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What is Update SEO?

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In this new article, we share with you our InfoBunny Update SEO Technique and explain exactly how it can be used to improve your search results.

Let’s get started.

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What is Update SEO?

Update SEO is simply the process of keeping your content up to date.

Google loves fresh new content but it also loves old content that is kept up to date and relevant and evergreen.

On the other hand, Google hates orphaned content. The Update SEO Technique is your chance to not only keep content fresh but also fix any orphan content issues that may fall through the gaps

But using the Update SEO method doesn’t just apply to older existing content it can also apply to newly created content and content that hasn’t even been published yet if you apply our Infobunny Update SEO technique strategy.



What is the Update SEO Technique Strategy?

We know that Google loves longer content, between 1500 and 2000 seems to be the sweet spot.

Should you be posting content at this length for SEO?

Absolutely yes you should if it is required but not if you are intending to use the Infobunny Update SEO Technique?

As mentioned before Update SEO is when you simply update your content to keep it evergreen

The Update SEO Technique Strategy is when you write content that you intend to update every week.

But this can be tricky when you write long-form content because once you have written your post there is really nowhere to go because you have already gone big unless you strategically initially write shorter.


Let me explain with an example

We have an article here that is part of our Update SEO Technique Strategy called Best Value VPN.

Normally you would write your article, add your images, set up the on-page SEO, apply your schema mark-up, publish and promote.

But that is not what happens with the Infobunny Update SEO technique strategy.

With the Update SEO Technique, you purposely write short so that you can make those updates that Google wants to see.

The Best Value VPN article currently sits at around 1000 words so is way shorter than what we would normally publish on Infobunny but that is an advantage on articles that can be much bigger because you have somewhere to go.

You have room to make the updates that will help push your post forward.

You haven’t maxed out.

Not all content lends itself to this Update Strategy but when you writing about the Best Value VPN there are lots and lots of VPNs that you can write about and add to your post.


You don’t have to go big straight away

Our Best Value VPN article currently mentions just 3 VPN services out of let’s say 20 good services we can add.

Over the coming days, weeks, months we can simply keep adding VPN services to the article, keeping the content fresh and relevant.


Advantages of using Update SEO Technique Strategy


The Update SEO Technique is a huge time saver.

You only need to write 1000 words or so to get started. 

The time you spend writing the article is halved, there are fewer images to add, the process is just way quicker and any updates you do make need take no more than 20-30 mins.


SEO Benefits

You’re giving Google exactly what it wants, fresh relevant content.

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Social Media

Sharing your content to social media the right way can be time-consuming.

It can often look spammy when you do it the wrong way.

When you use the update method it is much easier to social share.

You suddenly have a genuine reason to be sharing, there is an update.

In the example of the VPN article, mentions about the new services as they are added can bring in good traffic and grab the attention of rival services that have not yet been added.


The Buzz

The Infobunny Update SEO Technique keeps the buzz humming around your content especially if you can automate social sharing.



When Googles notices your content and likes your content it gets pushed in front of people eyes.

This can lead to sales, sign-ups, advertising enquiries, sponsored posts. 

All of the above is already happening with the VPN article.


So does this really work? Let’s take a look at an Update SEO Technique case study

We have been talking about our VPN article so let’s use that in this case study.

This article was published on 24th of Feb and it was deliberately written with room to be significantly updated.

The reasoning behind this is that its a huge topic, so there is lots to write on this.

Also, there is huge competition for our keyword phrase which is “Best VALUE VPN” not just from some huge tech websites but from Google ads galore.

Wordcount so far is just 992 words and we currently have 4 images in the article.

There is a lot of room to manoeuvre when it comes to applying the Update SEO method.


Early results

Early search results after 3 days of publishing show the article on page 3 no 23.

There is clearly lots of room for improvement.

We used an incognito window on Google Chrome for these results.

Screen capture of our Google Search Results - Update SEO Method

On Bing, we fare slightly better at no17 but again there are a ton of ads and big tech sites showing before our article.

Screen capture of our Bing Search Results - Update SEO Technique

We will update this case study as and when we update the VPN article so keep checking back

UPDATE 3/3/2020

In the first week of publishing the VPN article, we saw a drop in ranking.

We slid down to around no 32 on page 3 which was expected.

Today we have added 2 new VPN services to the article and reindexed the post through Google search console.

The results we have move us back up to page 2 with a slight improvement to no 16.

24 hours later we moved back to 22.

Content length is 1200 words so it will be interesting to see if any jump in rankings on the next update sticks as we will be hitting 1500 words plus.

Stay tuned for our next update which will be made in a few days time.

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What is Update SEO – Takeaways

Long-form content is good in Google’s eyes but it can often be a good idea to leave some in the tank for updates especially when you have a topic where you can go big. 

If you want better search results you need to keep your content peoples eyes and the Update SEO technique is going to do that, so remember where you read about it first 😉

If you decide to try our method on one of your articles then let us know the results you get in our comments section below making sure to subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when we reply.

And please consider linking to us if you use our InfoBunny Update SEO Technique, we will happily share and promote your page if you do.

If you have any more thoughts on this article or if you would like to collaborate in any way please use our Contact Form linked in the menu above to get in touch.

Regards Dexter


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Update SEO Technique - What it is and how to boost your search results
Article Name
Update SEO Technique - What it is and how to boost your search results
In this new article, we share with you our Infobunny Update SEO Technique and explain exactly how it can be used to improve your search results.
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  1. Lisa Sicard
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter, I did this to many of my blog posts at the end of last year including cleaning up my orphaned content. It did drive traffic and help! I didn’t think about not having to use social media as much though.
    Interesting thoughts here Dexter, thank you for sharing. I can add this to my orphan content post 🙂
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…Brand24 – The Social Listening Tool You Need TodayMy Profile

  2. Moss Clement
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,
    I agree with your case study is without a doubt. That is because I have experimented with the same strategy and found that it helps a lot in improving traffic and engagement. For this, I began updating all the posts I wrote a year ago with more useful content and relevant keywords-semantic and long-tail. The results has been worthwhile.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Moss Clement recently posted…7 Benefits of Embedding Facebook Feed on Your Business WebsiteMy Profile

  3. Rakshith
    | Reply

    Hi thanks for sharing this wonderful information, it was very useful information shared by you, new seo techniques are coming and going, sharing the updates is very very important, thanks again.

    • Dexter Roona

      I am glad it was useful to you.

  4. Nikola Roza
    | Reply

    Wonderful strategy Dexter.

    Truly, updating content work wonders because you’re building on what you already have, and making it substantially better.

    It is easier to go from step 20 to 21, then to climb the first 20 all at once,
    Nikola Roza recently posted…Boost Your Affiliate Links CTR like a Boss! Make More Sales Today!My Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Yes, write enough to get noticed, knowing that you have lots of update content in the tank to keep pushing it forward.

  5. Umar Farooq
    | Reply

    As there are thousands of new blogs coming every day so along with new blogs old blogs also get life with little changes and submitting them again for indexing. Brilliant article!!
    Umar Farooq recently posted…International Cricket back in PakistanMy Profile

  6. Rakshit Joshi
    | Reply

    Such a great article. Thanks a lot for explaining about the Update SEO techniques strategies with us. This is really a very useful and knowledgeable information. Keep continuing to share. Eagerly waiting for your new article.

  7. Lesly Federici
    | Reply

    Smart article. Updating your content is a really smart thing to do and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can change the tile, add content to an article and it’s a good thing. Keeps your blog fresh and alive

  8. Donna Merrill
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter,

    Here after a long time and like always loved your post. I do missed reading your posts as I was busy with one of my new projects, but will be regular from now on.

    Keep up the good work.

    ~ Donna
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for 12u – Top 5 ReviewsMy Profile

  9. Mindmadetechnologies
    | Reply

    Wonderful article. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge about new SEO techniques.

    • Dexter Roona

      No problem, have you now adopted this technique?

  10. Alakh
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your blog This is really very useful and knowledgeable information.

  11. gaurav
    | Reply

    Great Insights. I must say you acquire amazing writing skills.

  12. Barb
    | Reply

    Thanks for an informative post. I must admit, I hadn’t thought of it this way, but I will be adding this info to my blogging activities, and I’ll be sharing it with other bloggers in my tribe.

  13. Christian Alcantara
    | Reply

    Thank you for this great idea, I am now incorporating this in some of my old posts which I think have a great deal of information and value for my audience.

  14. Nitin Sharma
    | Reply

    What a fantastic post! This is so chock full of useful information I can’t wait to dig deep and start utilizing the resources you have given me. Your exuberance is refreshing.

  15. Smita Jangid
    | Reply

    Really impressive writing. Thankful to you for sharing such an informative blog by providing these update SEO technique strategies with us. I am eagerly waiting for your upcoming effective articles. The above writings help me much to find my appropriate points. All the Best..!!

  16. cloudi5 technologies
    | Reply

    wow! excellent SEO updates. SEO is a part of digital marketing.

  17. Sathish E
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information
    in day to day life up gradation SEO Must and should
    i will note down each and every point that you mentioned

    Sathish E recently posted…3 Ways Blogging Can Help You Generate B2B Business Leads In AbundanceMy Profile

  18. Marlon Francis
    | Reply

    Hi Dester,

    Thanks for the valuable information, much appreciated for your valuable effort. I am starting to learn the SEO knowledge and the practical technique on relevant topics. Please keep up with the good work and effort!!!


    Marlon Francis recently posted…Top Mobile App DeveloperMy Profile

  19. Simon George
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter,

    Thank you, I have got lot of help by this updated SEO techniques, I hope everyone follow your guidelines and get traffic to their business, once again than you for sharing, keep sharing.

  20. Darren A. Smith
    | Reply

    A useful idea. I had heard about keeping content up to date. Not so simply has the idea hit me. Not sure why. I just seemed to have ‘gt it’ when I read your post above. Thank you. I’ll go do this on our blog.
    Darren A. Smith recently posted…The Journey: A Personal Reflection on the Road to Professional QualificationsMy Profile

  21. husnain
    | Reply

    Thank u, sir, for sharing kind of information for an e-commerce website that implements the ideas in this article would not only stand out from the competition but would also see a spike in the traffic to their product listing web pages.

  22. Kelly Wade
    | Reply

    What a great read for anyone who struggles with perfectionism — they now have a reason to not publish the perfect article first time 🙂
    Kelly Wade recently posted…Content strategy success guideMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Thank you, Kelly. Yes, we know that Google likes updated content so why not hold a little back and see how Google initially likes the content then update to push the content forward.

  23. Digital roy Academy
    | Reply

    I must admit for your valuable information, need to be thankful for ur time and efforts to share such an interesting content related to SEO knowledge and techniques. Keep up the good work Dexter :):)

  24. Lisa Sicard
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,
    Yes, here is the piece I did on orphan content https://inspiretothrive.com/fix-orphaned-content/ It does really help to keep your content fresh for SEO! It can make a huge difference. Great tips!

  25. Eriwaldo
    | Reply

    I have heard about this update SEO technique, but I never tried to use it, after reading this post I think I will implement it going forward. Thanks!

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