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The Best Free Video Downloader

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In this new article, we will be talking about a great free tool resource site that we use on Infobunny and talking specifically about what we believe is the best free video downloader.

Let’s get started.

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The Best Free Video Downloader

Nowadays, people are more and more connected to the internet, exploring new things related to technology and gadgets.

This leads to them developing interests in them that keep them attached to the internet.

The desire to follow the trend is seen in the masses throughout the globe and this is why the craze for having popular and exciting apps is booming.

Apps that are particularly popular are picture editing apps, free video downloader apps, social apps and chat apps such as Whatsapp and Skype.

With growing technological advances, everyone is relying on digital means and assets to make their personal and professional work process smarter and quicker.

The key to success is smart working.

A person who has the talent and knows how to work smart rather than work hard can do a task two times better.


Uploading And Downloading Video

All age groups are now using social media and using different digital pages for multiple purposes.

Some are using social media for learning with sites such as Wakelet.

Others are looking for entertainment.

With each passing minute, thousands of videos are uploaded on the internet.

This growing video trend offers you to option to both upload video and to download videos.

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube do not allow the downloading of videos.

The viewer has to go to the platform every time to watch those videos.

But sometimes you want to watch videos offline, so how do you do this?

Well, the answer lies in using one of the free video downloaders that are available.


Online Video Downloader Apps

If you search for “free video downloader” on Google or Bing you will find many options.

Some video downloaders are general, which means these can be used for pretty much all platforms.

Some are more specific.

For example, a YouTube video downloader is specific for downloading YouTube videos so of no use for TikTok or Instagram.

Then there, of course, there are specific Instagram video downloaders, and options for TikTok

Some of the options you find will be free, some will charge money per video, some charge as a monthly package, and some will ask you to pay for the app or software.


Small SEO Tools

“Small SEO tools” is a website that we love at InfoBunny, we use them for their free plagiarism checker.

They also have great options that will help you check the grammar of written content and reverse image searching.

They also offer a very good online video downloader.

All of Small SEO’s Tools help in improving your content, enhancing its quality and helping to grab the audience’s views and clicks.

The video downloader provides high-quality videos at a good speed.

You can do multi-stream video downloading, so you can download more than one video at one time.

You can save bandwidth while video saving from this tool.

During video downloading, quality remains the same as that of the original. 


Ultimate Benefits Of The Small SEO Video Downloader

The video downloader is an app or tool that facilitates video downloading.

This is the main task that it will do. 

Other benefits include:

  • SuperSpeed – the video downloader downloads the video in just a few moments, even if the videos are longer than an hour. This free video downloader provides video download at the best speed. The speed of this video downloader is so high that you can even download the video from your mobile data.
  • No Ads – when you watch any video, there are ads incorporated, which causes hindrance in watching the video and also irritates the audience. The ads in the videos break the flow. When you download the video from a video downloader, then you do not have to face this ad problem as the downloaded video is free of any ads.
  • Offline Availability – if you have an internet connection, then you have access to any video on any social media platform. But if you do not have the internet, then how can you get access to those videos. The solution is quite simple when you download the videos from this free video downloader, and then these videos will be available to you in the offline situation as well. You do not have to wait for the internet connection.
  • Maintains Quality – there are few video downloaders that are helpful in video downloading but lack in quality management. While downloading video, the quality drops. But in this video downloader, you will not have to face this problem. It maintains the video quality and provides you with HD quality videos.
  • User-Friendly Approach – this video downloader tool offers everything that is user-friendly and good for its users. Customer satisfaction and trust are things that enhance client traffic and profit. 
  • Multiple Language Support – video downloader is used worldwide due to its multiple language support. 
  • Specific Video Downloaders – it also offers video download options that cover specific social media platforms like the SoundCloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Using The Small SEO Video Downloader

The interface of this tool is made simple for the users.

When you open the website, you will find no complexity on the web page as it is made for the ease of users.

Even with little knowledge of technology, you can operate this tool and download videos.

Simply open on the Small SEO Video Downloader.

Copy the URL or link of the video that you want to download and paste in the input section.

Click the “download video” button.

Set the location of where you want to store the video and start the download.

The process then provides you with the video saved to your device for free that can be watched at any time anywhere and even shared with others.

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Get Instant Downloads

Most video downloaders which take a great deal of time to download videos are nothing but a constant source of headache.

In this busy era, no one has the time to wait.

The Small SEO video downloader should be quick enough to satisfy all users.

Being fast doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the video.

The videos you download are the quality as the original. 


The Intentions Of Downloading Video

Some people ask about the video downloading whether it is legal or not.

It entirely depends on your intentions.

Nothing is 100 % wrong or 100 % right.

If you use the free video downloader to download the copyright videos and upload them with your name, then it is ethically as well as legally a wrong act for which you may have to pay a fine or penalty.

Any task with bad intentions is wrong and unacceptable.

If you want to use it on free entertainment, learning, or earning, then it is not wrong. (Subject of course to copyright laws).

Our friends over at MakeUseOf have a great guide on the copyright laws for downloading videos.


Other Video Downloaders

There are many other video downloaders that you can get from the internet.

Below are mentioned few video downloaders that will also get the job done. 


This video downloader is basically made for android gadget users and is very popular among smartphone users.

You can download any sort of video from this video downloader.

When you install Vidmate, you will find a search bar where you type the name of any video that you want to download.

You will then be asked to select the video quality for the video with the options being low, medium, or high quality.

Once the video has downloaded you can watch that video anytime with or without an internet connection.

Free Video Downloader

Video Downloader by Dupli Checker

Dupli checker is another good option.

It offers free video downloaders that you can use to download videos on any digital platform.

It provides the results in good quality and at a good speed.

You do not have to wait for hours for video downloading.

The downloaded video will be saved in your device, which can be a laptop or smartphone.

In this new article, we will be talking about a great free tool resource site that we use on Infobunny and talking specifically about what we believe is the best free video downloader.Click To Tweet



We love the range of tools that Small SEO Tools offers and the great thing is they are all free.

If you are looking to download a video for whatever reason then the SEO Tools video downloader is a great option.


That’s all for now.

So do you have experience of using any of the Small SEO Tools?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when we reply.



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The Best Free Video Downloader
Article Name
The Best Free Video Downloader
In this new article, we will be talking about a great free tool resource site that we use on Infobunny and talking specifically about what we believe is the best free video downloader.
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    VERY interesting, I was looking for a list of programs .. yet very helpful. Always looking for a freebie to download YouTube vids…. excellent post as usual!

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    There are many video downloading app available on the app store but some of them are rubbish, they just want to show ads on the home page of app, pop-up windows of ads when opening all the time. As you said Small SEO Tools for video downloading looks a good option I’ll definitely try it.
    thanks Dexter

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    Nice blog post about using small SEO tool software for any SEO related query. Nice blog post keep the good work going.

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