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What is a good Twitter strategy?

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In this new InfoBunny article we are talking about Twitter strategies and asking “What is a good Twitter strategy?” 

Let’s get started!

Twitter is an amazing platform.

As everything on it is public, brands can effectively attract customers provided they send the correct message, at the right time, and in the most impressive way. You’ve probably explored intensely for ways you can make your business trend on Twitter.

Twitter is an excellent stage for attracting, interacting, and earning new customers.

All you need is a solid Twitter social media marketing strategy.

In 2021, the social game has drastically changed the realm of digital marketing.

This social media trend needs to be followed in the years to come to have successful online marketing strategies.

Digital marketing via social media platforms is a norm today.

Twitter, has transformed into the most popular platform to boost your social game.

Twitter empowers 280-character tweets, allowing you to embed links, pictures, audio, and video clips along with your tweet.

Convenient features have helped Twitter become one of the most popular online social media platforms in recent years.

Likewise, it plays a significant part in transforming the basics of social marketing around the world.

Countless brands are tenaciously tweeting to capitalize on Twitter today.

If you are wondering how you can highlight your brand on Twitter’s trending map and asking “What is a good Twitter strategy?” then you’ve come to the right place.

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What Is A Good Twitter Marketing Strategy – Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Twitter isn’t simply confined to posting the customary tweets we are all familiar with.

Marketing on Twitter has become increasingly popular for a large number of big and small brands.

Twitter marketing used to seem like witchcraft to the layman and require intensely unique strategies and innovative techniques to create and execute an online marketing strategy successfully.

Back then, it was hard to find reliable online marketers who had sufficient experience in planning and executing good marketing strategies.

However, business owners, have a large list of options of excellent Twitter marketers to choose from.

Brands have grown increasingly aggressive on Twitter when it comes to marketing and promotion.

Understanding a couple of fundamental things about Twitter will give your business an edge over others.


8 Most Popular Tips For Successful Twitter Marketing

Let’s take a closer look at 8 top tips that you can adopt to ensure successful and impactful Twitter marketing campaigns.


1/ Introduce your brand in a comprehensive and intelligent way

Brand presentation matters.

Make sure that your Twitter Bio contains brief, concise yet complete information about your brand.

This information should give out some solid facts about your brand/products.

Don’t forget to add the link to your website in your Twitter Bio.

Interactive pictures and important information have more impact on individuals as compared to straightforward textual content.

Try posting pictures and GIFs on your Twitter profile instead of adhering to just content-based tweets.


2/ Tweet, Tweet, and Re-tweet!

If you tweet about your Brand regularly, it shows that your brand is active on Twitter.

No one likes to follow a brand that doesn’t attempt to connect with followers and customers.

This is an excellent way to keep your followers engaged with new, interesting information about the brand.

Tweeting will definitely help you maintain an edge over competitors. It is one of the most instant and popular social platforms that can help to connect your customer base using a focused approach.

Simply creating new posts and tweeting them is not enough.

You also have to respond accordingly to your customer’s queries and questions promptly.

The customer’s reaction to a tweet can tell you a great deal about the customer’s preference and current choice trends.

It might also happen that a major brand may hit like or react so you can re-tweet such tweets and highlight it for your followers.

It will help you acquire a constant flow of followers consequently.

Following Twitter accounts relevant to your industry will keep you updated with the latest developments in marketing and technology in your niche.


3/ Boost your brand with hashtags 

Hashtags are extremely helpful to boost a tweet’s publicity, especially if it is a limited-time promotional activity.

Use of the Twitter trending hash-tags is one of the most effective approaches to increase your Twitter followers.

Expert online marketers can advise you on which hashtags to use and even when you may need to create a new hashtag.

It pays to add relevant, trending hash-tag to your promotional tweets for maximum disbursal and impact.


4/ Use Twitter to promote business events

Many businesses use Twitter today for advertising and promoting special marketing or sales events.

You can make sufficient buzz around such special occasions using Twitter.

Make new hash-tags around your event.

Begin using these hash-tags long before the beginning of the event to develop maximum expectation and popularity for the event.

Additionally, you can also choose to encourage your employees, followers, and customers to use these hash-tags and create more buzz for the event.

Such tweets can have a great impact for your brand image.

Make sure to add thegeo-label to the event because customers would like to know every detail about it.

In addition, geo-labeling can likewise help you attract the local customer base as well as attract new customers to your brand from within the particular city or region.

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5/ Creating and overseeing influencers

Focused advertising is extremely effective.

To help the process you can separate the targeted demography into three categories –

  • Industry influencers
  • Speakers
  • Target crowd

This classification helps you to create the most effective and feasible promotional strategies accordingly.

Influencer promoting is an advertising style that focuses on using influential individuals on Twitter to promote a brand/product to the targeted audience.


6/ Win more influencers with special discounts and extraordinary deals

While improving your Twitter engagement, it is advisable to make sure that the number of your followers on Twitter is more than the number of clients you follow.

Your brand’s engagement and promotion on Twitter has to be focused on your customers and targeted audience and this strategy is strengthened when you use other Twitter influencers who also cater to your targeted audience.

One of the best ways to attract influencers and make them contribute to promoting your brand/product is to offer freebies.

Influencers are more inclined to help promote and trend products or brands that they have genuinely tried themselves.

Hence, influencers are an incredibly important aspect of a successful Twitter marketing campaign.


7/ Developing significance of Twitter lists!

You may come across hundreds or thousands of new tweets every day.

This often makes it hard to discover relevant and important tweets from followers.

To make things easier, it is highly advised to create Twitter Lists of followers and influencers.

A list is simply a collection of similar Twitter accounts.

You can make your own list or subscribe to lists created by others.

You should also acknowledge influencers, new followers and those who regularly react to or like your tweets, with special “thank you” tweets after a successful marketing plan.

Such lists are incredibly helpful in enhancing customer engagement and improve your brand image.


8/ Testing Twitter analytics

It is essential to test everything – your Adwords duplicate, landing page, presentation page, titles of messages or features of your articles, etc.

Regular testing eventually improves the final product.

The comparative tests and checks also have a significant impact on your online marketing strategies too.

Testing allows you to review the impact of promotion strategies and helps improve them on the go for maximum hits.

If your Twitter audience is huge, you don’t need to post too frequently.

With a decent amount of impressions, your tweet getting re-tweeted by your followers will create a remarkable ripple effect.

Such collaborations with followers and influencers also need to be checked for effectiveness using Twitter analytics.

What is a good Twitter strategy?


What is a good Twitter strategy? – Takeaways

Marketing products on Twitter has become a trend today.

Social media platforms like Twitter enjoy a huge number of followers.

You can use Twitter to reach out to relevant audiences and attract potential customers easier.

To ensure the best, most impactful, and successful Twitter marketing campaigns, make sure to choose the most experienced and reliable social media marketing companies.


That’s all for now!

So do you use Twitter?

Do you have any tips of your own we should add to this list?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Regards Dexter

What is a good Twitter strategy?
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What is a good Twitter strategy?
In this new Infobunny article we are talking about Twitter strategies and asking "What is a good Twitter strategy?" 
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    My Twitter performance is poor. I’ll try your tips and hope for some positive growth. Thanks for the useful article!

  2. Robin Hicks
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    Nice article. Please suggest few tips to reduce unfollowers on Twitter. Thanks!

    • Dexter Roona

      There’s not much you can do other than to consistently post good tweets and engage with the engagement you receive and reach out to new people.
      You are battling the follow, unfollow game where members follow you not cause they like what you do but because they want you to follow back. Then in a few days, they just unfollow. Its just about them getting their own numbers up
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