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What is the Tapestri App?

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In this new article, we are talking about the Tapestri App and how you can benefit by signing up to Tapestri and monetizing your data, and how you can take it further and build passive income by promoting your member affiliate link to build a unique low-cost business from home.

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Tapestri App gives you the opportunity to monetize the data that is being harvested every time you use an app or a website. Data harvesting and ad tracking is a concern for many who feel that we should all have more anonymity and privacy when using web-based applications.

Before we give you a quick walkthrough guide to Tapestri let’s explain a little more about what data harvesting is for those who don’t know to find out why apps like Tapestri are important.

You can jump ahead to any section of our Tapestri overview in the contents menu below.


What is Data Harvesting?

Data harvesting is the process of extracting data from websites to be used for advertising purposes.

Normally when you visit a site or use an app you are asked to agree to the app or site’s use of cookies terms and conditions (now required for compliance with GDPR)

If you don’t agree to these terms you can’t view the site content or use the app.

Often these sites and apps ask for way more than they need.

The more they know about you the better they can target you with ads.

Data harvesting is big news  The ad networks and big websites are making a small fortune from our data, harvesting it and selling it on most of the time without our knowledge

We wrote an article about this same Data Privacy problem a few posts back with our What is Gener8? post where we discovered that Gener8 is a browser that allows users to use the internet anonymously or for rewards.

Tapestri is very similar not in the way that it blocks data harvesting but in the way that it can reward the user for allowing data harvesting on your own terms.

Gener8 rewards are in the form of gift cards, physical products, and discounts. With Tapestri you earn real money.

Let’s look a the Tapestri app in more detail.


What is the Tapestri App and how does Tapestri work?

Tapestri is an app that you can download on your mobile device. It quietly runs in the background while using your device and captures anonymous location data that is then monetized. Tapestri then pays you for your collected data.

The Tapestri app owners are very open and transparent about the data that is collected.

You can see all data events that are captured during any user sessions including each location visited.

What is the Tapestri App – Quick Answer

Tapestri is an Android IOS app that is available to download for free that runs quietly in the background capturing location data anonymously monetizing it for the device owner.

How much money can you make with Tapestri?

The average Tapestri user who installs the app on their mobile device makes between $8 and $25 per month for just letting the app collect data.

But earnings can be greatly enhanced when you get your friends, family, work colleagues, or whoever to click your Tapestri Signup Link you are given when you signed up to Tapestri.

When you click the Tapestri sign up you can make monthly recurring commissions through the app’s referral plan.

Tapestri Affiliate Program

As a Tapestri affiliate, you earn $1 every month for each referred member who installs and uses the Tapestri app on their mobile device.

But it doesn’t stop there.

When those “first-level” referrals promote their Tapestri Sign-up link you earn $1 per month for each of their Tapestri Signups.

If you refer 10 direct Level 1 members and each of those 10 members refer 10 of their own direct Level 1 members then those members are Level 2 members in your downline.

This referral scenario would pay you $110 per month on top of your monthly payments for collected data.

When you refer 10 direct Level 1 members you become a Tapestri Super Affiliate.

In this new article, we are talking about the Tapestri App and how you can benefit by signing up to Tapestri and monetizing your data.Click To Tweet


What is a Tapestri Super Affiliate?

Becoming a Tapestri Super Affiliate really unlocks the earning potential of Tapestri.

As a Tapestri Super Affiliate, you not only get paid $1 per month for each referred user in both Level 1 and 2  you also get payments based on the success of the affiliates they recruit!

As a Super Affiliate, you receive a 50% matching bonus on every dollar that your recruited affiliates make! Plus a 50% matching bonus on every dollar made by the affiliates recruited by your affiliates!

So to recap. If you refer 10 affiliates (Level 1) who each then refer 10 affiliates (Level 2), of their own you will be making $110 per month in direct affiliate commissions.

But if each of your Level 2 affiliates refers 10 users (Level 3) who each refer 10 users (Level 4), you would make another $6,050 per month.


Watch this short video by the owners of

Tapestri for more details


How do you sign up for Tapestri?

Here is the Tapestri Sign Up page.

  1. Create an account and fill out your profile.
  2. Download the Tapestri app (IOS or Android) and install it. (Tapestri app is in development and you will be notified when the app is ready to download)
  3. Pay the $9.99 affiliate program fee to lock in for 1 year
  4. Promote your Tapestri sign-up link and build your downline while the app is completed.

Tapestri App will.launch in the USA first followed quickly by the other English speaking countries.


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What is Tapestri and how do you signup? – Takeaways

Tapestri is not a get-quick rich program

It is a potential answer to monetizing your search/web data.

As it stands we are giving this data away for free with very little choice but to do so.

By signing up to Tapestri you are entering a very low-cost business.

Something that you can share with your family, friends, and contacts, something that can generate you additional income.


That’s all for now.

So are you worried about your online privacy and data harvesting?

Are you already a Tapestri member or perhaps you are a Gener8 member.

Let us know in the comments section below or send us a message via our contact form that is linked in the menu at the top of the page if you have any questions.

Regards Dexter


What is the Tapestri App and how do you signup to Tapestri?
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What is the Tapestri App and how do you signup to Tapestri?
In this new article, we are talking about the Tapestri App and how you can benefit by signing up to Tapestri and monetizing your data, and how you can take it further and build passive income by promoting your member affiliate link.
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  1. Kia Thomas
    | Reply

    This is wonderful and I am going to give this is a try! I mean why not because we can get paid for our data and earn residual Income just by sharing a free app. Thank you for this information !

  2. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    People are waking up to data harvesting and how we are being tracked every second we use an app or a website. Apps and sites like Tspestri and Gener8 allow data harvesting on your terms and then gives you a fair share of the generated revenues. Tapestri has taken this idea a step further allowing users to become affiliates and promote their Tapestri signup links to build a low entry cost home business.

    Thanks for stopping by Kia I am glad that you found my Tapestri Introduction guide useful.
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  3. Victor
    | Reply

    Hello…can anyone outside of US register for the affiliate program under tapestri and get paid too?

    • Dexter Roona

      Hi Victor, the App is launching first in America then it will move to the rest of the world.
      For your specific country you will need to go to the Tapestri app web site and read the payment plan info.
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