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Blog Mentions – Social Media Mentions

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In this new article, we are talking about blog mentions and social media mentions.

Let’s get started!

Blog Mentions - Social Media Mentions

Are Rules Of Blogging Just The Same As Those For Social Media?

When you think about it Blogging is a lot like Social Media and Social Networking. Many of the strategies that you can apply to Blog and Article Writing can also be applied to social media sites, and it’s multi-use strategies that you should really seek to develop to get blogging and social media success.

Social Media Mentions

One such strategy is mentioning others. Social Media Sites like Google Plus, Facebook, and The8App are excellent examples of why you should be using mentions on social media.

Let me ask you a question. When you add content to your social media channels what is it that you are looking to achieve?

You are looking for a reaction, for users to reply and engage with you.

You have added great content and you want it to be seen. Well, Social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, The8App, Twitter all allow you to mention other members so that when you publish your content the members you mention, get a notification or a status update or some kind of alert.

The inevitable result is those members that you mention then come to check out what you have posted. And the chances are that if the content that you have published is good and of interest to them then you are going to get Likes, Comments, and shares, depending on the site you are using.

Here is an example of how social media mentioning drives engagement to the content you post, I added an image with some information about a Free Credit Code for another site then I just notified a few members who i knew would be interested and that drives engagement and spreads your content out to more members.

social media mentions

Blog Mentions

You can do something very similar to the above example on your WordPress Blog Site in the form of blog mentions. And to a degree, the idea of mentioning someone else to bring them to your content is already built into WordPress in the form of Ping Backs.

WordPress has a built-in function as do a lot of the other blogging platforms, that when you mention another article or blog in the form of a link back to that content the owner then gets a pingback comment.

A Pingback comment is just a comment that goes to the comments section of the blog site and tells the owner they have received a blog mention and that you have in some way linked to them or mentioned them or used their content. Again the result is that the owner will then in some cases come to your article to find out more

Now the majority of Pingbacks are never really followed up by the recipient because Pingbacks in essence are just communications between systems that are useful for SEO and useful to get indexed, it’s all fully automated and so often ignored by the recipient.

But you can take the whole idea of blog mentions and produce engagement and reaction on your blog in almost exactly the same way as you do on social media with social by taking it further than the pingback process and the way you do that is to add in the I’m a real person element.

I’m A Real Person 

Ok, so your WordPress Blog will send a pingback to any blog sites that you link to. This as mentioned is just a notification and an automated process. You must add in a human touch to then turn this into real engagement.

Here is an example of how I would add in the human touch and drive engagement back to my blog with blog mentions.

Ok so I’m a member of a new social media platform called The8App

To promote The8App I have created a website called HowTo8App.com. Now just by turning the HowTo8App name into a clickable link in this article will send a pingback notification to HowTo8App.com. I’m using HowTo8App within the post and linking to it and so giving the readers the path to the content in the example which is good for SEO.

Now it is good to note at this point that you really should be linking out and giving blog mentions only to relevant content, So for example, if my site is about cats and I’m linking out to a site about food then where is the connection. Why would the Food Article writer come and pay you a visit?

Now they may well come to visit because they do like cats but they will more than likely visit if you’re also writing about food and that’s when you will see engagement and that’s why you should keep your blog mentions relevant to your niche.

So Here Is What I Would Do

If I find a really good ranking article site, one that relevant to what I am writing about and will really help my site. Then I often take the above example a step further by using their content and giving them a blog mention

Firstly I look for a good article on their site that is relevant to what I’m doing and what I am posting about. I start to use some of the content from the article and create my blog mention.

Ok so imagine I’m writing an article about FREE Social Media Training I can work the article I have found into my new article or if you prefer, and this is also a very, very good idea revisit old blogs and add in blog mention content.

If you want to know why it is a good idea to revisit you old blogs to add in mention content where appropriate then checkout the Infobunny Pro Tip at the end of this article

So imagine im part way through my article, here is the lead-in line to the Blog Mention Content.

if you are looking for some free social media training then you can checkout my Google Plus Guide, you may also want to pay a visit to the MyLeadSystemPro SignUp site for some very good free training’s for Instagram and FaceBook amongst others. MyLeadSystemPro is a relationship marketing affiliate business where you can learn while you make money.

Here is a snippet of their Free Instagram Training Article 


I have never really taken Instagram seriously as a lead generation social site until I saw this marketer pulling in 150+ new leads every single month with her incredibly simple 10 Minute MyLeadSystemPro Instagram strategy.

When i saw the Free Instagram Training below i knew that i had to start to take Instagram seriously as a marketing tool when it comes to Network Marketing and Relationship Marketing.

Read More Here Free Instagram Training

You then need to write an exit paragraph that basically explains why you curated the content above. This is your chance to put your own spin on it. The danger with doing this is that you are copying content, but if you write a good intro paragraph and exit paragraph you are using the blog mention content as an authoritative source and google likes this.

So a for an exit paragraph you could say+

social media is becoming more and more mobile, Instagram is a great example of this.

The screens on our smart phones are getting bigger now to accommodate mobile social media and Instagram is just a great example of a social site taking advantage of the mobile social media trend

Finally, if you want to really get noticed then it is a good idea to go to the site where you took the blog mention content and leave a really good relevant comment on the article, something like

Hey Dexter, great article, im also a blogger like yourself and written an article about Free Social Media Trainings that are available on the internet, i have used your article as an authority source hope that is ok


the majority of sites will allow you to link back in some way so the webmaster can come and see what you have done, do not just leave a link in your comment.

Chances are if you write a good comment they will then reciprocate and leave you a comment in return, I know I would.


To Your Continued Success

Regards Dexter 


InfoBunny Pro Tip

So why is it a good idea to revisit an old article that you have written? Unlock this awesome tip below 😉

Infobunny pro tip

Well basically to get Google to come back to your site, if you add in some mention content you will bring in new traffic and your page will get re-indexed and that may well be enough to push your article higher up on google, it is a really good idea to do this where appropriate for SEO reasons.

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13 Responses

  1. Rachel Lavern
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,

    I like your idea of writing an exit paragraph explaining why I curated the content I select for a post. I have always added an introduction in my own voice; however, had not thought about the importance of a proper exit paragraph. After all, We do want to keep Google happy, yes 🙂
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…Creative Ways to Say NoMy Profile

  2. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    Hi Rachel the exit paragraph is very important, it is really where you turn copied content in to an authority source for you post, it is your chance to take the idea that you curate and spin it round and make it your own and talk in favour or against what it says.
    Dexter Roona recently posted…Networking Superstars Free Facebook Fan Page TrainingMy Profile

  3. Kyle Holcomb
    | Reply

    Nice post! I never knew you could do that with your blog posts. That is something that could get you instant engagement and several more followers over time. I will have to try that I one of my upcoming posts to see how it works out and if I get the engagement that I want. Thank you for sharing!
    Kyle Holcomb recently posted…MLSP ReviewMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Thanks Kyle yeah its all pretty simple stuff that really works well.
      Dexter Roona recently posted…Working Smart Marketing StrategyMy Profile

  4. Jenni Ryan
    | Reply

    wow awesome tip. Thanks for sharing.
    Jenni Ryan recently posted…Dealing With the Haters and Energy VampiresMy Profile

  5. David Merrill 101
    | Reply

    Nice blogging strategies here, Dexter.

    There are so many ways to build relationships with readers of our blogs, but also of those that we curate and share on social media mentions.

    These are certainly some excellent methods to follow.

    Thanks for sharing them.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…How To Get A JobMy Profile

  6. Jacs Henderson
    | Reply

    Some fab information on mentioning people in social media platforms and linking to them on blogs. Good idea to be linking to your own content on other platforms too, and fantastic examples.
    Just have to share this on Pinterest… I will want to come back to it 🙂
    Many thanks
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Who Can You Lift Up?My Profile

  7. Matt Pedersen
    | Reply

    I would like to nominate Upeedina Lamb on Tsū as an influential member. They seem to be using their posting capabilities to post interesting content.

  8. sonia
    | Reply

    Great value advice as always Dex!
    sonia recently posted…The Perfect GiftMy Profile

  9. Jenny Agee
    | Reply

    Brilliance, you are a fantastic writer with a wealth of information…. I look forward to learning more from you!

  10. Monna Ellithorpe
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,

    Excellent article. I have wondered myself about the issue of “duplicate content” when you curate from other blogs but as you mentioned, if you introduce the section and end with your own thoughts, it’s clearly of great value to everyone.
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…A Short 5 Minutes Saves Precious TimeMy Profile

  11. David Merrill 101
    | Reply

    I’ve come back to this post several times, Dexter.

    I learn something new each time.

    You’ve put together a lot of very effective strategies to use with our social media sites as well as our blogs.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…Blogging To Make MoneyMy Profile

  12. Kathryn Maclean
    | Reply

    Goodness so much value here.
    I copied it to read later slowly so I get all this.
    Thanks for all your insight Dexter.
    Kathryn Maclean recently posted…Scheduling Working at HomeMy Profile

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