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15 Reasons to use a VPN on your iPhone and Android devices

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In this new article, we are talking VPNs and offer you 15 reasons to use a VPN on your iPhone and Android device.

Let’s get started

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Apple and Google are not like other tech giants.

They do care about their users’ privacy to a great extent.

But there have been instances where Apple has protected its user privacy despite being pressured by the Government.

However, you can’t wholly rely on Apple’s and Google’s built-in security.

Especially, when cyber-criminals have become so advanced today.

No one is actually safe today from the traps laid out by these cyber-criminals.

And that is the major reason why you need a VPN.

But so many different VPN’s available how do you choose the best VPN for a mobile device and what are the other reasons why should you be using a VPN on your iPhone or Android device.


15 Reasons to Use a VPN on your iPhone and Android devices

1/ Use a VPN on your iPhone and Android to mask your online activities

This is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of using a VPN on your iPhone and Android.

When you surf the internet without a VPN, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is able to track, monitor, and gather your online activities.

There is no way for you to stop your ISP from doing this other than to stop using the internet.

As this is not a choice for us, what we can do is to use a VPN so that no one is able to track and monitor our online activities.


2/ Circumvent internet censorship

Not all countries allow their citizens to freely access an open internet.

Some like China and the Middle East restrict and limit access to the internet.

Their citizens are not allowed to visit certain websites.

So, what is the solution then?

By using a VPN  you can bypass this censorship and unblock almost every website.


3/ Securely access free Wifi

You can find free wifi in cafes, restaurants and shopping malls and more.

Free Wifi is provided as a bonus utility to customers. 

This gives hackers the opportunity to set up their own hotspot which they can name after a famous location you’re visiting or even after a local restaurant. This can be used by hackers to monitor and track all the connected devices.

But when you use a VPN, you can be sure to protect your identity and all the data passing through the network to the internet.

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4/ Use a VPN to access exclusive Netflix content

If you live in Asia, you might already be aware of the fact that you’re not allowed to access the full content which Netflix offers to other regions (mainly the USA)

That is one of the reasons why people start pirating content.

Even if you live in the USA and have access to Netflix USA sometimes you may need to travel to another country and you don’t want to miss out on the latest episode of your favorite TV series.

Simply use a VPN to access the Netflix servers from your own country and access the content which otherwise would be unavailable.


5/ Use a VPN for iPhone and Android to access restricted internet in offices/colleges

Whether you’re in school, college, or an office, you’ll experience that the internet is not always totally open to you.

There’re can be many restrictions.

You may not even be able to visit some of the popular websites due to the restrictions enabled by your school or office management.

With a VPN you can often bypass such restrictions.

In this new article, we are talking VPNs and offer you 15 reasons to use a VPN on your iPhone and Android device. Let's get startedClick To Tweet

6/ Secure your VOIP calls

VOIP or Voice-over-IP calls are one of the best ways to make cheap calls over the internet.

However, while it saves you some cost, it can, on the other hand, cost you dearly if hackers, hack your calls to monitor and record your personal data.

You can use a VPN on iPhone and Android to secure your VOIP calls and prevent hackers from recording your conversations.

Recommended VPN service – Surfshark

Surfshark is a highly regarded VPN and for good reason and is probably the best value VPN, money-wise in this list. 

It is extremely secure, it’s affordable and it provides a very fast connection.

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7/ Prevent Google from tracking you

One of the major reasons why the need for privacy has become really important is due to Google tracking you and recording your data.

At the very least, it records your data to bombard you with different kinds of advertisements based on your search history.

This is a serious blow to your privacy.

So, in order to stop Google from tracking you, you can use a VPN for iPhone and Android to counter Google and reduce your fingerprints on the web.


8/ Use a VPN if you do serious research

Journalists, activists, and academic researchers can benefit a lot by using a VPN.

On many occasions, you may need to research sensitive content.

Researching sensitive content can land you in trouble if you’re not careful.

By using a VPN on mobile devices and computers can protect your identity and the data that passes through the network.


9/ Use VPN on your iPhone and Android if you’re a BitTorrent user

You might be on your Government’s surveillance list if you’re a BitTorrent user.

Lots of people use BitTorrent to download content that is not available otherwise.

No ISP permits torrenting.

They can even put you to their screening lists if they find you using BitTorrent sites.

So, if you a BitTorrent user then be warned, you need a VPN.


10/ Use VPN when accessing your banking details

This is actually how hackers succeed in robbing us out of our hard-earned money.

They are able to steal our money if we are not careful while accessing our banking over the internet.

Especially, if you are logging into your bank account after connecting to a public Wifi, you are highly prone to getting your identity stolen.

Once a hacker steals your identity, he is able to cause you great financial damage.

However, using a VPN while logging into your bank account can provide you with an additional layer of security and thus protects your data and money against hacking attempts.

It encrypts your data so even if a hacker somehow steals it, he isn’t able to decode it.

No decode equals no misuse and thus no danger.


11/ Use VPN on iPhone and Android to make online shopping safe

E-commerce has made our lives much easier.

We don’t have to wait in queues, commute to the malls, and even bargain over discounts.

Now we can get almost anything at a tap.

However, what many of us aren’t aware of is that not every online shopping experience is safe.

There are groups of hackers running look-alike fake online shopping stores.

If you land on these malicious websites, they will try everything to extract your credit card information from you.

They might even go as far as to show you a slightly used iPhone for just $70.

Who would miss that right?

But as soon as you complete the transaction, your credit card information will be stored in the hacker’s server and he is then able to misuse it heavily before you are able to deactivate it.

However, while you should always practice basic cybersecurity measures such as check if the site is protected by SSL security (is there a lock sign beside the URL) or researching the site you are looking to buy from you should also use a VPN for iPhone and Android to access these sites.

This way, your data, and identity will be masked and protected.

Of course, a VPN can’t stop you from actually entering your details, all it can do is mask your location, so buyer beware.


12/ Secure your device on Airport Wifi

This might come as a surprise to you:

Remember how we told you about hackers setting up fake hotspots around bus stops, cafes, and malls?

Well, the same problem can be found in and around airports.

Hackers know people stuck or waiting at the airport must access their business accounts, banks or other important networks to spend time working on their projects.

They set up fake Wifi hotspots so they can access these networks through a man-in-middle attack and steal your information.

However, when you use a VPN for iPhone, it encrypts your data and protects you from these kinds of attempts.


13/ Use a VPN to find cheap deals around the world

You may not know this but some people use a VPN just for the sake of finding good deals around the world.

You see, services like Airlines, Hotels, and Rentals offer different deals to when you are booking them from within the country and when from outside.

A native booking a hotel room may find it much cheaper than a tourist booking it before his flight to that country.

Normally these rates differ based on geo-locations and shown to you online after determining your server location.

If you love traveling, you would want to save as much money as possible.

By using VPN you can simply connect to a native server from the country you are traveling to and force the websites into thinking you are a native.

You will then be shown the discounted, normal rates and you can book them easily saving you money.


14/ Get pre-released games

If you are a gamer, you will understand the anticipation, excitement, and feeling of euphoria when the game you have been waiting for so long is about to be released.

However, the feeling immediately takes a dip when you understand the developers might not release the game in your country for another few weeks or months.

Renowned studios like Ubisoft and Rockstar games releases their exclusive titles in some countries before it makes its titles available worldwide.

If you really don’t want to wait for another two weeks to get the latest game for your mobile device then, you can use a trusted VPN to connect to the country server where the game is to be released and buy that game a bit earlier.

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15/ Use a VPN for better gaming

Here’s another one for our gamers community.

If you love playing FPS, MMORPG, or other PVP games, you should know that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may be throttling your internet data.

Throttling is when your ISP mess with your internet speeds against your consent.

Your ISP mostly do it to force you to upgrade to a more expensive package.

By using a VPN for iPhone and Android, you can not only prevent bandwidth throttling but your friend can also share the same gaming servers with you online.

However, you should know that not every VPN client has enough capability to support gaming servers.

It may show you to be too busy all the time to do anything useful.

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15 Reasons to Use a VPN on your iPhone and Android devices – Takeaways

If we sum up all the reasons stated and discussed above, the compound result is that using a VPN is very beneficial.

Even if you don’t connect to the internet very often, you should still care about web giants like Google tracking you?

With that said maybe it is time to use a VPN on your iPhone and Android devices.


So now it is over to you.

Do you use a VPN?

Are you having privacy concerns when using the internet?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when we reply.




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