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Quora Question Stealing

In this new article, we are adding to our ever-growing Quora content cluster and talking about Quora question stealing.

  • We will be covering:
  • Why members steal questions
  • How members steal questions
  • How you can stop them
  • And how and you should consider hiding your questions

And a whole lot more so let’s get started.

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Quora Question Stealing – Are members stealing your questions?

Ask anyone on Quora who actively writes questions and they will tell you that it is hard to write questions, and it’s even harder than writing good questions that do well within the community and the wider Googleverse.

It is much easier to just write great Quora answers and to write about what you know.

So it is particularly annoying when your questions are stolen, and yes you read that correctly Quora questions do get stolen. 

Some Quoreans reading this will say “well they are not your questions they are Quora’s questions”, and this is true and backed up by the fact that any member can edit anyone’s questions.

But the fact remains that the questions you write are often stolen and you may not even be aware of it.


Why do members steal your questions?

It’s simple.

As we mentioned before it’s really hard to write good questions especially on English Quora where just about everything you can think of has already been asked. and It is also really time-consuming to come up with good ideas.

To write great Quora questions takes a lot of reading and researching and for you to generally have your finger on the pulse of what is popular and happening now.

For some, it’s just way easier just to copy your questions and post them as their own especially when they profit from the views they get.

But how is this done when you cannot have duplicate questions?

We know that the question merge bot is always on patrol.

And with very useful members also jumping in to merge questions, often with no reason or just badly (how do they find the time to do this?) you are never going to get away with posting duplicate or very closely related questions.

So how do they do it?

In this new article, we are adding to our ever-growing Quora content cluster and talking about Quora question stealing.Click To Tweet

How do you steal Quora questions?

Its easy, all you do is to copy the question and translate it to another language, let’s say Spanish and the just post it to the Spanish version of Quora.

So why is this a problem when Quora even encourages the translation of questions?

Well, it’s not a problem if you write a question and then take up Quora’s offer to translate the question yourself.

But it is a problem when you spent an age coming up with your questions and someone else then translates them to profit from your work.

Once questions are translated and added to another Quora language version you cannot then translate them to any language they have been translated into.

Lots of Partner Program members and question-askers are active on other Quora language sites and do like to translate the questions they write.

But they don’t tend to translate straight after they have written and shared a question and that gives other members a window of opportunity.


How do you stop members stealing your questions?

Well, there is no 100% full proof method to do this, unless you translate straight after sharing them with the community.

But here is what you can do to protect your questions:

1/ Translate your questions quickly.

They cannot then be translated again as they will appear as duplicates.

If they are translated slightly differently they will be merged into your questions and this is good for you

2/ Hide your questions

When you add a Quora question it by default appears on your homepage where it is easily found.

You also then send answer requests for views which then sends it out and can then lead to question stealing.

As your questions become popular they are shown to members.

Unfortunately, popular questions are even more of a target to be copied and stolen because they are proven to do well.

So hiding your questions gives you time to translate them yourself.

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How to hide your Quora questions 

This is really easy to do but can only be done as your composing your questions

When you add a question you have the option to make your question:


Public: Your questions appear on your profile and your followers feeds.

They are also shown when you request and to whoever Quora algorithm chooses to show them to.

Anonymous You have no named association to the questions.

Limited: Your username is attributed to your questions.

But they DO NOT show on your profile or appear in your followers feeds

This gives you a bigger window of opportunity to then translate them.

Quora screen capture showing question posting options


Quora does, however, show Limited questions to members.

Obviously this is fine because you do want your questions seen.

It is just about giving yourself more time to get around to making the translations.

So if you don’t want your Quora questions stolen you should consider posting your questions as Limited.

However, there is on consideration to consider

if you have 1000s and 1000s of followers you may be limiting the number of views you get because your followers don’t see your questions on your profile.


Other reasons to post as Limited.

Limited questions don’t show on your question count.

Your question count is something that you want to a appear to be low.

Even if the reality is that it is not.

The reason for this is that there are members who will block and downvote you just because you ask a lot of questions.

They will often refer to you as a question spammer.

You may not have had any contact with them.

But they brand you just because you write questions. 

They pay no regard to whether your questions are good or not.

And this is a problem if you want your questions to be seen.

Quora Question Stealing  Pinterest graphic

Quora Question Stealing – Are members stealing your questions? – Takeaways

It’s true that your questions are not your questions.

They belong to the Quora community

But you should have the opportunity to be able to translate your own questions in your own time

You shouldn’t need to be concerned about them being poached.

Yes, you are given the option to translate after you publish.

But when you are in writing mode in a particular language it’s often not the time to then change languages and translate.

It is much easier to write a batch of questions in one language and to then translate them all in one go at your own pace.

But just do it as quickly as you can 😉


That’s all for now.

So do you write questions on Quora?

Have ever translated your question?

Have you ever been a victim of Quora Question Stealing?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments section so that you are notified when I reply.




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Quora Question Stealing - Are members stealing your questions?
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