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How to improve your SEO and search rankings in 2021 and beyond

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So after you have turned all your bullets green on your SEO plugin, how do you then improve your SEO?

You have done all you can do with on-page SEO for the time being.

What comes next? 

Well, a long wait is what comes next because until your site gains some rank and authority you tend to just sit.

In this article, I will be showing you some ideas to give you an SEO boost. You will learn some simple tricks to improve your SEO and ultimately improve your rankings with Google

If you want to see continued SEO improvements after you have completed the on-page optimizations you have to move to work on your off-page SEO strategy.

Now, you can just sit and wait and continue to just create great long-form content because that works, you will see improvements, but it is a slow process so let’s speed it up.

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How to improve your SEO – My backlinking strategy

Google knows that building backlinks are difficult that’s why they reward them.

It does take a lot for a Webmaster from one site to link and recommend another because there is a huge fear that by doing so you damage your own search results and ranking.

But that is just completely wrong.

Linking out, is what helps qualify what you write about and it helps ensure that there are no dead ends on your site.

Google hates dead ends. Your visitors hate dead ends and that is why you have, or should have an internal linking strategy.

Linking out should also be part of your SEO strategy because it will help improve your SEO ranking.

Two types of blogger

There tend to be two types of blogger the ones who won’t link out and the ones who do. But the ones who do often get their external linking strategy wrong in my opinion.

They tend to only link to the top authority sites the guys in positions 1,2,3 on page one just because of their position.

The search position doesn’t guarantee that you are looking at the best content there is.

They could just be in their position because they have a great domain that everyone links to. As a result, they have killer trust with Google.

They can put out short-form content and still rank very highly.

But the rank of a post doesn’t always reflect how good a post is.

You need to actually read the content and make sure it does qualify what you are saying or add value.

Is linking to the big authority sites a mistake?

I believe there are many occasions when this type of linking strategy can be a mistake because we miss out on opportunities to build blogging relationships. And ultimately building relationships leads to some big SEO improvements that have longevity.

Linking to the big sites doesn’t lend to getting backlinks to your site and social shares for your content. It almost never happens.

Authority sites help authority sites because it helps them stay as authority sites.

A better backlinking strategy would be to link to bloggers who have killer content and who are getting search results.

It reaps rewards when you reach out and tell them that you used them as an authoritative source.

You are going to get some reciprocal social shares.

You’re going to get some blog comments that add value to your content and help continue the conversation and help to create a buzz.

And you may well end up with a backlink from a site that is working hard and getting some traction within Google search.

So don’t just link to the big boys, a better strategy is to link to those who are up and coming and improving their own search rankings.

They are far more willing to take notice of you and reciprocate

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Making SEO improvements – 7 Quick tips to help you get more backlinks

Here are some very simple yet important tips to help you to build backlinks and improve your site’s ranking.

1/ The broken link method

This backlinking technique involves you reaching out and contacting other site owners to report broken links on their website. 

As we know broken links are bad for SEO and they will damage your SEO rankings if not addressed. Broken links are dead ends and Google hates dead ends.

With the broken link method, you recommend other related links from websites with great content to replace any broken links.

And of course, you mention your own website.

Because you are doing the site owner a favor by reporting the broken links, the chances of a backlink back to your website are high. 

Its also not a bad idea to tell them how great their content is and how you have shared it for them 😉

The broken link method is also another way to build relationships.

2/ Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a win-win for all parties involved providing it is done correctly

It is a great way to build backlinks and improve your SEO ranking.

All webmasters know how tough it is to create great content consistently and it is consistency that brings big SEO improvements so when someone wants to write for your site it can be very beneficial to the site owner.

I have a few rules before I consider any guest post that is submitted to InfoBunny. 

  • The content must be unique and not published somewhere else
  • Content should be long-form – 1500 to 2000 words minimum
  • Must be qualified
  • No linking to homepages or sales pages
  • Links accepted must be the same or a close relation to your site’s niche

Ultimately you need to consider if the content submitted will improve your SEO rank.

Guest writers also gain big by submitting guest blogs.

  • A new audience to read your work
  • You often get a backlink to your own site
  • Increased exposure
  • Relationship building opportunity

3/ Infographic backlinks – How to use infographics to improve SEO

Infographics are a killer way to gain backlinks. The idea is very simple.

You create great graphics and then just offer them to be used on blog sites related to the niche of the Infographic.

You can add Infographics to your own content offering embed code that visitors can just copy directly into their own site giving you a backlink.

Reaching out to bloggers speeds the process up and also drives some traffic your way.

Infographics are great for SEO because you allow the use in exchange for a link back to your own site.

This can be in the form of a straight HTML link or an image credit.

If you can get an Infographic embedded on 20 plus sites

you have the potential of having a viral image as it is shared on Pinterest and other social sites. You then have the benefits of all the repins or shares the images get.

Word of warning. Make sure that you have your logo or watermark any Infographics that you create.

Infographics continue to be some of the most shared and liked content on the Web. 

They are extremely popular among audiences of all types,

A good infographic has the ability to make very complex information easy to understand while also giving a visual shareable benefit.

Embedding Infographics on blogs is a popular SEO strategy because it adds ready-made professional content to your post.

4/ Build relationships if you want to make SEO improvements

Building relationships with other bloggers is a great way to get known as a blogger.

Be proactive in sharing other bloggers’ posts that are related to your niche. If you are Tweeting then add their mention handle to the Tweet so that they are notified.

You’re probably pick up a new follower as a result and gain a Tweet back.

As your blogging relationship develops your see some great results.

Building relationships is a very powerful way to make some big SEO improvements and 

5/ Blog commenting

It just makes sense to comment on other people’s blogs, providing that the comment you add is useful and adds value and that is where a lot of comments fall short.

They tend to be “great post” or “I have bookmarked for later” or along those lines.

When we post a comment what happens is that normally there is a nofollow link back to your site.

The idea is that you add a great comment that does add value that does add to the topic and offer an opinion and as a result, because of the overall quality other readers click through to your site to check out who made the comment.

This boosts your own traffic and comments and if you have a good internal linking strategy then you can guide your new visitors to more of your incredible content.

Here is an example of a great comment that was left of my How to optimize for multiple keywords post.

Anil Agarwal

Great tutorial Dexter,

Indeed, keyword research and search engine optimization, in general, is very difficult and time-consuming, especially when you’re just starting and have no prior experience with it. However, it’s always a task that is worth doing if you really wish to be getting search traffic.

Now, coming back to your post, targeting multiple keywords in a single post is a very wonderful idea, and a lot of people are already doing it including myself. That is one of the various advantages of writing long Form content as it will give you room to cover a lot of long tail keywords.

Most times, I often target up to 15 keywords in one post, and the post is usually between 5 to 10k words. That’s really massive, I know, and it’s not easy to write that kind of long post, but in the end, the reward is often greater than the efforts put into writing it.

Therefore, I will encourage every content marketer to make it as a habit to be writing such content because even the search engines are really rewarding long Form content the more, the same thing goes to social media.

Thanks a lot for sharing man.

6/ Concentrate on your content

If you really want to improve your SEO and your rankings within Google then you really have to seriously concentrate on your content.

There is a saying that “Content Is King” you have to make your content a king.

It has to be well-written and informative.

Make your content cover the user intent on why they are searching the type of content that you produce.

Your content needs to be long-form. If those posting a similar topic are creating content that is way longer than yours then you need to change it up and just go bigger. 

I sometimes see blogs that are so short they would make really good blog comments 😉

Google rewards great content. Readers love great content. Do you see the connection?

Just create great content.

7/ Social blogging

I social blog a lot.

Social blogging is when you create articles on your social channels.

But I am not talking about Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I am talking about sites like Quora and particularly Medium. Social sites that offer you a way to blog and apply SEO optimization techniques.

Blogs added to Medium do very well on Google, I often see page 1 results from Medium so it is a domain that Google likes.

Now you don’t spend hours on these sites. 

The idea is really to use them to:

  • Gain click-through traffic
  • Balance your link profile (social blogging sites tend to only allow Nofollow links)
  • Create more exposure to your brand and site

And they are a great way to build relationships.

I will often create cut-down posts of long-form content that I have created adding new images.

Sometimes I will create full posts, they tend to be on topics that are harder to get to the magic 2000 words, normally we get to 800 -1000 words which is fine for a social blog

If you have enough material to get to 2000 then it should be on your own site

How to improve your SEO

How to improve your SEO - My backlinking strategy
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How to improve your SEO - My backlinking strategy
So after you have turned all your bullets green on your SEO plugin, how do you then improve your SEO? You have done all you can do with on-page SEO for the time being, what comes next?
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  1. Gaurav Kumar
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    Hi Dexter,

    People are so impatient about building backlinks that they forget the importance of building relationships and internal linking. When I say build relationships I am not only saying to engage with readers or influencers but also with your competitors.

    There is no harm on appreciating your competitor on something better.

    Being social is the key to success even when it comes to SEO
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    Great tips again Dexter. Linking has come such a long way… thankfully! Providing real value for my audience and building relationships are my favourite ways to attract links.
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    • Dexter Roona

      Im not sure how big a deal backlinking will be in the future what with AI and voice search etc and of course there is a big question surrounding AMP. If you backlink an AMP version of a page who gets the link juice as your be linking into a Google cached version of the site,

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    Hi Dexter,
    Great to be here. I just read your comments on Janice Wald’s site and followed you here to your online space. Your article looks great. Guest posting, blog commenting, these are longtime strategies that still works like magic. In fact, it is blog commenting that brought me here. It has helped me build relationships with some amazing people in the blogging industry.
    I also love the idea of creating infographics and add a code so user can embed it on their sites. Infographics are a great way to share information visually.  And that is why 41.5% of marketers said that graphics like infographics are the most valuable.
    Hence, infographics has the potential to build remarkable backlinks.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Dexter Roona

      Hey Moss, thanks for stopping by yes Infographics are great. Not really something I use too often because they take so much time to create. I tend to go for themed images for posts and add in checklists as I did above. With the goal being to get repins on Pinterest and just to boost traffic.
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    SEO is the most important task to rank a blog. You have described well and I hope this is very helpful for the new comers. Thanks for this.

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    • Dexter Roona

      The thinking is to give those who are up and coming the link instead because moving forward it will be so much better for building relationships and that is what makes the difference. All content on page 1 is good you don’t need to just link to moz every time cause they rank 1.

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    Hi, Dexter Roona
    Every year a new guide to on-page SEO is written, and it always starts off with “SEO has changed” and continues with the same traditional tactics.

    We’re now just days away from 2019 and I’d like to say that SEO has not just changed, the entire lid has been blown off! If you expect to rank in 2019, you have got to have a quality website which has better contents with something to offer your user
    By the way thanks for your informative article.

    • Dexter Roona

      Your timescale is a bit off on this comment.

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