self-saving Instagram Videos

This enables you to directly save a video you have created for your story or profile.

It requires you to record the video and click on the download button appearing on top and then posting it on your story or feed. 

This method is useful, where you have created videos for your Instagram story or feed.

It allows you to save a video that you may have posted to your story earlier. 

After you view the video, go to the lower corner on your right and click on the three dots to view options and tap on “save video”

You can now access the downloaded version of the video directly on your phone.

This method is effective for mobile device users and videos can be accessed at any time anywhere as long as there is good internet.


Manual Recording And Saving Of Instagram stories

This method allows you to record your screen during the video play before saving it. If you are on Ios, follow these steps:

  • Swipe up your iPhone until you get to the control center.
  • Click on the “record button” on your screen.
  • Click.” start recording”. You will hear a countdown that is approximately 3 seconds before you start recording.
  • Do the video recording
  • At the “control center”, click on the record button to stop the recording. You can access your video from the photo app.

Android does not have functionalities to allow for screen recording.

However, you may download free apps such as YouTube Gaming, RecMe, ScreenCam, AZ Recorder and DU recorder, which makes this method cost-effective.


Documents + InstaDownloader

This method is ideal when you want to download and save your videos onto an Ios device.

Documents + Instadownloader allows you to pair the web-based downloader with the documents app. 

Documents are a great Ios app to facilitate system folders system management and organize files.

With the Documents app, you can visit InstaDownloader, directly save the video onto your device and access it at any time. 

The Documents + Instagram Downloader also enhances video security while at the same time, allowing for ease of access and view of the content. The document search time can also be significantly reduced.


Using A Third-Party App To Download Instagram Videos

Using a third-party app can be an easy way of saving Instagram videos to your phone to repost or share with other users.

Some apps are flexible to allow you to download videos appearing on other users’ Instagram stories or feeds as long as they permit you to do so. With such apps, you can share or save the videos for future reference.

Third-party apps are more reliable and do not require you to view each video separately. 

You can use any of the following apps:

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Video Downloader

Video Downloader is suitable for Android users and is available on Google Play Store.

This method allows you to download and even repost Instagram videos faster and conveniently.

Video Downloader also downloads tags accompanying the videos and the content will be automatically added to your phone gallery.

This is how you use the Video Downloader:

  • Go to the Instagram app, select and open the content you want to download, and tap the three vertical dots appearing on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “copy link”
  • Open the Video Downloader and select the “paste” option.

Video Downloader occurs in two versions- the free version that attracts no charge and the premium version which you need to pay for.

The free version enables free video download and there are chances that this version may suit you well. 

The premium version, on the other hand, has some added benefits such as unlimited downloads, channel subscriptions, priority support, and no ads.

Best Way To Save 4k Video For Instagram

The 4K Video Downloader is comprehensive desktop software with the capability of automatic Instagram video download so that you don’t have to worry about the procedure.

The unique feature of 4K Video Downloader include 

  • Annotations that accompany videos
  • Video Auto download capability
  • Smart mode feature that allows for the installation of preferable settings for future downloads
  • Ability to download virtual reality and 3D videos 
  • Ability to download full playlists from YouTube at a go
  • Allows for download of age-restricted videos and other private content.

Downloading and saving videos using this application is easy because it only requires you to copy and paste the URL.

It is flexible in terms of the audio and video formats that it supports and can work on all operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows.


Reposter For Instagram

The Reposter for Instagram app enables you to use other users’ Instagram stories for video download and access.

You can save and repost images and videos from various stories and feeds. 

You only need to search and click on the profile which you need to rip a video from and select the video to download.

To make your Instagram stories cool and amazing, change the background colour, use custom fonts, and create drop shadows.


You can repost someone’s video or photo in these simple steps:

  • Select the content you want to repost on Instagram
  • Click on the “share icon appearing below the post and repost the story

If a user has disabled the sharing photo or video sharing option, you can seek permission from then and then follow the following steps to repost:

  • Select the video or photo you wish to repost
  • Copy the link by first tapping on the three dots icon
  • At the ingramer.com site, select the “Instagram Downloader” by hitting the hamburger icon
  • Copy and paste the link under the content you want to share
  • Download the post and save it on your device
  • Go to Instagram and edit the content accordingly and click on “send to” and share with the audience



This is a free app that enables users to download photos and videos from Instagram stories relating to the users they follow.

The Story Saver app is user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive and therefore preferred for those who have basic computer knowledge.

After downloading the video, you can post it on your feed or story after obtaining permission from the original creator.


Quick Reposter 

The Quick Reposter app enables you to repost videos and images, as well as download and save them.

It has a simple design and interface, allowing users to copy the image or video link to be downloaded.



This is similar to Quick Reposter and can allow you to copy the video or image URL to download and save a post.

Quicksave video app is preferred due to its ability to facilitate numerous downloads conveniently.


Save Instagram Videos With Web Downloader Sites

Some websites can facilitate the downloading and saving of Instagram videos to a computer.

However, you may not be able to repost them unless you begin by importing them to your phone. 

Some websites that can enable you to download and save a video for Instagram use include

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This web downloader allows you to download any video appearing in HD format, which is later saved into any device library.

The easiest way to pick up the video is by finding the URL of that video post on Instagram and pasting it into your web app. 

After that, click on the “download” button to start saving.

You need to remove junk tags, if any, from the URL end before downloading to ensure that the process is successful.

The w3toys tool is also applicable if you wish to save Instagram stories, videos, IGTV, and highlights.



Dredown, also referred to as Instadown, is one of the most common Instagram tools for downloading Instagram videos.

All you need to do is to paste the Dredown URL into the box and press “Dredown,” after which the video will be downloaded as an MP4 file. 

Apart from its applicability in Instagram videos, Dredown can also be used to download content from Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.



Regrammer no longer has the ability to effectively facilitate video download on Ios.

However, it is available on web browsers and can be used on any computer operating system for purposes of downloading Instagram videos to Mac or PC. 

For the app to work, you need the Instagram video’s URL, which you paste to the Regrammer website before clicking on “preview”.

You can download and save the content to your device or repost it.

Ensure that you obtain permission from the video originator, especially if you wish to repost it on your profile.



This feature is available on Web, Ios, and Android and can easily enable you to download and save Instagram videos of your interest.

You can get the IFTTT applet by acquiring an IFTTT account, a Dropbox account, and an Instagram account.   

IFTTT facilitates automatic video download and the video can be added to the Dropbox you choose.

This method is preferred because it can be used on a number of devices and is quite straight forward and simple to apply, and can allow you to back up Instagram photos and videos 


How IFTTT works 

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Go through the IFTTT website to establish what could interest you
  • Search for services involved in connection and Applet
  • Look for more connections and Applets and repeat the process 

Source code download

This method requires you to first inspect the video page source code and generate the link from there.

The simple steps to follow in source code generation are:

  1. Open the video you wish to download and save
  2. Right-click on that video and select “inspect element”. Some browsers may refer to this as “view page source”
  3. Next, click ctrl+F key in order to access the “find” option. Type “mp4 in it.
  4. You will be able to review a code section. Copy the link generated to stc=. Confirm that the last part of the link is .mp4.
  5. Open a new tab and paste the link to start playing. Then download the video by right-clicking on it and select “Save video as.”

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Best Ways to Save Instagram Videos – Takeaways

Some applications for saving Instagram videos require membership while others are free.

The third-party applications are generally easier to use, simple and realistic because they require mere copying and pasting URL links for video access.

Although the manual procedures can also work well, you may also need to be cautious in choosing the method taking into consideration the compatibility of your device.


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Best Ways to Save Instagram Videos
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Best Ways to Save Instagram Videos
In this new article, we are talking about Instagram video downloaders and offer you some of the best ways to save Instagram videos
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