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Leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic

How to leverage your content marketing strategy

We all need traffic for the content that we create. To generate long-term traffic we must first be found on Google. We must develop and leverage a content marketing strategy, and use social media, and our social influence to generate traffic. But as well as leveraging our following it is also possible to leverage top social influencers and their followings. 

In this article we will show you how to create and leverage your content marketing strategy, showing working methods to generate traffic right after publishing and how to qualify for Googles unlimited organic traffic stream in a matter of minutes.

Leverage your content marketing strategy

The great thing about Google search is that once you have a marketing strategy for being seen that works you are pretty much assured of daily organic views.This is why SEO should always be a part of any content marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization plays a huge part in being seen on Google. The Google search algorithm looks at our crawled content and taking all the ranking factors into consideration place and rank us accordingly. Trust and your Online Reputation are also huge measures and influential in the SERPS. These elements only come over time from proving you have a track record for producing great content and following the best SEO practices.

You need to aim to be holding all the cards, SEO, TrustRank and Social Reputation (Social Branding) to have the best hand possible to outrank your competition

There are 2 real ways that sites and articles are found after they are published and then rank highly in the SERPS

  • You set a fire under your content sparking social shares that continue months into the future
  • Google indexes you and sees you as Trustworthy and so ranks your site accordingly for your chosen keywords that you select from your keyword research

It is imperative to develop a content marketing strategy that works short-term that develops very quickly into a long-term strategy where you build trust and reputation.

Consistently leveraging your content marketing strategy will give you longterm search engine results

It can take a long time for a new site or a freshly written blog article to be indexed. But there are lots of ways that you can speed up the process. Your content marketing strategy starts with getting new pages indexed as fast as you can. In minutes and not days, and it is easy to do if you know how.

Setting up and leveraging your content market strategy – [Case Study]

Firstly let me qualify what I’m writing about by providing a Case Study. A short while back I wrote an 8 point checklist on how to get Google to index new posts fast. The article was initially indexed in under 1 hour. The screen capture below shows the SERPs for the article after just 4 hours.

How to leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic
Image Source Infobunny

The article now resides at around 12 for the search term Index your site fast” along with other search terms.

How to leverage your contenting market strategy to generate traffic

If you now Google this post for a number of terms your find it highly ranked and on page one for many of those terms

So here is how you can start to replicate my results

It is simple, you start by just telling Google that your new page or post exists.

Firstly you must sign up and register an account with Google Webmaster Tools if you don’t have one. Webmaster Tools gives you insight into how your site is seen by Google. From crawl errors to your top performing keywords and it is with Google Webmaster Tools where you start to develop your content marketing strategy to get indexed as fast as possible and to tap into Googles Traffic Generation Stream.

Webmaster Tools has a really useful feature called Fetch as Google that allows you to add the last portion of your articles URL against your site property (domain). You then request that Google crawls and Indexes your page.

You can request both for the desktop and mobile versions of newly published articles and pages and you should request both.

Here is how you do it.

  1. Select Crawl on Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Select Fetch as Google
  3. Add the page name
  4. Select to crawl the Desktop or Mobile Smartphone versions of the page
  5. Click Fetch and Render
  6. Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 but this time select the alternate version of the page for Step for so if you and requested Desktop then request Smartphone or vice versa.
  7. Let Google do it’s thing and  submit

How to leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic Fetch as Google

The difference between Fetch and Fetch and Render

The Fetch tool allows you to test how Google crawls an URL on your site.and displays the HTTP response. This is a relatively quick operation that you can use to check or debug suspected network connectivity or security issues with your site and see the success or failure of the request.

Fetch and Render fetches a specified URL in your site, displays the HTTP response and also renders the page according to the specified platform, either desktop or smartphone. This operation requests and runs all resources on the page, such as images and scripts. 

You should also request that all associated URLs added your content are also crawled. This results in pings and notifications being sent to your authority sources that you use to qualify. 

Additional steps to index fast

Leverage your own following however large or small. Social share to all your brand channels. Don’t just accept the call to action headline offered by the share buttons on your page. Optimize the share text so that it gets a response from its audience. If you are sharing to Pinterest make sure that your images are optimized to incorporate a great long tail keyword phrase and add in some relevant hashtags that carry over not just for when you pin but when your visitors pin as well and for when they are repinned within Pinterest.

Tweet your new content, again be sure to appeal to your audience and add relevant hashtags. Visit your profile pages and update your profile link to point to your new content.

Visit question sites like Quora and pose a question related to your new content and then answer it yourself linking into your content. Invite users to then answer the question and drive the conversation.

Generate a social buzz

So while Google is doing its thing and crawling your page and your following has been notified that a new post or page exists it’s time to really start to develop your content marketing strategy by building a social buzz around your content.

This requires you to leverage a really cool tool that will not only ramp your social shares it will explode your traffic to any given page that you add. The best part is that you are leveraging other members followers and not just your own. It is commonplace to get Tweets from influential users with 50000 + followers.

Introducing ViralContentBee

Well, respected SEO Expert Ann Smarty (is the co-founder of ViralContentBee

You may have already heard of ViralContentBee, you may even already be a member and know how it works to some degree but I’m going to show you how to keep the social buzz long after the initial frenzy of your submission to VCB has subsided.

So firstly a quick intro to what ViralContentBee is

Ann Smarty describes VCB as “a web-based social media marketing platform that leverages a crowd-sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on high-quality content.”

The platform allows you to get Facebook Shares, Pinterest Pins, StumbleUpon likes and even YouTube views and Tweets from established social media influencers accounts that are primarily outside of your normal social media reach. This keeps the social media sharing organic and gives your content REAL VIRAL REACH  and generates extremely valuable social media signals associated with your content. VCB also integrates into BufferApp so you can even schedule your shares to post at optimal times.

Social shares are based on a credit system. The higher the social authority of the user sharing the more VCB credits you spend. 

ViralContentBee credits are earned by sharing others content to your social channels. You can then apply your earned credits to your own content and submit into the rotation. Alternatively, you can upgrade to one of the pro versions where you are allocated credits on a monthly basis.

There is no requirement to upgrade and in fact no real need to unless you don;t want to share others content. With Infobunny we choose to share others content that is related to our niche, we find it helps to keep our channels busy with quality niche content and it also builds relationships with other influential bloggers.

Submitting an article to ViralContentBee

This is really easy to do. But it is a good idea to check the submission requirements before you do so.

ViralContentBee only accepts quality content. No affiliate links, no sales pages or funnels. No adult or gambling content. Only the best content is allowed on ViralContentBee.

  1. Click on submit article at the top of the page
  2. Add the URL to the page that you would like to promote
  3. Add a title to your submission. This text is included in Tweets when your content is shared
  4. Add a longer description. This becomes the body of any Facebook shares
  5. Select 3 categories for your post to be submitted to.
  6. Add credits to your submission. There is a minimum of 10 credits for new content
  7. Select which social channels you would like shares to.
  8. Upload a project image. This shows up on any Tweets for your content.
  9. If you select Pinterest as a share option add the URL to the image that you want to be pinned
  10. Add your Twitter id if you have Twitter selected (Great to improve social reach within twitter and your Klout Score)
  11. Tick that you have read the submission guidelines and submit your content

How to leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic ViralContentBee

New Posts

New posts are added to page one of the projects pages. As more projects are added your posts move down and over time move onto page 2 then page 3 and so on. As this happens your shares slow. But they don’t have to.

If you add 30 new credits to a post then it jumps back to page 1.

If you have a lot of projects running in the VCB rotation then that is a lot of credits needed to keep your content on the front pages. But we have a fix for this. Rather than just adding a full 30 credits to jump back to the top click stop instead and stop the project.

How to leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic

This returns the unused credits to your VCB bank. So say you have a project that has moved down and yet still has 15 credits. If you stop the project the 15 unused credits go into the bank and you then just need an additional 15 to jump back to the top. You can bump your projects back to page one by just making up the difference to 30.

Keep the shares going

A month or so down the line your shares will have slowed just down to the fact that you have already had so many but that’s, not the end. Just delete the project and re-add it with a completely new and fresh call to action. Leverage the content as if it is brand new. You can add a new image and offer a new image to pin as well if Pinterest is an option your taking advantage of.

Moving forward and creating longevity with your content marketing strategy

If your SEO is what it should be, your internal linking is helping Google and your visitors navigate your site and your qualifying what you’re writing about by linking into well-respected authorities in the niche that your writing about then your well on the way to building trust with Google and lifting your blogging or site reputation.

Following the above steps gets your new content indexed in a matter of minutes and sends social signals out consistently for months and months to follow. It really is all down to consistency. Consistency in creating good quality content. Following the best on-page and off-page SEO practices. Promoting what you create and leveraging other peoples followers with ViralContentBee. 

Leverage your content marketing strategy, follow all of the above steps, and you will see massive traffic generation gains.

Now it’s over to you. How do you leverage your content after publishing? How do you generate traffic to your site?

Leave your questions and comments in the comments section below.

I would love to connect with you.


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Leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic - Case Study
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Leverage your content marketing strategy to generate traffic - Case Study
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    What an amazingly meaty piece of information you are giving away here! As someone who actually uses similar methods I can vouch that this information works extremely fast. I skip the submission to Google though as it’ll index my page usually within 24 hours after writing my post anyway. If I did do the submission to Google it would have the impact of listing my new article just as you say within minutes. Nice work mate and full of nice pieces of information for anyone who needs to lift their search results!

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    good day Dexter! What a high-quality post my pal! I have not thought about Google Webmaster tools in some time! I understand I am signed up and now know what I need to do! i’ve by no means heard of ViralContentBee before, so I can head on over and take a look at this website online out! you probably did a notable process with this one my friend! thank you, Chery :))
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    yes, content marketing is the need of present seo. Just passing spammy link juice is not the way SEO. Btw i enjoyed this informative guide here

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