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Wakelet Ambassador Program, New Features and more

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In this new article, we introduce you to the Wakelet Ambassador Program and share with you a few of the cool new features that have been released over on Wakelet.

Wakelet Ambassador The Superhumans Are Coming!

The Superhumans Are Coming!

Before we get into the Wakelet Ambassadors Program let’s give you a quick recap of what Wakelet is, just in case this is the first time of hearing about them.

Wakelet first came to my attention just before Storify closed.

James Davis at Wakelet first introduced me to Wakelet and offered me a solution to migrate all my Storify content away before it was lost forever to Wakelet.

And I haven’t looked back since.

Wakelet is in the same social space as Pocket, Flipboard and Mix, formerly StumbleUpon, but it just does what they do better and offers more features.

Wakelet is the future of social bookmarking and content creation.


Introducing the Wakelet Ambassador Program

Wakelet describes the Wakelet Ambassadors as a group of Super Humans.

They are early adopters of the curation site, who see the huge value that Wakelet brings to the table and who are willing to shout out to their friends and followers just how good Wakelet is.

The reward for being an ambassador is having a say in how the platform develops and grows and all the online exposure that comes with being a Wakelet Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, you receive training to become an expert in all things Wakelet and have access to the whole Wakelet team if you have any questions, problems, or have suggestions on how to make Wakelet better.

Ambassadors also get to hear about every new feature that is going to launch before anyone else and even get to test any new features that need a beta phase.

Wakelet Ambassador Program

The Wakelet Ambassador program is open to anyone who loves Wakelet and loves talking Wakelet and there is still time to apply to join.

How to become a Wakelet Ambassador – Introducing the Wakelet Community

To become an Ambassador you first must be a member of the Wakelet Community

The Wakelet Community is an email community that gives all the news and updates on the platform.

As a Wakelet Community Member, you can:

  • Have your say in how Wakelet develops and grows.
  • You get to test-drive all new features before they’re released.
  • Receive all the latest Wakelet news before anyone else.
  • If you have a problem or suggestion then you have direct access to the Wakelet team
  • And you will receive some great Wakelet merchandise to say thank you for your help and support.


Wakelet Community members can then move onto Level 2 – The Wakelet Ambassador Program.

You get to be on the inside track and represent Wakelet.

As a Wakelet Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  •  All the benefits of being a Wakelet Community Member
  •  Online recognition
  •  Exclusive training from the Wakelet team. If a new feature launches, they will bring you up to speed.
  •  Exclusive Wakelet merchandise for yourself and to share with others.

Wakelet Ambassador Program


Meet the Wakelet Ambassadors

Wave 1

Randall Sampson

Paul West

Karly Moura

Brad Dale

Sean Fahey

Kristina Holzweiss

Mariah Rackley

Jennifer Saarinen

Kathi Kersznowski

Brandi Reams

Samantha Shaffner

Axel Gruen

Karalee Nakatsuka

Stella Pollard

Dexter Roona

Wave 2

Claudio Zavala Jr

John Bimmerle


Deb Zeman


Brett Miller

Holly Clark

Colleen Terrill

Pam Hubler

Rachelle Dene Poth

Holly S. King

Laura Steinbrink

Whitney Reed


Educator Alexander

Scott Titmas

Colin Horner

Ashley Coffman

Rachael Mann


Wave 3

Stephanie Howell

Dan Whalen

Cyndi Williams, Ed.D.

Donald Sturm

Priscilla Heredia


Beth Campbell

Joe Merrill

Iain Thompson

Jason Reagin

Andrew Fenstermaker

Leticia Citizen

Heidi Carr

Laura Cahill

Brooksie Kramer

James Reed

Sherry Gick

Shannon McClintock Miller

Amy Roediger

John O’Neill

Sallee Clark

Leanne Davis

Bonnie Weinstein

Amy Ronayne

Alicia Humbard

Jen Giffen

Wave 4

Sharon Emmi-Iovinelli

Maria de los Angeles Suarez


Jamie Lessard

Robin Ramaekers


Alfonso Mendoza

Lydia Croupe

Mario Herraez

Alberto Herraez Velazquez

Robin Konegni

Kathrina Mendez

Michael Harvey

Brandi Miller

Joi Chimera

Àngels Soriano

Tonya Coffey Page 1

Tonya Coffey Page 2

Elisa Wern


Michelle Singh, NBCT

Erin Giblin (EBGTech)

Wave 5

Rayna Freedman

Rebecca Henig

Cathy Hink

Amanda Fogelman

Kristofer Orre


Robin Thompson

Janet Corder

Sat Arora

Alex Turk

Maria Josè Giavedoni

Sharon Hall

Adam Davis

David Dutrow

Elizabeth Merritt

Peter Thompson

Barbara Anna Zielonka

Alyssa Miller

Michael Drezek

Blake Pollack


Luis Oliveira

Kim Randall

T Todd Davis

Nunes, Scott

Ryan McGinnis


Yes, I am a Wakelet Wave 1 ambassador 😉


Here is the official Wakelet Wave1 Ambassador Collection and here is the collections for Wave 2, Wave 3, Wave 4, and Wave 5

If you are interested in being considered as a Wakelet Ambassador just follow the instructions above.

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New Wakelet Features

It has been a busy few months at Wakelet and we have seen a whole host of really cool new Wakelet features hit the platform.

Wakelet + Flipgrid

Wakelet has joined forces with Flipgrid.

You can now embed Flipgrid responses directly into a chosen Wakelet collection


In another collaboration, Wakelet and Screencastify have teamed up to allow you to upload your videos straight to your collections.

For more information on how this works check out – How to integrate Screencastify and Wakelet

Save Collections

We can now save whole collections to Wakelet, save them for later or add them straight into an existing collection.

Wakelet Collaborations

This is my favorite of the recent enhancements to hit Wakelet because now you can invite people to collaborate on your collections and they don’t even have to be a Wakelet member.


Export Your Profile To PDF

Wakelet has released a new feature that allows you to export your whole profile into a PDF. 


Google Drive Integration

You can now upload documents, sheets, slides and more straight from your Google Drive into your Wakelet collections.


Wakelet Ambassador Program

That’s all for now!

If you are interested in more information on Wakelet then send me a message on my Contact Form linked in the menu or hit me up on Twitter.

If your a Wakelet Ambassador in waiting make sure you go make an account and join the Wakelet community.



Are you a Wakelet member?

Have you joined the Wakelet Community yet?

What’s your favorite feature?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to comments so that you are notified when I reply!


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Wakelet Ambassador Program - The Superhumans Are Coming
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Wakelet Ambassador Program - The Superhumans Are Coming
In this new article, we introduce you to the Wakelet Ambassador Program and share with you a few of the cool new features that have been released over on Wakelet.
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  1. Bluetechno
    | Reply

    I should make an account on Wakelet. I find this really interesting and can be very impactful on my online business. Congrats for becoming an ambassador on Wakelet. You follow your passion and you get rewarded for your effort, infobunny is a place for lots of helpful information. I will write a post about my experience on Wakelet too, and thanks for the awesome opportunity to share with us all these information. Wakelet has many new features and collaborations and it has so much potential as a social network, so why not becoming an early adopter? I really like their new collaboration with Flipgrid.
    Bluetechno recently posted…Project Bluefire AndroidMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Let me know when you join I will happily show you round and get you up to speed. This would be an awesome tool for your programming course. You should introduce your tutor to the platform, Wakelet is big news in the education niche.

  2. deepika
    | Reply

    nice post thank you for your posting

  3. Lisa Sicard
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,
    I’m still learning more how to use this one. I do LIKE it! I’m learning more each time I spend a little time on it. I may become an ambassador as well. Love what they are doing over there with Wakelet. Thanks for explaining it more in this new post too 🙂 Have a great weekend Dexter.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…22 Places to Promote Your Blog In 2019 To Drive Traffic and EngagementMy Profile

  4. Enstine Muki
    | Reply

    Ok let’s give this a try. I never heard of it before so I’m going to hop in right this moment.

    Thanks, Dexter

  5. Nikola Roza
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter,
    you’ve convinced me:)

    I’m going to join and give it a try. I’m normally careful not to spread myself too thin, by Wakelet seem really interesting and innovative.

    Let’s give it a whirl!
    Nikola Roza recently posted…Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review and Analysis (2019)- Don’t Buy Before You Read!My Profile

  6. John Morris
    | Reply

    I have been looking for another social bookmarking site such as Wakelet. Much appreciation Dexter.

    What I have to get better at though is editing my wakes. However, the learning curve for Wakelet has not been too bad so far.

    – John
    John Morris recently posted…Ahrefs Vs SEMrushMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Have you joined their community yet?

  7. ahesanali emedstore
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    It was a very nicely written article. I like to read it. It was totally informative and topic you covered here, I am totally agreed with you. I must say that I have learnt so many things from it.
    Thank you for sharing this article. Keep writing. Thank you so much.

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