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Creative ways to promote a product with blogging!

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In the new article, we are talking product marketing and offering you 4 creative ways to promote a product with blogging.

Let’s get started.

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Everyone can own a product these days but how many people know about creative ways to promote a product?

The Internet has come and opened many doors.

Businesses can now expand their marketplaces beyond the borders thanks to the net.

But using technology is still a challenge.

It’s not uncommon to find product owners struggling with outdated promotion strategies.

While some dread the Internet, others are simply throwing their feed in the dark.

But there are simple things to do and promote your product without breaking the bank.

Blogging is a huge content marketing exercise and we want to discuss how it can help promote your product or services.

According to research by Neil Patel, 56% of website organic traffic is driven by blogs.

Logically putting it, by blogging to promote your product, your search engine traffic will grow by 56%.

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These are powerful stats that should drive you into a quick move to start blogging to promote your product.

But before you jump into that, let’s look at some useful tips.


Creative ways to promote a product with blogging

A blog is simply a website that allows you to post content and engage with your readers.

Blogging is creating and publishing content on your blog and blogs owned by others.

Of course, this cannot go without promotion.

Here are some ways to use this activity to promote your product.


1 – Create a blog for your product

This is definitely the first thing to do if you want to promote your product with blogging.

It’s different from the product’s presentation, information, and sales website.

If you’ve got a website carrying information about your product, add a blog to it.

Generally, this may look something like this: https://productwebsite.com/blog or https:/blog.productwebsite.com/ with this second option meaning you are creating a subdomain on your main domain.

Personally, I would recommend using the first option.


Here are a couple of things to consider when creating a blog for your product:

  • Blogging platforms: There are many different blogging platforms out there including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. I personally advise WordPress for its simplicity, large community, and availability of resources.
  • Design: The design or template of your product blog is very important. You must go in for a design that’s unique and professional, representing the value of your product. If you choose to blog on WordPress blogging tool, you are going to be faced with tons of free themes but keep away from those. Get a professional theme and have it customized to reflect the character of your product.
  • Plugins: Plugins are scripts that extend the functionalities of your website. Some of these scripts are free while others are paid. Which you choose to use will highly depend on what you want. Most definitely, you are going to go in for something that will help achieve your promotion goals
  • Web hosting: Web hosting is a very crucial point when it comes to blogging and promoting your product online. A wrong choice of web hosting service can either slow down or completely halt your progress. 
Why is Web Hosting so important in promoting your product?

Everything that has to do with your online presence depends on it.

This is from your product website, blog, and professional emails.

If your website and blog are constantly unavailable because of a broken host, your business failure is imminent.

That’s while I lay emphasis on this point.


2- Create content for your blog

This is always where the main problem is when it comes to creating and maintaining an active blog.

People often ask to know what to blog about.

The content scope may appear so limited depending on your product.

But trust me, there is always something relevant to write about, giving useful information to your customers and acquiring new buyers.

I created an article on content ideas for your business blog so I recommend you check that one out.

Posting frequently and consistently will position your blog on higher frames and increase your chances of getting more leads.

When readers discover your blog and find out the content is fresh and consistent, the urge to signup and stick around is stronger.

There are three main ways you can get engaging content for your product’s blog:

  1. Create and submit the content yourself
  2. Employ staff to handle it internally
  3. Outsource to content creators.


Outsourcing content creation has always been adopted by many businesses.

The main advantage is with the cost, which is often seen as cheaper.

For the most part, you’ll be paying per content submitted.

How much you per depends on a number of factors:

  • The content writer
  • The complexity of your industry
  • Length of article
  • Frequency of submission
  • Etc

3- Promote your product’s blog

I think this is the most important step when it comes to promoting your product.

Having the blog up and running on the best server, and buying the best themes don’t directly bring in customers.

Creating content that attracts readers is the beginning of promotions.

But there are many more activities you need to carry out to promote your blog and sell your products.

Let’s quickly look at some of these promotion strategies:


4- Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

SEO (Any activity on or off your blog to rank on SERP) begins with creating articles that rank on and drive traffic from Google and other search engines.

It’s a huge marketing phase that involves a lot of work.

Generally, you are going to hear of Technical and Content SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Technical SEO is everything that has to do with the technical aspects of your blog that affect its load speed and mobile friendliness.

Content SEO is further broken into On-Page and Off-Page.

On-Page SEO is about the content you publish on your blog:

  • Content length
  • Images
  • Semantic Optimization
  • Formatting
  • etc


On the other side, Off-page SEO has to do mainly with backlinks and mentions.

How many websites link back to your blog gives you search engine value.

It’s a whole lot of work having to get sites to link back to you.

One of the things to do is to guest blog.


Do guest blogging yourself

Guest blogging is an activity whereby you create content and submit to other blogs in your industry.

While this is a challenging decision, having to submit your best content to other sites, it has a long list of advantages.

It’s both a search engine and brand promotion exercise.

By submitting to other blogs, you get backlinks (dofollow and nofollow) and citations to your product website.

These all will affect your ranking on SERPs, giving you more natural exposure and traffic.

You also carry your skills and product to an audience created and maintained by someone else, on whose blog you guest post.

If your articles bring a lot of value and help readers, they will always end up checking on you and possibly buying your products.

Constantly submitting well-researched articles on other websites builds strong relationships and opens up new collaboration channels.

My business has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times due to my guest posting activities.

I don’t just guest post to fill the blank spaces. I do get links from my guest articles but they are not the main driving force behind the exercise.

Every blog I submit an article to, I have a one-to-one strong relationship with the owner.

Aside from guest article collaboration, for the most part, we share a lot to help each other grow.


Hire bloggers to guest post

Earlier above, I mentioned one of the ways to get content for your site is outsourcing.

That goes also for getting content to submit on guest blogs.

There are two reasons you may consider hiring a blogger or a reputable guest posting service:

  • They can easily come up with a list of relevant blogs to submit your articles to
  • Bloggers can easily be accepted to publish on sites based on their reputation in inbound marketing

Hiring a guest posting service generally isn’t the smoothest way forward. Many of these services are crap.

My friend Andrew Dominik created Quality Guest Post to offer these services insincerity. 

Dexter, owner of this blog has created wonderful guest articles.

I have published some of his posts and the experience and SEO ranking of his articles prove he can be a wonderful service provider.

Check out his article on Yoast SEO premium here 


Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has been seriously abused. But it still remains one of the creative ways to promote a product.

You don’t comment by talking about your product though.

You use it to pull attention to your product’s blog.

Here are a few tips to help you out on this:

  1. Drop comments on relevant blogs with the mindset to add value to the post
  2. Make your comments stand out in terms of what you say
  3. Be personal and conversational
  4. Reply to replies to your comments on other blogs. This will spark a discussion that may lead to talking more about your product
  5. Avoid dropping links in your comments. This, for the most part, will earn your comments a quick delete click
  6. Use your personal picture as a gravatar. I know a lot of people use product images or logos. But if you want to be connected within blogging, avoid those. Bloggers and influencers connect with people, not products.


Offline Events

I don’t know how much of this you know but the truth is (based on my experiences), offline events provide a huge avenue to create solid and long-lasting connections.

The people you meet and share a drink with and exchange business cards end up taking you more seriously than those on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The good news is there are always relevant offline events in cities of the world.

You just have to signup for these events and attend and listen or attend as a speaker.

Take advantage and talk to folks around.

Go a step forward and organize some events.

Event organizers often get a lot of attention before, during, and even after the events.

Step out of your comfort zone and make offline events business promotion grounds, creating relevant connections and talking to potential customers about your product and blog


List building

This is simply gathering your readers’ email addresses into a list for further use. It’s part of what’s called Email Marketing.

Once readers start visiting your business blog, direct them to a signup form where they submit their addresses to you.

That way, you are sure to send them updates on your blog,  product updates and special promotions, etc.

The larger your list, the more readers you can reach at any given time.

You’ll have to focus on this activity because it’s completely your marketplace.

No one decides how and what you promote to it. You can drive traffic to your blog or sell to it directly. 

Having a  large list of targeted subscribers is by far better than a large list of social media followers.

Twitter, for instance, cuts the shot.

They may decide one day and bring changes that will completely destroy your business.

This has happened several times.

Facebook on several occasions has deleted or disabled Fanpages of some users.

They are only left with their eyes to cry and their feet to walk home. 

To start list building for your blog, you will need a couple of things:


  • An email marketing software. There are tons of them online. You may want to check out this email marketing software I personally use.
  • You will need a signup bait. This is some attractive product or service hidden behind the signup form. Your readers will be required to submit their contacts (sign up to your list) before they are given access to the product.
  • What to send to your readers once they sign up. This is a crucial point that plays in how healthy you treat your list. If you send unrelated, over-promotional contents, you stand the risk of losing your subscribers


Submit to content sharing sites

This is another way to increase the chances of reaching your audience.

There are lots of content distribution platforms out on the Internet just waiting for you to post your published content.

You don’t have to create fresh content for these sharing platforms.

What you do is simply grab the URL of your published article and submit to them.

Some good examples include Medium, managewp, blogengage, etc.

Note that many social media platforms are considered content-sharing platforms because of their content character.

I don’t want us to argue on that. In any case, they allow users to syndicate content from their websites.


Creative ways to promote a product with blogging – Social media

Social media is a massive source of free traffic for bloggers in our days.

But many think you have to be everywhere to make an impact.

I personally recommend you focus on two or three of these platforms for maximum use.

They may not all work for you.

Try them out and embrace the platform that generates your best results.


Create and drive traffic to a landing page

One of the creative ways to promote a product is to build a landing page and drive traffic to it.

According to Moosend in this article, there are two types of landing pages:

  1. Lead Generation Landing Page
  2. Click-through Landing Page

They all have different functions and can help you promote your product with results.

For the most part, your blog will have the facilities to easily create landing pages on it.

So it’s not going to be about creating another website completely different.


Drive traffic to the product sales page

A sales page is a single, standalone and distraction-free page created with a specific purpose which is to secure sales for your product.

It should be free of anything that will take your visitor’s attention away: No adverts, no external links, etc.

Every element on the page is purposed to direct the reader to the buy button.

Sales pages can easily be created on blogs with no additional stress of creating a new website.

Directing traffic from your blog to sales pages should convert best.

The reason is that your blog allows you to pre-sell the product.

So before your readers click through to the sales page, they already are well-positioned to take a buy action.

Sharon Hurley Hall has an excellent article on how to write a sales page that converts.

You may want to check that out for more useful information to allow you to come up with sales pages that will boost your conversion.


Creative ways to promote a product with blogging

I hope this article has helped you with some creative ways to promote a product with blogging.

I want to thank Dexter for allowing me to share this with you.

Kindly go-ahead to share the article on social media and drop a comment and let us talk.




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