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How To Develop A Stable Social Media Strategy That Works For Your Business

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In this new article, we are talking about social media strategies and show you how to develop a stable social media strategy that works for your business.

Let’s get started!

Does your company have a social media strategy for maximizing your presence and business growth across channels? If you’re wondering how to develop a viable plan for your social media marketing campaigns, this article will show you how.

But why should you care about an SM strategy when you can get on and start posting content?

We will address that in a moment.

However, to get positive results from social media, you need a plan that defines what you do and when.

Thus, in this blog post, I will show you a social media strategy, its importance, benefits, and how to build it.

What is a social media strategy?

Social media strategy is an outline or synopsis of all you intend to do across social media sites to accomplish your objectives.

It includes your plan for generating optimal engagement and traction on social media for your business growth that aligns with your brand targets. 

Put differently; social media strategy is a document that outlines your reason for using social media and your intended outcome.

These targets or goals may be to:

  • Drive web traffic using social media
  • Grow your email list with social media
  • Build brand awareness 
  • Establish your online presence across platforms
  • Acquire leads and more

Hence, whatever your social media marketing targets may be, you need a stable marketing content strategy to help you drive results and reach your goal. 

Why does your business need a social media strategy?

As stated above, you need a content creation, curation, and promotion plan for your business to thrive on social media. Given this, your business’s social media strategy is beneficial because it enables you to create a consistent marketing approach that regulates your business objectives. 

In other words, a result-driven content strategy for social media marketing is essential because it guarantees consistency across channels and increases your chances of getting results.

Also, since content is the live-force of social media, a strategy enables you to know what content materials to create and post regularly on different platforms.

Other benefits of having a strategy include:

  • A social media strategy helps you build a strong presence
  • Enables you to save time with the content batch for weeks and months ahead
  • Address your SMM goals
  • Offers effective targeting
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Improves your brand reputation

Therefore, for an effective strategy, create a content calendar that helps you brainstorm content ideas connected with your marketing persona. 

7 Proven Ways to Build a Result-Driven Social Media Strategy for Your BusinessClick To Tweet

7 Proven Ways To Build A Result-Driven Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Yes, there are various ways to build social marketing strategies for your business.

But we put together proven steps that will aid you in achieving your ultimate goal.

Let’s get started:

1. Define your reason for social media marketing (Set objectives)

Your business’ involvement in social media marketing is excellent for growth.

But to maximize your campaign, you should pinpoint what you want to get out of social media.

That, indeed, will give you an end-goal for your target.

So, what is your end-goal for using social media for marketing?

According to research, the top five objectives of businesses are:

  1. Brand awareness: 90% of marketers want to build brand awareness
  2. Brand reputation: 77% of marketers want to improve brand reputation
  3. Build an engaged following: over 70% of social media marketers want to create a loyal community.
  4. Increase sales: More than 60% of companies use social media to increase product sales
  5. Acquire more customers: 50% of business owners are using social media to gain more marketing insights and customers
Graphic for - Define your reason for social media marketing (Set objectives)
Source graphic: Hootsuite


Consequently, do you want to start making money from social media?

Do you want to grow your followers?

Whatever your business objectives are, outline them in your plan to inspire your campaign.

You can see some examples of social media marketing objectives that you can set in the section above.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that your targets should be:

  • Precise to your brand vision
  • Relevant to your business’ overall mission
  • Achievable
  • Measurable, and
  • Within a specific time frame

This process is vital because setting smart marketing goals will give you a clear vision for your business and a path to follow.

Also, you agree that every company has unique requirements at all stages of the marketing journey. 

Your social media objectives help you meet those requirements.

Consequently, start with short-term attainable goals, and that will propel your long-term aims.

2. Establish your target market

Your business will thrive online if you can establish your target market.

It means that without an audience, you will have no brand.

That is so true because your target market is a group of people you want to buy or pay for your products or services.

But if you cannot define your ideal buyer, you’ll inevitably fail.

Therefore, instead of making assumptions about what to sell, the audience you identify will provide valuable details that help you understand what they need from you.

However, if you’re new to digital marketing, the mere thought of identifying your marketing persona can be daunting. 

But it’s not. Use social media analytics to learn about your audience.

Using Facebook insights, LinkedIn analytics, Instagram analytics, Twitter analytics, and other social media analytics tools will help you understand your target buyer.

You can also integrate third-party tools like SocialPilot, Buffer, Crowdfire, or your preferred social media management tools to learn about your audience and content performance across channels. 

That way, you will know where your focus should be, what social site your audience hangs out, and what to prioritize. Yes, you will know what social media platforms you should be spending your time on.

3. Identify social networks that work for your business interests

Building a social media strategy involves pinpointing the best social media sites that support your brand interests.

While there are several networking websites available to you, not all will help your business.

Why? Because they have different requirements and marketing strategies.

That is why smart marketers use various social sites for varying reasons. 

For instance, those in the fashion and makeup industry will make more gains with Instagram and Snapchat Stories than on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

But for those in my niche market, freelance content marketing, I acquire more clients from LinkedIn and Twitter than on Instagram and Snapchat. 

So you see that these networking websites account for different content types and communication strategies.

Please, look at the chart by eMarketer to know the communication trends and statistics for various social media platforms.

Graphic for - Identify social networks that work for your business interests
Source graphic: eMarketer


Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing stand out at 98%, 82%, and 65% respectively-Beating other marketing channels, including Twitter at 48%.

Therefore, it’s essential to know which social media support your assets and use them as your communication platforms and selling point.

Thus, you can use Facebook, for example, to build customer relations, YouTube for tutorials, and use LinkedIn and Twitter for other aspects of your campaigns.

4. Develop a social media content calendar

Developing a social media editorial content calendar is another aspect of a consistent social media strategy.

Your calendar is essential for planning, creating, curating, and publishing social media posts that will regularly engage your audience.

And as you may already know, social media’s lifeforce is content, which makes sharing valuable. 

But to get optimal results from your activities, you need to plan when to create and post on social.

That is where a marketing content calendar comes to play.

Besides, your calendar should also consist of a considerable time for engagement and interaction with your audience. This allocated time frame helps you understand your buyers better and build trust.

Credibility is an essential factor for growing a loyal following across social media.

Given this, determine a posting schedule to ensure that your posts go live when your followers are online.

That way, they will see and engage with your posts.

Also, decide the types of content to post on each channel for optimal results. 

For instance, an Instagram post may not be a good fit for LinkedIn, and so forth.

But with the right content mix, your calendar will help you schedule the appropriate posts for each social media marketing channel to support your business objectives.

5. Tap into your competitors’ data

In business, monitoring your competitors is essential if you want to gain the upper hand and beat the competition.

Your competitors have useful information you need to scale your business.

The data include keywords they’re using to improve content visibility and other crucial social marketing intelligence. 

It means studying your competitors’ social media marketing patterns to know what networking platforms and marketing tactics they’re using to gain traction.

The more you understand them, the better you can improve your social media strategy.

Hence, if your competitor’s hacks are working for him, you can use the established system to your advantage. How?

By observing your competitors’ content, you will get insights into what’s working and what to publish for more engagement.

Please, note that I’m not encouraging you to steal from them. But I want you to gain insights on how to improve your content strategy. 

For instance, if your competitors are gaining traction with content that revolves around their products, make your mark with UGC.

Create social media posts using user-generated content UGC materials that highlight your services, look for an angle that will make your brand stand out from the competition. However, it requires continuous testing and adjustments.

6. Develop engaging content for each social media site

As stated earlier, content makes social media thrive. In other words, content is the active force of social media marketing. That said, if you want to gain your followers’ attention, you need to create and post engaging content regularly.

Mind you; your posts must align with each social networking platform, connect with your followers, and unite with your business objective to boost ROIs.

For instance, posting links to your blog posts on social media is a content marketing hack that lets you drive traffic back to your website.

But your blog content should comply with the spatial order organization in writing and apply other blogging best practices. A well-written and structured blog posts will:

  • Attract more social shares
  • Get additional like and comment
  • Boost client relations
  • Attract leads and prospects
  • Drive targeted web traffic
  • Improve SEO ranking on SERPs

Based on your competitor research results and other parameters, you can share different content types, such as videos, to propel your successes.

Instagram and Facebook Stories should also be part of your content strategy since more users like to watch videos.

For example, videos posted on Facebook receive more consumer engagement than other types of posts.

Moreover, videos on Twitter get 3x more retweets than other tweets.

Graphic for - Develop engaging content for each social media site
Source graphic via BuzzSumo


Therefore, identify what your followers want and share more of it.

Use your preferred social media management tool to schedule your content for posting at the right time of day and weeks ahead.

This approach will boost your social media strategy and improve the ROIs of your efforts.

7. Set up measurable KPIs

You should be able to determine your success and failure.

To do so, establish vital metrics to monitor and examine your marketing performance. Your KPIs help you set your anticipations and what numbers to quantify for better ROIs.

Moreover, since your social media strategy defines your short-term goals that lead to your long-term objects, establishing vital measurable KPIs is crucial for preserving top performance in the long run.

As a result, you will be able to monitor consumer journeys through the funnel, from the first touchpoint of awareness to conversion and sale.

Consequently, whatever your goals may be, setting up measurable metrics should be a critical part of your social media strategy.

Whether you are an advanced marketer or a small business, evaluate significant numbers that align with your overall business targets. 

It will enable you to track your performance and see where to make improvements.

Hence, use Google Analytics or social media analytics for each platform to quantify your data.

Pinterest share image - 7 Proven Ways To Build A Result-Driven Social Media Strategy For Your Business


Developing a social media strategy for your business is one of the best ways to build your brand presence on reputation. Although it might sound intimidating, you can start with a stable plan, such as identifying the best platforms where your audience consumes content.


  • Find what’s working on each platform
  • Pick a posting frequency
  • Research your competitors
  • Create and post value-added content materials, and
  • Keep testing your strategy and make adjustments as required

These processes will help you build a firm and consistent social media marketing strategy that works.

Have you created your social media strategy?

How did you do it?

We are happy to hear from you in the comments section below!

Regards Moss


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