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Blog Content Ideas – A complete guide to finding content ideas that actually convert

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In this new article, we share with you some very clever tips and tricks to help you find great blog content ideas that convert and drive engagement.

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Blog Content Ideas

Are your blog posts converting?

If most business owners are being honest, the answer will be no.

However, they keep creating content for their blogs because that’s what you do.

Blogs are so ubiquitous nowadays that every business has them.

Almost everyone blogs.

And in all honesty, they create great content.

But there is one problem – this is no longer enough content.

There are too many voices online and it’s really noisy.

Especially when everyone has something to say without a real purpose.

However, you can be different.

Your blog could actually work for you and convert more but first, you will need a constant stream of blog content ideas.


Blogging is Dead: What You Need To Know

Yes, blogging truly is dead.

Five years ago brands were ecstatic at the prospect of blogging for conversions and they would spend a pretty penny on expert writers to create for them.

Then two years ago, they would hire someone from Fiverr to create content for them.

And finally, if you asked a business owner to hire you for creating blog posts right now – they would just say no.

They would rather spend money on anything else.

However, in the meantime, starting a blog and blogging has become a standard.

You can’t find a website that doesn’t have a blog to it.

It’s the core of all content marketing.

But it’s also failing miserably.

Or at least the way businesses have been doing it is failing miserably.

Blogging for the sake of blogging is gone.

What can take its place is blogging with a clear purpose.

How is that even different?

Well, blogging with a purpose means putting some serious thought into it, planning your content in advance to help the audience reach that conversion point.

That button that says “blog” in your menu could work much harder.

It’s more than just cranking out a piece every week – it’s creating a thoughtful, persuasive piece that converts.

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So, before you start writing your perfect post, answer these questions:

  • What do you want to achieve? Is it to get them to sign up, click on a link, call you, buy, or something else? You need to pick one for each blog post,
  • What are your promotional strategies? Is it to share on social media? Do you have an influencer? Email marketing?
  • What are you trying to sell? What is the reason you are posting? Are you having a sale or a special offer you are pushing right now?

You see how things are changing. You used to write posts because that’s what you do. But now you can start writing posts because you want to convert. And you’ll see how things are changing – you’ll get results.

What should drive your blog posts?

  • The result that you want to achieve. This will lead you through your content from the headline to the CTA.
  • The audience. Create posts people actually want to read with subjects that they care about.
  • What you are trying to sell. Your product or service will help you determine the appropriate topic and timing.

Ready to start writing blog posts that convert?

Blog Content Ideas

How To Write Blog Posts That Converts

While blogging with a purpose is a great start, you still need to master some of the blogging basics that can help you create better blog posts.

Many of these things seem quite obvious, but because they are, not enough businesses give them much attention.

Or proper attention.

So, here is what you need in order to write a blog post that converts:

  1. Understand the audience

Of course, you need to understand your audience.

But it’s not just a guessing game based on your customer persona – it’s science.

And there are some real-life tools you can use.

For instance, Keyword Tools, Quora, Reddit, and so on.

You can easily figure out what your audience needs and wants if you just put some effort into it.

This will help you sift through blog post options and their general purpose.

  1. Start with great headlines

If you want your promotion efforts to go smoothly, you need a great blog title headline.

Fortunately, social media and other sharing options are something you can test.

Share the same blog post with several titles and see which one gets the most clicks.

What usually works best titles with numbers in them, complete guides, and so on.

Do a bit of research on this part as well.

  1. Format for readability

People are just not ready to read novel-style online.

Heck, even novels are formatted differently nowadays. So, be mindful of that.

Use a lot of subtitles, bullet points, create short paragraphs and leave plenty of white space.

This also looks better visually.

  1. Include visuals

Formatting on its own can create a pretty good picture, but you will definitely need more.

Insert relevant images, graphs, infographics, and so on.

You can even go for videos or gifs – if it’s appealing and fun, it will work.

  1. Optimize

Even the best piece of content is doomed if there is no SEO.

You just have to do it. It might be boring, it might be time-consuming, but this is what works and what will help people find you.

  1. Have a clear CTA ( Call To Action)

Finally, when you have given all that time and thought to your blog post, you need a good CTA that will give them a clear message on what they should do.

Without it, all that focus on what you want them to do that existed throughout the post will disperse and disappear.

And guess what – you don’t convert.

8 Tips To Get Inspired With Blog Content Ideas That Convert

8 Tips To Get Inspired With Blog Content Ideas That Convert

Most people have already run out of content ideas on what to write about.

“How to blog for your business”? Check.

“How To (do this thing from your niche)”. Check.

Have you noticed that you can find these types of posts no matter where you go?

It’s like all of the business owners drink from the same well of ideas.

Where are all the new and fresh blog content ideas?

What’s even worse is that these posts are so uninspired, voiceless, and bland that you don’t even want to read them.

Where is the originality? Authenticity? Something specific?

Probably long gone.

Well, no more, because we have a great list of idea sources that will help you find great blog content ideas that can help you write something better than the classic “5 Tips”.

Here they are:

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  1. Search Quora

Have you used Quora before? (and why not?)

This amazing resource is completely user-edited and generated.

Users ask questions, users answer questions, users upvote the best answers.

This is a good thing because you can dive deep into the user behavior and discover how they behave online, what they are concerned with, and so on.

What’s more, you can explore their language.

The way they ask and an answer will probably give you some cues on keywords, which tone of voice to use in your blog posts, even which words to use.

You can also get some headline inspiration.

Use the new features and follow a community that’s interesting to you.

Or just search a general keyword and a bunch of questions will give you an idea on what to write about.

Stay on top of trends by checking your homepage regularly.

You can also find influencers there.

It’s also very free so there is absolutely no reason to miss out on this amazing resource.

  1. Spy On Competitors

What are your competitors up to these days? Don’t know? Too busy working on your own grass to notice if theirs is greener?

That’s a mistake, my friend.

You need to monitor your competitors for several reasons.

For one, they could be doing something better than you.

If you monitor them, you can see what it is, grab an idea, make it your own and use it to get more conversions.

Next, you can get great blog content ideas.

However, don’t just copy or rewrite the same exact posts but rather explore comments, see what they missed and how it can be improved or expanded to include more information, and create a new post for your page.

You can see on their example which content gets the most shares, engagement, views, and so on.

Use that data to help you find compelling ideas.

An excellent tool for this is BrandMentions.

All you have to do is enter a keyword in the search space and it will show you a great number of articles with that keyword.

  1. Get Inspired On Pinterest

Pinterest is a great source of ideas, just like Quora. It’s an inspiration at its finest.

The first thing you need to do as you start with Pinterest is to pick topics that interest you.

This will personalize your homepage and bring all the right blog post ideas to you.

Then, once you are done with the basics of an account, you can start looking for great blog content ideas.

But how do you decide which ones to use?

Easy – just look at how many times it was pinned.

People that use Pinterest are dedicated and they pin quite often – mostly what they really care about.

So, you’ll have some good insight into what will work.

Again, don’t copy the exact idea, analyse it and make it better.

Pinterest is also a browser, in a sense, so you can get keyword ideas from the search bar.

However, you can also use Pinterest for the promotion of your blog posts.

Just search for a topic, get an idea, see the most commonly used keywords and pin your own post.

With a business account, you get an opportunity to see even more stats and get even more out of it.

The best part of Pinterest as a promotion tool?

All you have to do to get more eyes on your content is pin often.

  1. Use BuzzSumo To Find Trends And Influencers

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for finding what your audience wants and influencers that create that type of content.

Search for popular topics and see total engagement, evergreen score, number of links, and so on.

The information you find here can be a valid guide on creating content that your audience will love.

  1. Track Google News Regularly

Want to know what’s trending?

What better way to find out than from the very source – Google?

Incorporate Google News into your daily life and set it so that your favorite topics come up.

There you’ll be able to see what’s trending at the moment in that niche and you can use that information to provide content for your users.

You can even select the language and region of your target audience and you’ll get the content that this audience is searching for.

  1. Follow Influencers On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for all business people.

You can follow influencers there and see what they are talking about.

You can get inspired by their articles or create connections with them there.

Having a LinkedIn profile is also great because you can use it to promote your own blog posts, your business and also to find talented people who can work for you.

It’s all-around a great resource for many things.

  1. Search Facebook Groups

“Facebook groups are an unexplored resource.

In fact, most people stay on Facebook just for the groups.

Not only are they useful for group members, but they can also be a gold mine of information for businesses,” says Bella Torp, an SEO copywriter at 1day2write and Australia2write.

People are relaxed when they are in their groups.

They are usually centered around the same topic or industry and everyone does their best to contribute.

Members will comment with questions, doubts, concerns, and so on – you can use this to inspire you to provide the type of content that will suit your audience, especially if you enter the right groups.

Keep in mind that most of them are closed and that you have to apply to get in, so using your personal profile is usually a good option.

  1. See What Others Share

Finally, you can use Zest to see what other people are sharing. It’s very simple and intuitive.

You can skim through the titles and get inspired to write an article or save them for later.

Experts share articles there as well, so you can see their opinions and use that data to improve your posts.

 Blog Content Ideas That Convert


Some Easy Blog Content Ideas That Always Work

While you can’t make a carbon copy of everything you see online, it’s always a good idea to adopt and adapt some formulas that work well.

This is what people are used to and what they will recognize as valuable to them.

Here are some of the examples of popular blog post formulas:

  1. Behind the scenes – This type of blog post shows the audience what everything looks like and how everything works in your office. It’s popular because it’s transparent. And who doesn’t want to see what’s behind a closed door?
  2. Honest Comparisons – “Comparing your product in an honest way to the competitor’s product is a fun and simple blog post idea that the audience will love. However, this is not a place to brag, but more to be honest. Just see the ConvertKit’s blog post on why people shouldn’t transfer to them from MailChimp,” says Tony Roth, a Senior Marketer at WriteMyX and Brit student.
  3. Complete guides – These articles are evergreen and powerful for the amount of information that they carry.


Blog Content Ideas – A Complete Guide To Finding Content Ideas That Actually Convert – Takeaways

Blog content can be a very valuable tool if used properly.

It can help you convert more and gain more awareness of your products, brand, and business.

However, we all run out of ideas sometimes and in this case, it’s always best to have a fail-safe process that can help you write.

Follow these tips to turn your blog around and you will always have some great blog content ideas.


That’s all for now.

So, do you have a blog?

How do you find your blog content ideas?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply




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In this new article, we share with you some very clever tips and tricks to help you find great blog content ideas that convert and drive engagement.
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