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What is Gener8?

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In this new article, we are talking about online privacy and ad-tracking and ask the question “What is Gener8?” Are they the answer to preventing ad-tracking by the big companies?

Let’s get started!

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What is Gener8? What is the Gener8 browser?

Gener8 pronounced Generate is a new web browser add-on that puts the user in control of the data that they create during browsing sessions.

Everyone who uses the internet is tracked and their movements in the form of data are collected and sold.

Big companies like Facebook and Google have made billions and billions of dollars by collecting our data and then selling it to advertisers who can then target specific user groups with relevant products and services.

Have you ever searched for something on the web then right after, no matter where you go on the web you are bombarded with targeted ads generated from the data that was harvested from you?

The conventional fix in the past has been to download and use an adblocker. But this has never been the perfect solution.

Other methods to stop ad-tracking have been to employ the use of a browser like DuckDuckGo or to use a VPN but these options are again not a good solution.


Are Gener8 Ads emerging as a solution to the ongoing online ad-tracking privacy problems?

The Gener8 browser extension works with both Chrome and Firefox browsers and works a lot like an adblocker.

With the Gener8 browser extension, you can block ads under the Privacy mode” or you can select “Reward mode” and let the browser add-on pick the types of adverts that you want to see from various categories that you select under preferences.

screen capture of some of the category preferences you can select on Gener8Ads
Screen capture of some of the category preferences you can select on Gener8Ads


You can opt-in to see ads relating to food and drink, gaming, movies, news and politics, online shopping, sports, travel, and more.

You then earn tokens whenever an advert is viewed from Gener8.

Users can then redeem these tokens for gift cards, product and service discounts, or donated to a charitable cause

Sam Jones, CEO and founder of Gener8  “Our mission is to be amongst the world’s first brands that enable people to control and monetize their data, we believe we will shake up the advertising industry by putting the consumer first.”

Gener8 text banner saying earn every time you open a new tab

Ad-Tracking in the news

Only recently Facebook and Apple have become embroiled in an ad tracking row.

Facebook relies heavily on advertising revenue to be profitable and Apple has announced that they are building privacy features into new Apple devices.

These new features will allow Apple users to say no to having their data collected by apps.

Surveys suggest that up to 80% of Apple’s users will say no to ad tracking.

This is a huge problem for Facebook who could see up to 50% of their profits wiped out.

Gener8 is a safer way to browse - Earn every time you open a new browser tab!Click To Tweet

Why should you care about ad-tracking?

The average app includes six third-party trackers (cookies) that harvest your online data.

Some even request that you give them more access than they require to provide their service.

TikTok, for example, is currently being sued by England’s former children’s commissioner for collecting children’s data.


The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating the automatic placement of billions of targeted ads on webpages and apps, with any, one data broker said to have collected data on up to 700 million consumers.

Most consumers are oblivious to what actually goes on in the background when they use an app or visit Facebook.


How do I use Gener8?

  1. Go to Gener8 Ads and click on the login option. From there you are given the option to sign up and make an account. You have the option of joining via Facebook, Twitter, or Google, and if you prefer you can type in an email and create a password manually.
  2. Download the browser extension and install it. Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported currently.
  3. Choose your browsing mode – In Privacy mode – ad-tracking is restricted. In Rewards MODE you are shown ads based on your preferences.
  4. Import your bookmarks, extensions, and passwords from Firefox or Chrome.
  5. Browse as usual.


How do I download the Gener8 app for Android or IOS?

Gener8 is currently in a Beta phase and at the moment there is no android or IOS app that you can download.

At this time, Gener8 is solely for desktop and laptop browsing currently.

However, I have been in contact with support and can confirm that android and IOS apps are on the way so we should be able to download a Gener8 android/IOS app very soon.

Are you worried about big companies tracking you online? Do you value your Privacy? Would you like to take control of your data and be rewarded then checkout Gener8 Ads - Share this message!Click To Tweet


Can we trust Gener8?

Gener8 is a start-up, it is in Beta mode currently.

We just don’t know if it will be worthwhile changing our browsing habits in favor of using Gener8.

But if you care about being tracked and your data being sold then giving them a try is something to seriously consider.


In the news

Gener8 is starting to gain traction and become known.

Only recently Sam Jones, the CEO and Founder appeared on the UK version of Dragons Den and secured investment with what is being hailed as the best pitch for investment ever seen on the show. Gener8 has also featured on Sky News and also on the Gadget Show.


Gener8 estimates that the average user will generate between £20-£40 per month by simply browsing the internet

You are not going to get rich off the back of Gener8. There are no cash payments given, though that might be an option in the future as Gener8 becomes established because the offers and deals, and discounts at this time are very limited.

If you are fed up with big companies tracking you and want to take control of your data and have the choice of Privacy or Rewards then Gener8 might just be the answer.

Gener8 estimates that the average user will generate between £20-£40 per month by simply browsing the internet with Gener8 - Are you ready to take control of your data?Click To Tweet

Banner image for Gener8

Now it is over to you.

Are you worried about ad-tracking by apps and sites?

Have you ever used an ad-blocker or a VPN?

Did you see Sam Jones pitch on Dragons Den?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Regards Dexter


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What Is Gener8? Are You Worried About Online Ad-Tracking?
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What Is Gener8? Are You Worried About Online Ad-Tracking?
In this new article, we are talking about online privacy and ad-tracking and ask the question "What is Gener8?" Gener8 Ads is a browser...
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  1. Lisa Sicard
    | Reply

    Thanks Dexter, this is very interesting. Been reading more about this – I haven’t seen it as I don’t have apple products. I’m wondering if the same thing will happen to Droid products next?
    What a great product for you to come out with – good luck as I’m sure it will do well Dexter!
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…Can Your Blogging Hobby Make You Money Today?My Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      It’s not available on IOS or Android yet but it is on desktop. Just download the browser extension via the link I gave you and surf through Gener8 and you earn tokens that yu can redeem. This is brand new so has a few kinks to iron out but we will see.

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