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What Is Incent Traffic?

In this new article, we are talking about Incent traffic or as it is also know incentivized reward-based traffic.

Incent traffic is a traffic strategy that is widely but not solely used as part of an app promotion campaign.  Prospects are rewarded for downloading and using apps and software. This is done in the hope that they stick and become paying subscribers and customers.

But which is better for promoting an app, product, or service, Incent (reward-based) or non-incentivized traffic?

Well, let’s drill down into more detail on what incentive traffic is and the advantages and disadvantages of running an Incent campaign.

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What Is Incent traffic?

Incent traffic or Incentivized traffic as it is also known is traffic that is given (gained) when people have a reason to visit your website or download your app, other than via natural organic reasons. Running contests, referral schemes and giveaways are used to create incent traffic. Incentive traffic provides a strong reason to go to a site or download an app. This is normally in the form of some kind of ad promotion, social media campaign.

What is non-incentivized traffic?

Non-Incentivized traffic is traffic that comes to a site from the advertiser, where the advertiser shows that the advertised product, service, business, etc is relevant and needed by the viewer. No incentive/reward is given for this traffic.

Generally, people tend to view incentive traffic negatively. It is often seen as spammy traffic and less valuable but this ideal is changing.

Incentivized traffic is a dangerous option if you are an affiliate marketer. Almost all affiliate marketing programs do not allow the use of reward-based traffic.

If you are part of an affiliate program make sure that you look through the terms of service to see if incent traffic is allowed to be used on the program.

When does incentivized traffic work?

The goal of incentive traffic is to get a large number of downloads for an app or sign-ups for a course or sales of a product within a very, very, short period of time. Normally less than one day. This sudden uplift in traffic drives sales and profits compensating for any costs of starting any incent traffic campaign.  A positive side effect of starting an incentive campaign is a valuable organic traffic lift.

Incent traffic is a reward-based traffic, and sales marketing strategy, used simply to create a buzz and boost your business or product.

Incent traffic is a marketing tactic that can yield both positive and negative effects and therefore is not a good fit for every business.

  • Not all companies are on board with the use of reward-based traffic

There are many business leaders in their chosen niches and they are all about succeeding in their chosen businesses. But not all companies follow an incentive traffic strategy. Many businesses use incentive traffic as a method to earn money quickly. Others are not looking for quick unsustainable gains because these can be unpredictable. They instead prefer to work for sustainable organic earnings growth.

  • Lack of genuine real interest

When a business runs an advertisement campaign they are looking for better sales. Targeted ads provide traffic that has a genuine interest in the advertised product or service. Genuine interest is what makes visitors spend their hard-earned money. Reward-based Incent traffic sends visitors who are only really interested in the reward given for the action they take.

Incent Traffic Keys To Success

Incentive traffic can create a better bond between a business and its customers. 

Here are some tips to be successful with incentive traffic.

  • Content Unlocking

Content Unlocking and content gateways have become big news in the incent space. They have a layered form over an app or site page that prompts the visitor to complete an offer to gain access to more content within the site or app. This type of strategy works well in the software niche.

  • Incentive Traffic in Games

Virtual currency and the ability to purchase virtual goods and get access to virtual worlds is now commonplace in the online gaming industry allowing players to stay vested and motivated in their virtual worlds. Incentive traffic in games gives the ad providers a larger base to market to on a more consistent level.

  • Long Term Success

To run a successful incentivized traffic campaign it is imperative to make sure that all sides fully understand what is expected and allowed from the traffic source. Advertisers want to be paying less for their leads, but then need an understanding of where their traffic originates from. Be clear on what you are paying for,

  • Transparency is Key

Incent traffic is becoming a much more acceptable traffic source. You can successfully create good traffic through incent channels, but honesty and transparency really is key to success. The advertiser needs to show a willingness to share their full requirements from leads in order to get users that will stick around.

Which Is Better: Incentivized vs Non-Incentivized Traffic?

Incentivized Traffic

If your marketing goal is to increase your user acquisition rate quickly, then an incentivized traffic strategy is definitely a good way to boost acquisitions especially if you are launching a new app, product or service.


  • Incentivized traffic proves cost-effective and time-effective for people.

    The only real loss made is the cost of any incentives given in reward. Incent traffic provides fast user acquisition over a short period of time. 

  • Organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to the act of your visitors landing on your pages naturally rather than from paid advertisements.

    Social media channels used as part of your traffic strategy can quickly grow the buzz around your campaign and boost any campaign.


  • There is a higher rate of dropout for any business involved. Incentive campaigns are not designed to run forever. When they are over the buzz dies and you find out if your acquisitions are truly vested in what you are doing. The challenge is retaining any acquired users. Sadly many users may just be interested in the incentive for your campaign, and not your company or main product. This type of user can also affect your website’s analytics negatively. For example, you may see an increase in your sites bounce rate, undermining your position in the SERP’s
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Non-Incentivized Traffic


  • Consumers only engage with non-incentivized ads if they are really interested in what is being advertised. If they don’t like then they don’t click. The potential lifetime value and retention rate of visitors from non-incentivized sources are much higher, making leads from ads high-quality leads.


  • You have an increased advertisement spend. Non- incentivized traffic is essentially organic and of higher value and so costs more.

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What Is Incent traffic? – Takeaways

If you asked most shop/store owners they wouldn’t pay people to come in off the street to walk into and just walk around. The majority of people in this scenario would just walk on in and take the money. But on some level, people are often incentivized to visit, just not with financial reward. Have you ever come across a new store offering free samples at its launch as a try before you buy? The presence of so many people in a store can be enough to attract other people’s attention in the area and encourage them in giving a very busy and profitable launch.

This same idea or concept can be applied as a marketing strategy to any online business and when applied you are using an incentivized reward-based traffic strategy.

That’s all for now.

So have you ever used incentivized traffic to grow your business?

Did it prove profitable?

Let us know in the comments below.

Regards Dexter

What Is Incent Traffic And Non-Incentivized Traffic? Beginners Guide
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What Is Incent Traffic And Non-Incentivized Traffic? Beginners Guide
Incent traffic is a traffic strategy that is widely but not solely used as part of an app promotion campaign.  Prospects are rewarded for downloading and using apps and software in the hope that they stick and become paying subscribers and customers. But which is better for promoting an app, product, or service, Incent or non-incentivized traffic?
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