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Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Child’s Brain

In this new article, we give you 12 ways that you can boost and enhance the productivity of your child’s brain.

Let’s get started.

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Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Child’s Brain

If somewhere down the process of answering these questions, you could relate, then look no further as you have reached the right place.

Being a parent is difficult in itself as you are practically taking the responsibility of a tiny human being to grow and become a healthy, thriving, happy adult.

Having our own existential crises might have kept us away from having the life we desired, but don’t we all want the best for our kids.

According to data collected by Google, 74% of millennial parents say that they involve their children in household decisions.

Now this estimated figure is significantly higher compared to parents from the last generation that did not firmly believe in the early involvement of children in a household matter or allowing their kids to have a say in family matters until the kid took charge itself.

So the focal point here is that what are the ways that a parent can adopt for a successful early start to increase brain productivity in their kid.


Proven Ways to Foster Productivity in Child

Hence, here are the top twelve proven ways you can foster productivity in your child early on in their lives and integrate healthy activities for brighter, smarter progress ahead.


1. Give Your Child an Early Start

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of giving your child a primary head start at home.

Do not wait for them to start school, and then only would they be able to start the fundamental developmental progress.

Instead, give them an educated environment at home to prosper and progress.

It can range from just the basic poems, alphabets, number arrangement, or shapes.

Start gradually one by one introducing them to newer ideas that are also beneficial once they start their school.

Many parents end up entirely relying on school systems to take over their children and introduce them to these things.

However, we as parents should realize that school is an academic institution that polishes the skills of your child.

We cannot completely give in on the system itself to teach the basic ethics, morals, manners, and appropriate behaviour metrics to our children.

We should always remember that our children are our responsibility above everything.


2. Make Your Child a Reader

According to data analytics published on BookRiot.com, 46% of students who spend a daily 15-minute mark or more for reading show better reading gains and academic benefits as compared to students who don’t indulge in reading activities.

Such numbers prove our point that making your child a reader is extremely important.

Not just for school and academics but for general education in life and as a basic skill to have as a knowledgeable human being, reading can suffice.

Among the many benefits that reading has, one of the best is that you introduce them to many great stories, ideas, and creativity to your children.

As a parent, you should indulge in activities like:

  • Reading your children bedtime stories
  • Asking them questions as to what moral did they learn
  • What is their perspective of the characters of it, etc.

Not only will it sharpen their thinking skills but have a significant effect on their cognitive and subconscious abilities.


3. Foster Powerful Communication

Parents that have strict rules in the house for disciplinary purposes may not realize that they are missing out on one of the more crucial aspects with their children.

And that is communication.

Fostering strict rules might be an excellent way to teach your children the house rules, discipline, and keeping them in check, but having an open environment where they feel free to talk to their parents is even more important.

They should be able to tell you each and everything that is going on in their lives, at school, or anything that might be bothering them.

Children who keep away from their parents tend to grow to be more secretive in their lives and seek refuge in other people who may take advantage of their vulnerability.

It is why never rip your children off the opportunity to have a healthy communicative relationship with you.


4. Encourage Your Kid to Exercise

Exercise, sports, and physical activity are great not only for their physical fitness but for a healthy mind too.

Always remember that a healthy body gives way to a healthy mind.

Exercise not only opens up you for muscle growth and progression but is exceptionally great for opening up your mental state and wellbeing.

It is why many times children that spend time indoors are pushed to spend more time outdoors, playing, and having a healthy physical activity in their lifestyle like running, soccer, baseball, etc.

Children do best and take an interest in things that they see their parents doing.

It is why, as a parent, you can even take part with your children is finally starting an active lifestyle again.

If you had missed out on it all this time due to work and other responsibilities, getting in the groove back will not only help you, but it will help your children learn better as they would be seeing you do it with them.


5. Foster Your Child’s Creativity

Give your children the creative space and freedom to create.

Many people will think that maybe creativity is just about crafts, drawing, and painting, etc.

But what they don’t realize is creativity is not fixed just to one nature of art. Art pertains to anything and everything. It can be crafts, drawing, and painting, but it can be so much more.

It can be fine arts, it can be writing poems, stories, photography, videography, coloring, playing an instrument, and the list goes on.

Just because you dream of your child doing something doesn’t mean you should force it on them.

This is the one thing that negatively impacts their mental health, and many parents might not even realize it.

They would shun it by thinking that maybe the kid is just irresponsible.

However, when you do allow your child to do what they feel passionate about, they turn out to sometimes take it way ahead in their lives, even as careers.

6. Feed Your Kid Right

This goes without saying that you are what you eat.

People tend to brush it off and not really take charge that healthy eating and just food, in general, can be the number one contributing factor not only in the physical growth of their child but mental growth as equally.

There is a reason why to this day, pediatricians emphasize the importance of a mother’s feed for the newborn.

Because just as much it is necessary for the physical growth nutrition, it is vital for the mental wellbeing of your baby too.

You can find many articles on the Educator House in this regard.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for you as a parent to see what food intake your child has.

What meal routine they follow and to feed them according to their taste development.

Children who eat healthily stay healthy, fit, and smart in school.

Eating junk and greasy food may lead to obesity and other underlying diseases when they grow up.


7. Make Sure Your Child Gets Enough Sleep

Nobody wants a cranky kid at their disposal who hadn’t had enough sleep and is now crying to grab your attention for a midnight snack.

Not only is it unhealthy in so many ways for your kids to not have a general routine, but you rip your kid from the basic growth that happens when they sleep at night during the rightful hours.

It is absolutely necessary for your child to have a good night’s sleep so that they are satisfied, in a good mood, have a healthy refreshed mind to start their day.

Take guidelines from Accurate Cite, where they have many citations that can help you counter your child’s nuances and put them to bed at the right time.


8. Don’t Micromanage Your Child

Lastly, every parent wants to take charge of their kid’s life.

Rightfully so, it is fair enough given the fact that the youngling has no experience with so many things that you do as an adult, and you would like to keep your kid safe.

But regardless of the security threat, it may impose leaving your kids on their own is the biggest challenge for both the parent and the kid.

Exercising it gradually in small measures would make you and your kid, both used to dealing with things on their own and becoming more responsible.

Not only would your kid become more independent, but it will save him the stress of having to look up to you for every little thing.


9. Engage Your Kid in Smart Activities

There are infinite smart activities many that might already have been mentioned as they come under many mutual umbrellas.

For instance, if we talk about playing chess, then chess is not just a board game.

It requires high IQ levels and a skill-based knowledgeable brain to play it.

In addition to that, it even requires your child to practice patience as a virtue, which is a great aspect on its own.

Imagine having a child who is already so patient in life since the early days due to playing chess.

It may lead to being a great feather in his hat of success in life.

Parents mainly go wrong by undermining such smart activities to put forth academics and emphasis on studies that end up not so fruitful.

Children end up hating studies, dropping out of schools, take their skills away, and practice them in other things that might not be appropriate for them to begin with.


10. Unplug From the Electronic World

We are living in the digital era.

With such rapid advancements happening in the world around us, it is hard to cut away from technology.

It has integrated into almost every part of our lives thanks to smartphones, tablets, and home assistance devices.

But every once in a while, it is great just to unplug and enjoy time away from technology.

Practice this as a house rule to unplug and meditate with your children once every week. It will enable a sense of physical connection in your children.

They will understand better that, if technology can create, it can easily take away too.

They should be able to process being away from their gaming consoles and mobile devices to have a better sense of their surroundings.

Soon you will see that they won’t be addicted to technology, having practiced staying away from it from an early age.

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11. Allow Your Child to Take Risks and Fail

Many parents are just generally afraid of failure as their own fears take over.

What they don’t realize is that harboring those fears and projecting them on their children takes away vital life resources from them.

And then they grow up to be a fearful adult that takes the cycle to continue. So to break this stereotypical cycle, let your child run free.

Take them outside and challenge them to gameplays, and situations where you know failure will become a part of the current circumstances so that you introduce them to this virtue in a positive light.

Children today need to understand that no pain, no gain. Taking risks, head-on challenges, and accepting failure has no negativity about it.

Instead, just like other things, it is very much a part of your life.

The earlier your child learns to embrace failure, the better it is for them later on in their lives.

They will grow up to be a smart adult who understands that challenges are not a setback but a second chance to do better.


12. Make music a part of your child’s life

Music feeds on your mind and soul. Listening to classical music like Mozart and Beethoven will not only open your kids’ minds to a new genre of music but unlike contemporary music, classical music is the true form of the sound craft.

It requires knowledge, patience, and understanding, for the most part, to be enjoyed.

It is why introducing your kids to classical music early on when they are young may even spark a passion for music in them in addition to calming them down.

Music can easily manipulate your mood, depending on what you listen to.

Therefore, make sure that the music your children get accustomed to listening to calms them down and allows them peace instead of getting them more trivial than they already are.

The majority of the parents may find no harm in introducing music in their kid’s life.

However, the best ways to also make sure that your kids do not stray away on the internet, you can engage with them as well.

Building a connection over music can work significantly, just as communicating.

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Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Child’s Brain

Bottom Line

In conclusion, brain activity needs to be developed very early on to have a smart kid.

Many parents are even downright competitive about having kids that are better than others in particular regard because of having worked on their growth and how to have a general approach towards life.

Every parent has a dream of seeing their kid flourish into a successful, happy adult living a productive life.





Now it is over to you.

Are you a parent?

Do you struggle when you try to enhance the productivity of your child’s brain?

Let us know in the comments below.

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In this new article, we give you 12 ways that you can boost and enhance the productivity of your child's brain. Let's get started.
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