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How To Promote Your Content On Social Media

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In this new article, we cover how to Promote Your Content on Social Media

Let’s get started!


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How To Promote Your Content On Social Media – Proven Strategies 2021/22

Content is king online, but if that content isn’t seen or enjoyed, it isn’t going to help you.

You need people to see it, enjoy it, and engage with it.

Considering the internet’s sheer size and scope, you cannot expect people to just find this information on their own.

You need to do all you can to build up a community that loves you, but also one that wants to engage with you.

When you have that, you can sell more products, build up relationships, and become a true household name that everyone can enjoy.

A good way to do all of this is to use social media both organically and with paid social.


Benefits Of Promoting Your Content On Social Media

Promoting content on social media has infinite possibilities:

  1. Engagement
  2. Brand Building
  3. Sales
  4. SEO

Done right people can buy from you through social media, will follow your business announcements and new campaigns without an extra dollar being spent by you, and you can even enhance your SEO efforts.


How To Promote Your Content On Social Media

The reason why so many brands falter and fail when using social media to promote their business is that they don’t have a content strategy that provides their followers with something of value – a reason to follow you or to visit your site.

You need to develop a strategy both for your content and for the platforms that you will be using.

Content is king online, but if that content isn’t seen or enjoyed, it isn’t going to help you. You need people to see it, enjoy it, and engage with it.Click To Tweet

Develop A Strategy

Content can mean two things.

First, the content you create and publish on your website to help attract people to your main online location.

The second type of content refers to the content you publish on your social media, which is just as important for your brand as the long-form content you post on your website.

What this content is made up of, in very simplistic terms, is a mixture of these options:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Product

Using these options, you need to develop a content strategy that achieves your goals.

When looking to achieve your goals, you must always consider the buyer’s cycle and human psychology.

Most people don’t trust new brands online because they cannot see or feel the product in their hands.

By providing soft sale opportunities – sign up to the newsletter, follow our account, etc. – you give them the space to get to know your brand.

Provide great information that they would love to follow.

A boutique can curate style trend reports.

A hardware store can put together DIY tutorials.

This is the sort of content that attracts people to you so that you can then build your relationship organically and sell more regularly to a happy, repeat customer.


Create A Profile On Each Of The Relevant Social Platform

Now that you have a great content strategy, it’s time to get started with your social media presence.

You don’t need to create a profile on every single account available. Instead, go by demographic.

Who is your demographic, and where are they most prominent online?

Once you can answer these questions, you are well on your way towards successfully marketing online.


Create Unique Goals For Each Platform

For each of the platforms you decide to focus on, you need to create specific goals and even online personas:

  • Twitter

This can be where you provide up-to-date news platforms, one-liners, and engage with fans.

  • Facebook

 This can be where you curate long-tail posts to build up your reputation.

  • Instagram

This can be where you focus your visual-focussed content.


Understand How To Market On Each Platform

Don’t ever just cross-post content from one platform to another.

Not only will this not look right, but it will also appear lazy and not inspire followers to stay and engage with your content.

This is because each platform can be used powerfully, but only when you custom create every post.

Twitter is not a great place to share images, for example, because it crops them poorly in the feeds, while Instagram isn’t ideal for text content, as you only have captions to utilize.

By optimizing each platform’s content strategy (both for the content you link to your platforms and the content you post on them), you can improve the likelihood of new followers and high engagement rates.

On every platform, however, what will make you stand out the most is engagement.

Answer any and all comments to your platform, and don’t be afraid to venture outwards to connect with your demographic on their own accounts.

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Promote Your Content On Social Media

As stated, to properly promote your content on each platform, you need to know how to optimize your efforts.

To do this, you will need to focus on a two-pronged approach: organic and paid.


How To Promote Content Organically On Each Platform

Promoting your content organically on each platform will require a unique approach, depending on what platforms you are investing in.

Remember, though these are the tech giants of today, you don’t need to have a digital presence on all of them.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the biggest, and having accounts on their channels is definitely recommended, but you don’t need to have an account on every option in this list.


How To Promote Your Content On Facebook

The Facebook scandal just a few years ago resulted in a drastic change in the newsfeed algorithm.

This change emphasized friend posts and shares over those of business pages.

This can make it much more difficult than it used to be to grow a thriving community online, but that isn’t the only reason to have your business on Facebook.

Think of your business page like the ultimate white pages listing.

You can have your business, what you are, when you are open, your products, location, and so much more all available to customers.

Optimizing this page is great for your SEO, and will also give you greater tools to work with over on Instagram.

To build up your own following on Facebook itself, however, then you will need to:

  • Focus on the Soft Sell (long-tail content over products or sales)
  • Post Regularly
  • Engage Quickly (to direct messages and comments)


How To Promote Your Content On Instagram

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, chances are you will find your demographic.

With some creativity, almost every business can benefit from using Instagram as a brand channel.

Even a tech company can gain traction by providing a beautiful feed of tech-related news.

Your posts do need to look good but don’t be afraid of posting text-focussed images that inform rather than just delight.

Video and IGTV are also incredibly popular, and allow businesses from all industries to provide great content to a hungry audience.

Try out the following tips to help you grow your Instagram account organically:

  • Curate beautiful images and videos
  • Create great captions
  • Use product tagging
  • Use stories and live video
  • Make use of in-story links

Some features, like the In-Story links, are only available after you reach 10,000 followers or more.

Until then, use the rest of the tools at your disposal.


How To Promote Your Content On Twitter

Twitter, even with its expanded character count, is not a typically great option when it comes to expanding on big ideas.

It is, however, excellent for staying in the know with your customers and audience.

From live-tweeting events to sharing jokes, updates, and linked content, Twitter is a great place to be if you know how to use it correctly.

Why not try out these tips to help your Twitter account grow:

  • Focus on Live Feeds
  • Be organic and engaging
  • Respond to both @ Tweets and Mentions


How To Promote Your Content On Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the platforms you don’t necessarily need to have; however, it can be very useful to make your content shareable.

Banner images are a great way to do this.

Combine that with an easy social sharing button, and people can share and advertise your content on Pinterest without you having to do anything at all.

Those who should get involved with Pinterest are those in the fashion industry, lifestyle industries, and crafting industries.

On your own account, you will want to share your own content and work to curate content from around Pinterest to provide users with a greater reason to follow you.

So to recap:

  • Share images with your name
  • Share guides and “How-To” posts
  • Add a banner image to posts to improve shareability


How To Promote Your Content On TikTok

TikTok is the newcomer on the stage of social media, but it is a big hitter.

With over 800 million active users, most of which are between the ages of 16 – 24, this is the place to be for companies with a young demographic.

It can be hard to create content for a video-based app, but that’s where creativity comes into play.

Clothing brands can host try-on videos and partner with influencers.

Product-based businesses can show behind-the-scene videos (especially if the process is #satisfying).

There are many ways you can advertise your business.

Video tutorials are just one of the better ways to advertise organically – you just need the right face for your videos.

Play around with it, definitely take advantage of its numerous filter options, and improve video by video.

To get you going try to:

  • Create and manage your own content
  • Use influencers to delivery your content


How To Promote Your Content On Reddit

Reddit is another big social giant that doesn’t have a lot of brands piling on to advertise on it.

In their defence, the paid social element to Reddit is hard to deal with, and successfully advertising on Reddit without making it too obvious is tough.

Q&A advertising, however, is big.

In China, it is one of the best ways to advertise as it showcases your skillset, knowledge, and expertise.

It is ideal for service-based businesses and tech-related businesses.

The only downside is that it does take a lot of effort.

Typically, you will find success by:

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything) or IAmA
  • Provide help and guidance
  • Create your own Subreddit

Regularly provide guidance and advice when people ask for it.

By being so helpful and actively giving good advice without any additional “buy from me or hire me language,” you boost your reputation.

It isn’t just the user whose question you are answering that matters; it is every single person who views your account.

Reddit certainly takes “content marketing” to a whole other level, and done right can be a very powerful place to showcase your brand and introduce yourself to very specific communities.


How To Use Paid Social Effectively

Paid social, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast and works very differently than organic, which is why many businesses find success sooner by hiring an internet marketing company.

Rather than having multiple posts and the ability to constantly adapt and improve, you want to get your paid social campaign right the first time.

There is always room for improvement, yes, but you want to start ahead of the game when it comes to paid social.

Relying on a talented marketing team is a must, especially if you don’t have one in-house.

Pinterest promotional image for - How To Promote Your Content On Social Media - Analyze, Adapt, Improve

How To Promote Your Content On Social Media – Analyze, Adapt, Improve

In every instance, you need to analyze the engagement from every post, adapt to that new information, and use that information to improve for next time.

There is no excuse not to continue to improve because continuing what you are doing is a very short strategy.

Even if it worked beautifully the first time, repeating the same content over and over will not generate the same results.

You need to always test the waters and be prepared to try something new.

When you do, use analytics available through every social media channel and Google analytics to see how well the post received.

If necessary, look at what click-through rates you have to any content you have published on your main site.

Analyze content based on the goals you have set out for it.

How many shares, likes, or comments for a social media-based post?

How many click-throughs for a link you posted?

Only then can you really gauge a post’s success in the long-term.


That’s all for now, now it is over to you.

Let us know what you think about promoting on social media in the comments section below.

Make sure your subscribed to the comments so that you are notified when we reply.




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How To Promote Your Content On Social Media
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