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12 Natural Ways To Reduce Migraine Symptoms

In this new article, we are talking about the different types of Migraine headaches and the ways to reduce migraine symptoms as a sufferer

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If you’ve come across this article, then the chances are that you’re suffering from migraine and want to look up natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms and pain rather than taking different prescriptive drugs.

The reason why migraine is such a common and widespread problem nowadays is mainly due to the high rate of stress in our environment.

Whether it’s the kids at school or people at their respective jobs, high levels of stress lead to migraine symptoms in most people.

However, what most people don’t know is that there are different types of migraines, and not everyone suffers from migraine due to stress.

Since there are various reasons why one has such severe headaches, there are different ways to prevent them.

Before learning about the ways you can cure your mind-numbing headache, you should know about the type of headaches.

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Types Of Migraines

We will be discussing the four types of migraines that are the most common.

Migraine with aura

This is a common type of migraine and is episodic.

What makes it different from other migraines is that you may experience different vision problems such as seeing patterns when you close your eyes, not being able to see properly and even have blind spots in your eyesight.

The side effects that this type may cause are numbness, weakness and feeling dizzy.


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Migraine without aura

This is one of the most common types of headache, its lasting period rangers from 7-72 hours.

This is the migraine that most people endure and suffer from.

It has side effects such as vomiting, indigestion and constant nausea.

Depending on the period that it lasts for, it can affect day to day productivity and make everyday tasks harder than usual.

It can also cause light and sound sensitivity and irritation.

However, the attacks come less often and can be reduced if appropriately treated.

Menstrual migraine

Menstrual migraine is a type that most women face.

It starts mainly 2-3 days before your cycle begins and then may continue throughout the first 48 hours of your menstrual cycle.

It occurs due to the estrogen deficiency that one may face during the respective days.

Menstrual migraine can also lead to a constant state of nausea, irritation and back pain.

Chronic migraine

A person can be said to suffer from chronic migraine if the pain exceeds 15 days.

It is rare, and 1% of those who suffer from migraine experience this type of headache.

There are still a significant number of people going through this pain all over the world.

It can disrupt day to day life and can make it very hard to carry out mundane tasks.

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Here are 12 natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms

Natural Ways To Reduce Migraine Symptoms – Treatments


It isn’t a way that is practised much, but it has shown amazing results in reducing nausea and pain symptoms.

While some may want to try to do it at home, it is better if you go to a professional.

There are certain points in the body that correspond with nerves in the brain, and a specific kind of movement can contribute to pain reduction.

While the Chinese believe that it is due to the transference of energy that one may experience a migraine, neurologist explains acupressure by stating that it targets points on the body where nerves are responsible for the pain and it can be reached with ease with acupressure.

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Avoid processed food and stay hydrated

I’m sure you’ve heard of karma, well much like it affects your actions in the world it also affects your body.

What you put inside your body will surely come out one way or another.

Processed food is also a trigger for migraine. If you think that it is a trigger to your headache, you should consider making some dietary changes.

Apart from the kind of food you take, the amount of water can also lead to the onset of a migraine.

One should have at least eight glasses of water a day, but if you have a migraine, you should be very careful.

Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Especially when you go outside, sudden onset of a migraine can lead to dizziness and result in you fainting. It also makes you more susceptible to heatstroke.

Reduce stress with your correct sleep patterns

There are many ways to reduce stress, find out a way that works for you and make it a part of your everyday life.

Most people suffer from stress due to workload so one should try to learn better work management techniques.

I often get a migraine when I can’t sleep and keep thinking about all the work that I have to do.

Since I have made my priorities straight, I suffer from much less stress and therefore, fewer migraines.

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Having a magnesium-rich diet

Magnesium is an essential component of human blood, which is responsible for significant chemical reactions taking place in the human body.

Its deficiency is a cause of many imbalances in the human body, which may then lead to a severe migraine attack.

If you are not a supplement fan, then you should incorporate nuts, eggs, oatmeal and other magnesium-rich food items in your diet.

Stretching exercises and massages

Stretching exercises and massages are a great way to cure migraine.

As mentioned above, stress is a major cause of migraines in a significant number of people, and massages tend to relieve stress and put your body to ease.

A relaxed body will lead to a relaxed mind, lowers migraine pain and prevents the next attack from coming soon.

Once you’re done stretching, you should move towards yoga and meditation as they can prove to be extremely beneficial.

You should follow a yoga instructor and make it a part of your life.

Yoga not only refreshes the mind and body, but it also makes you learn discipline and endurance. While this may take time, once it becomes a part of your daily life, it is sure to cure your migraines to a significant degree.

Remember that the best things in life take time and you have to put in the effort if you want the results.

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Start to use ginger

Ginger is a root that has been used in the East for centuries. It is used to reduce inflammation and pain.

If you want a hundred per cent natural solution to your problem, then this is the best option for you.

It has such wondrous effects that most people use it as a substitute for the drug Sumatriptan.

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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique for pain reduction.

The science behind this is that there are certain pathways in the body that regulate the transference of energy, and when the body tenses up, it blocks those pathways. In order to open them and restore balance in the body, acupuncture is used to access pressure points.

However, this isn’t you should try just because of anecdotal reference or because you saw it on YouTube.

Try to visit a professional so that nothing can go wrong.

B2 vitamin

Using a prescribed dose of Riboflavin (B2 vitamin) can help reduce the frequency of the attacks and if taken regularly, can lead to preventing them in future.

However, you should consult a specialist for your dose and how often you should take it.

Although if it is taken in access, it does pass through the urine, it can still cause an imbalance within the body if it isn’t taken with care.

It is responsible for releasing more oxygen within the body and therefore, leading to reduced pain and less frequent migraine attacks.

If you want to take the respective vitamin from its direct source, then eggs, dairy products and broccoli are rich sources.

In this new article, we are talking about the different types of Migraine headaches and the ways to reduce migraine symptoms as a sufferer Click To Tweet


Feverfew is a herb that is normally found in the West, specifically in the US and Europe.

It is a herb that is well-known for its therapeutic properties for migraine.

While it isn’t beneficial for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, it can provide relief to other patients.

However, you should make sure that you consult your doctor before opting for this option, especially if you’re on other medicines.

It does not provide immediate relief but contributes to a decreasing in the frequency of the pain and prevents later occurrences.


If the reason behind your migraine is disturbed sleep cycle, then this is the best option for you.

Melatonin can regulate your sleep cycle and lead to a good night’s rest.

This can lead to a significant decrease in migraines and even an altogether end.

It can also contribute to weight loss as a significant reason for weight gain is undue stress.

While stress may not be the only trigger tor your migraine, it is a significant factor.


Butterbur is a herb that has been used for pain reduction for many years.

However, you can’t use it in its original form.

If it is used without supervision and in its original form, it can lead to liver failure.

The option is using a certified product that has the pain-reducing qualities of the herb without any harmful properties.

Much like feverfew and b2 vitamins, it can also reduce the level of pain and how often it occurs.

Nonetheless, while trying anything new, one must consult a specialist for an expert opinion.

CBD oil and pain-relieving cannabis strands

CBD has been used as an effective pain reliever all over the world.

It was only when marijuana was made illegal that the practice died out.

Now various strands can be used to relieve pain without the marijuana high.

You can select the strand based on their THC content.

If it is high, it can have psychoactive properties, and if the concentration is low you don’t have to worry about it.

If you don’t want to feel high, you can take the strand that can raise your activity level and gives you the mental agility to pull through the day.


Here are 12 natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms – Takeaways

If you follow the above-mentioned remedies, you are sure to get some relief.

However, you should know that new things should be tested before they are used.

Due to the fact that many things aren’t a part of our daily diet, we might have hidden allergies that we are not aware of.

Make sure to consult your doctor before you start following any step.

While some may not believe that things that are so easily accessible can be solutions to such a severe problem.

There are various researches that prove that natural solutions are much more effective as compared to high-end medicine in term of side effects.

Try a few of these options out after consulting your doctor and find one that suits you best.

Let us know how it helped you out in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!


Do you suffer from migraine headaches?

How do you relieve your migraine symptoms?

Let us know in the comments below.


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12 natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms
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12 natural ways to reduce migraine symptoms
In this new article, we are talking about the different types of Migraine headaches and the ways to reduce migraine symptoms as a sufferer
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