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Exercises that boost your energy levels – Benefits of daily exercise

It kind of sounds crazy that exercising can boost your energy levels because after all exercising makes you tired, right? But in fact increased energy is one of the many benefits of daily exercise.

The level of fatigue after exercise really depends on the intensity of your workout. And post-fatigue does not last very long for an actively fit and healthy individual because of all the health benefits that exercise provides.

Post-recovery time, refueling with healthy food choices and good hydration and you bounce back, fitter, stronger and full of energy.

In this article, we will be discussing some healthy life choices and provide some low to medium impact exercises that boost your energy levels post workout and outline the benefits of daily exercise.


Exercises that boost your energy - How does exercise give you more energy?

How Does Exercise Give You More Energy?

If you wake up tired with no zest or vigor don’t reach for the coffee to start your day, instead, drink lots of water and head to the gym or just go through a home workout routine if you are low on time.
Another benefit of daily exercise is that exercise gets the blood flowing and gets you breathing and delivering oxygenated blood throughout the body.
Other benefits include, better heart health, Sharper focus is attained, improved sleep and increased production of Endorphins.
On days when you don’t feel up to exercising, try to get at least 10 minutes of physical activity into your day. 
Low-intensity exercise such as walking is great, weight or strength endurance training is better and cardio is also great to release endorphins.
Just 10 mins a day is all that is needed to kickstart your body when you are not up to a full workout and you will feel so much better.
Regular exercise conditions the body and depending on the intensity pushes the body past what it is used to normally doing.
When you are recovered your body is prepared to go that bit further the next time you engage in that same exercise.
Endurance is a benefit of daily exercise.

But should we head to the gym when we are already tired?

Well, don’t let tiredness be your excuse not to exercise is my answer?
If you are so physically tired that you can’t exercise then you are probably best to not exercise and rest to give yourself more incentive to exercise the next day, you are allowed your days off for recovery.

Simple Exercises That Boost Your Energy

Here are some simple exercises that will help you boost your energy.

Disclaimer – Before partaking in any vigorous exercise activity we strongly suggest that you seek medical advice.


Stretches are among the most basic exercises that boost your energy levels.


Equipment needed:

Good quality workout mat


1) Inchworm to Upwards Dog

2) Plank to Downwards Dog

3) Squat with Side Crunches

4) Groiners

5) Alternate Lunges Interval:



Equipment needed:

Sensible shoes

it really is no excuses time.

Walking is probably the lowest impact exercise that you can do yet at the same time is extremely beneficial.

Walking benefits include:

  • Helps you to maintain a healthy weight
  • Great for heart health, managing blood pressure type 2 diabetes
  • Using your legs strengthens your bones and muscles because walking is a weight-bearing exercise.
  • Improvement in your balance and coordination
  • Walking increases blood supply to the body distributing oxygen, increasing alertness and improving your mood.



Equipment needed:

Running kit including good running shoes

Jogging is an exercise that enjoyed by millions and millions of people and for good reason and is a great cardiovascular exercise and one of the best-known exercises that boost your energy levels.

Benefits of running include:

  • Running is a weight-bearing exercise so expect strong healthy bones.
  • Strong muscles.
  • Heart health, improved cardiovascular fitness.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Other great options for getting a good cardio workout include:

  • Rowing
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical Trainers 

Elliptical Trainers are great for those just starting to get fit.

The most unfit person can start off slow with these machines and work their way up to to a great fitness level.

Cardio-fitness machines work both your upper and lower body while providing a low-impact workout great for those with joint problems.

Elliptical trainers are widely available at all good gyms.

However, if you have space and money you can get some very good machines for the home environment.

Prices start from just $200 and run into the thousands.

You can find a great selection on Amazon.


Weight Training

Equipment needed:

Weights or Resistance Bands

This is my chosen method of exercise to boost energy and stay healthy.

Strength training is an extremely beneficial method of training.

Weight training is mainly associated with men and big muscles and it is a sad fact that too many women shy away from lifting weights for fear of bulking up.

But the fact is that it is not just lifting weights that build muscles it also takes eating the right foods in the right macro portions and being very, very consistent.

So if you are a woman and fear getting big muscles from lifting weights then fear not because it doesn’t just happen.

It takes putting your muscles under intense physical stress to gain physical muscular change.

Of course, that is possible if that is what you are looking for but it doesn’t happen unless that is what you are working for.

So with that said:

6 Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

Exercises that boost your energy

1/ Lose Body Fat

Lifting weights and strength training increases your metabolism and this, in turn, burns more calories.

Replacing fat with lean muscle makes the body burn between 30 and 50 more calories per day.

Don’t expect a big drop in weight though as lean muscle weighs more than fat. But do expect to look leaner and stronger.

2/ Decreased Risk Of Osteoporosis

Weight training is not just about building lean muscle it is also about strengthening your bones.

Strength training increases bone density and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break.

3/ Increased Strength

An increase in strength doesn’t equate to a big increase in muscle.

When women weight train they gain strength and definition and not bulk and this is because women have 10-30 x less testosterone than men and so have a much harder time gaining muscle.

This is why men lose muscle mass because as they move on in years testosterone production decreases.

4/ Raised Metabolism

Weight training as mentioned boosts your metabolism. But did you know that your metabolism is boosted for up to 24 hours after an intense strength workout?

5/ Enhanced Mood And Reduced Stress.

We know from earlier in this article that daily exercise releases endorphins.

An increased in endorphins naturally reduces stress and anxiety.

6/ Better Posture

Weight-training will strengthen your back, shoulders, and core,

Strengthening weak muscles corrects bad posture and helps to prevent back pain

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Lets you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next.

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6 Benefits Of Weight Training For Men

1/ Improved Muscle Mass

Weight training builds muscle, particularly in men. Lifting heavy weight in low reps is the most effective method to build muscle.

2/ Increased Production of Testosterone

As men age testosterone decreases and with a decrease in testosterone muscle mass declines over the years. 

Weight training and strength training help boost the production of testosterone

Low testosterone plays a key role in your sex drive, increased belly fat, decreased bone density, decreased muscle mass and more

3/ Effective Fat Burning

The more muscle that you have the more fat that you burn when resting.

So you not only burn fat during weight training you also burn fat while in rest and recovery from a hard training session.

4/ Confidence

If you look good, you feel good.

5/ An Increase In Energy

All exercise will boost energy

6/ Improved Posture

Weight training improves your posture and lessens the possibility of back pain.

A good strength training program that works all the muscle groups will strengthen the neglected muscles that are causing your bad posture.

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Going to the gym can be daunting

Yes, it can be particularly daunting if you are looking to lift weights. And is it practical to have a full set of weights at home

Well maybe you have space for a few pairs of dumbbells but a better solution may be to look into getting yourself an inexpensive set of resistance bands

Resistance bands are a very cost-effexctive alternative to convention weights/dumbbells and can be purchased for as little as $20 for a full set.

They come in a variety of resistances, including light, medium and heavy for those needing a stronger challenge, and you can further adjust the intensity of your resistance-band workouts by giving the band more or less slack.

And if you need even more resistance you can use multiple bands at the same time.

You can hit every muscle group with bands. They are space saving and great for those who travel a lot,

They are easily stored in your suitcase so you need never miss a workout.

You can get a good set via Amazon

There are no excuses if you have a good set of resistance bands.

Benefits of daily exercise

Sharoer Focus - Exercises that boost your energy

Improved sleep - Exercises that boost your energy

Improved Sleep

The premise with exercise is that when you do go to bed you are tired and so sleep better.

Your body needs healthy sleep to recover.

The fact is though that the fitter you get the less sleep you actually need.

The time of day that you exercise can play a role in your sleep patterns.

You may find that exercising later at night may boost your energy levels where you sleepless in which case I would suggest that you should go for a high-intensity method of training to really burn energy leading to a longer recovery time.

The question is who wants to sleep their life away anyway?


Exercises that boost your energy - Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss

Exercise along with a healthy diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein is a much more effective for healthy weight loss than any diet.

Daily physical activity is known to prevent or in some cases reverse the effects of certain diseases.

A good healthy diet and daily exercise are essential to managing type 2 diabetes for example.

Experts now say that healthy life choices can even reverse the diabetes

Exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which may prevent a heart attack (better heart health)

If you want to lose weight and want to keep that weight off then diets are not for you. It is healthy life choices that make the difference.

Eat a healthy diet not because you are on a “diet” but because you actually choose to eat this way.


Exercises that boost your energy Increased Muscle Mass
Exercises that boost your energy – Weight and strength training are my favorites.

Increased muscle mass

After an intense workout your body repairs or replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands or myofibrils.

These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle hypertrophy. Or in other words, your muscles grow and get bigger ready for next time.

If you want to increase muscle mass then use weights when exercising.


Some questions to answer

How does exercise affect energy?

I am sure that you already know the answer to this but just to recap.

Exercise affects energy in many ways.

Even on days of rest or when you just don’t feel up to training, if you have been working out regularly, you have some money in the bank because you are physically fitter. This in its own right gives you more energy because you are generally more active as a result and because you are moving more and the heart is healthier more oxygenated blood is pumped around the body. and so on and so on 😉


Can exercise help with fatigue?

Yes as you get fitter all of the above that we have mentioned starts to kicks in.

The cure for exhaustion is more exercise.

Fatigue can be a sign of a variety of medical problems but only one in four people who suffer from general fatigue have an underlying health condition leading to their fatigue.

So the easy fix for the majority is just to move more.


Why do I feel so energized after working out?

Exercising makes us happy. The brain recognizes exercise as stress and releases a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor)

This protein acts as a reset switch after exercise which is why we are suddenly more relaxed and at ease. And as we no endorphins are also released.

Endorphins tend to minimize the discomfort of exercise, They block feelings of pain and discomfort and are even associated with a feeling of euphoria.

There is an increase in oxygen uptake resulting in alertness and glucose breakdown which can increase blood flow to the brain for more than an hour post workout.


Benefits Of Daily Exercise – Exercises that boost your energy – Takeaways 

If you want more energy, if you want to look better and feel fitter.

If you want to lose weight and lean up If you want to build muscle mass.

Then the answer revolves around eating healthier and moving more.

Daily exercise is proven to boost your energy and if you also feed your body with a healthy diet your body has the fuel to perform.

But eating better and exercising is not something that just works, you can’t do it for a week and expect long lasting results.

It is about lifestyle choices, the good news is the more you make the right choices the easier it is to make the right choices.


That’s all for now

So, do you workout on a daily basis?

Do you run or lift weights?

Do you find that daily exercise boosts your energy levels?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when I reply.

Regards Dexter


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