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IboToolBox Link Funneling Strategy


UPDATE 9/12/2016

IboToolBox has now closed the do follow loophole on their site and moved all links to no follow. Ibo still remains an incredibly useful site for click through traffic. Your activity drives engagement and also earns you free ad credits. You can read more about IboToolBox here IboToolBox Free Social Media Business Resources

My Simple Link Funneling Strategy

Ok, so I have come up with a link funneling backlinking strategy. But before we delve into this new strategy we first need to outline what exactly backlinking is. The different types of backlinks available and their impact on your site or opportunity.

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Backlinking Explained

So what is a backlink or backlinking? 

The easiest way to think of a backlink is as a vote for your site. And the more votes for your site the better your site will rank. 

Backlinking is a fundamental SEO strategy where you build backlinks (votes) to raise your site in the SERPs.

A backlink is not just a positive vote. It is as the name suggests a link back to your site or a page that enables search engine spiders to discover you.

There are 2 types of backlink, a dofollow  and a nofollow.

When the Google Bot comes across a dofollow link the search bot as suggested follows the link and goes to the destination. If the link is no-followed then instead of following it to the destination it stays right where it is.

So We Want To Build Dofollow BackLinks?

Well yes and no it is really more complex than that.

Yes, we definitely want to build dofollow backlinks but we also want to build no follow backlinks and here is why.

Google loves everything organic, it wants to see natural backlink building without any manipulation on your part.

If you just concentrate on getting masses and masses of dofollow links you will more than likely at some point get your site into trouble. Just having do follow backlinks is just not natural because dofollow links are much harder to get than no follow because the majority of sites offer nofollow links so for you to have masses of dofollow links would be seen as unnatural backlinking and a red flag.

So Why Are There Different Types of Backlink?

Well to answer this question we need to first explain that dofollow links are more valuable than no follow because a site that is giving dofollow links is voting for you but not just voting but also sending link juice that builds your page rank, nofollow links are a way to link to content without giving rank. away.

So they would be used like this…. do follow links should be used to link to quality content, authority content if you like. Google likes us to link to quality.

Nofollow on the other hand is really just for navigation and click-through.

Let Me Ask You A Question

Which is better having 1000 dofollow links or having a dofollow link back from a page rank 9 site?

The answer is the Page Rank 9 backlink is what you want because they are gold dust.

A page rank 9 backlink would be one of the biggest authority websites voting for you and that alone would significantly raise your rank and SERPs position, but the reality is you just don’t really get backlinks like these.

In fact, the majority of dofollow links do very little for you because they come from pages with no rank or authority and very little content, their main benefit is really to send the Google Bots to you.

So Why Do We Need No Follow Links?

We need n follow links to balance out and look natural to Google and to provide navigation. If masses of dofollow links are attained then because they are much harder to get Google starts to look at us and question our strategies but if we also have a good level of nofollow links then we are balanced out and our link building is natural.

And don’t forget a link is a link if it is clicked then someone visits your site.

My DoFollow Link Funneling Strategy

Dofollow backlinks are hard to find and when we do find them they are often zero page rank and offer not very much more than nofollow links, however there are sites that do give dofollow links and one of them is IboToolBox.

For those of you who have not heard of IboToolBox, well it is a business social site, that offers some very useful free marketing resources. It is particularly useful to new marketers, but what is interesting about IboToolBox is that it is pretty much a dofollow site and what is also very interesting is that you can build quite a comprehensive content-rich profile page on IboSocial.

I have already written an article about the merits of IboToolBox and IboSocial.

IboToolBox Free Social Media Business Resources so you may want to give that article a read.

So Let’s Delve Into My Link Funneling The Strategy

Every time you comment on a Press Release or an Article on IboToolBox your username is dropped on the page and that links back to your profile page and your profile page is linking out to your business or blog or your money site. 

This is where we start to become clever. We have already established that a dofollow link to your site is a vote for your site and the higher the rank of the site linking to you the better.

Well, let’s think about this for a second. Thousands of IboToolBox members are posting Press Releases on a daily basis and commenting on these posts gives you a link back to your profile. Effectively you are voting for your page with your engagement. Suddenly your profile link is getting votes. Your profile link is getting juice from internal pages and so making your profile link a much more valuable dofollow link to your opportunities.

Think of this as internal link funneling.Link Funneling strategy

For a long time, it has been an SEO strategy to backlink your backlinks to make your backlinks more important….. but that strategy to me has always seemed been a bit on the risky side as you are attempting to manipulate your rank with unnatural backlinks.

With my IboToolBox Internal Link Funneling strategy all, we are doing is being 100% engaging and natural.

And here are 3 more sites that you can use this link funneling strategy on.

Behance.com Pr7

BigTent.com Pr6

8Tracks.com Pr6

If you have found this article useful or you have any questions then please leave a comment below.

To your continued success!

regards Dexter Roona 

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  1. Kyle Holcomb
    | Reply

    Wow, there is a lot that goes into ranking your page! You provided a lot of high-tech information here and I need to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Dexter Roona

      This is one of the easier ways of doing it just involves being social and leading juice back to your profile and onto your money site.

  2. Norbert
    | Reply

    This is a nice backlinking strategy. Getting these do follow links will be vital to my blog. Google loves such diverse links I’ll mix up with links from the other sites you mentioned plus forums and other blogs and see how it goes.

    It does take time though because you have to be relevant on them sites and create something meaningful for you to be noticed.

    Thanks for the Great info.

    Norbert recently posted…15 Awesome Plugins to Help You Secure WordPress from HackersMy Profile

  3. Debbie Gartner
    | Reply

    Thank you so much. I had heard of Ibotool box, but forgot about it, and the other 3 are new to me. Thanks for sharing. I need to check these out this weekend.
    Debbie Gartner recently posted…What to expect when sanding and refinishing your floorsMy Profile

  4. NT Izuchi
    | Reply

    This was pretty helpful clarification on backlinking. With the best SEO practices changing from time to time its hard to know what to focus your time and energy on. Glad I came across this post Dexter!
    NT Izuchi recently posted…How To Start An Internet Marketing Podcast | 120 Free Minutes Using SoundCloudMy Profile

  5. Rachel Lavern
    | Reply

    I do believe that it is important for blogger to understand how backlinks affect a site’s ranking. SEO is always changing and this understanding is vital to compete and thrive online.

    Rachel Lavern recently posted…7 Keys to Building a Profitable BusinessMy Profile

  6. Jacs Henderson
    | Reply

    Nice information on backlinks Dexter, the differences, and that we should have some of both. I have heard it suggested that for affiliate links, we should check these as nofollow on our SEO plugins? Would you agree.
    Good to hear how IBO Toolbox is a huge help, I think it is a great free marketing platform, and do not use my account enough!
    Jacs 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…Shop With Jacs!My Profile

  7. Zain
    | Reply

    Hi .this is new technique to make useful back links .I am going to make profile on ibotoolbox now .thanks for sharing
    Zain recently posted…5 Best Free Blogging Platforms You Won’t Like To MissMy Profile

  8. Joan Harrington
    | Reply

    Awesome tips on backlinking Dexter!! Thanks for explaining it in detail 🙂 Great share!
    Joan Harrington recently posted…Are You Aware Of These 7 Conversion Killers?My Profile

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