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How To Write A Product Review For Your Affiliate Website

In this new article, we discuss how you can write a product review for your affiliate site that gives results fast.

Let’s get started.

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How To Write A Product Review For Your Affiliate Website

Product reviews play an essential role in online marketing and branding. They help build loyalty and trust among the customers. Also, it helps your website stand out from the competition.

Especially if you are an affiliate blogger, an effective product review helps increase your website’s revenue, multi-folds.

As you know, there are more and more blogs coming each day. There is no lack of product reviews. But there is always a lack of in-depth product reviews that are authentic.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, you must follow these best practices before writing any affiliate reviews. Also, to write product reviews, choose affiliate programs carefully that are beginner-friendly.

This guide will explore some of the best practices to write a compelling affiliate product review. Have a look at these points below:

Best Practices for Writing an Affiliate Product Review

First, use the product

To provide a piece of detailed information about the product, one must have first-hand experience of the product.

Before you draft a review on the product, try doing the following things:

  • Try for Demo Version: If you plan to write a review around the digital product, try checking if there is a demo version available. It will not only save your cost of purchase but also helps in knowing the product in detail.
  • Ask the creator for a Free Trial: If the demo version isn’t available, try to connect with the product developer and ask him for a free trial. Also, you can ask the creator to give the product for free in return for a review. In most cases, creators provide a free copy of the product if you are an industry influencer.

If you plan to review a physical product that you can’t afford at the given point in time, try to do extensive research about the product specifications and compare it with other similar products in the market.

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Understand your target audience

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is very important while drafting a product review. Put yourself in the shoes of an “ideal buyer” and understand all the possible questions he or she might have at the time of purchase.

Understanding and defining your audience is the first step towards your blogging success with affiliate marketing.

Cover every query of the reader in detail, and this helps in achieving maximum conversion.

Try to find the pain points in your niche by surfing various forums and newsletters. 

If you already have an existing audience, try to interact with them directly and understand their pain points. It helps in drafting the content as per the liking of the audience.

You can also understand your target audience by visiting the product manufacturer’s official social handles and checking the queries/issues they have raised on social media. It helps in identifying the fundamental problems with the product.

Educate them before selling

Continually educate the readers about the product you are reviewing. 

As per Pareto’s Principle, 80% of your review should inform the readers (including pros and cons), and 20% should consist of the right call to action button placement. It helps in converting the readers into buyers.

It builds your authority if you regularly write about tutorials and guides related to your affiliate product niche. And as you grow your authority, readers will have more trust in your reviews that finally converts into more conversions.

Write about benefits, not features

People buy benefits, not features!

If you are looking to make a good conversion through your review article, try to list the product features and convert them into benefits (on how the product features can solve the customer’s pain points?).

A full-length article listing down its advantages will convert like a hot cake, compared to a product review that speaks only of features!

Make sure to write down the benefits of the product in alignment with the desires of human beings (like physiological, self-actualization, love, etc.)

People have little interest in buying fitness equipment; what they want is “fitness.”

A feature tells about what something about is, and a benefit tells about what something does. 

However, features still matter but focus mostly on writing benefits as it will help you get your first sale quickly.

Use conversational tone

The audience connects with your content only if they find it natural! No one loves to read robotic content.

If possible, try to include more storytelling in your content, like explaining how this product has helped you in real life. It helps create an instant rapport with your target audience, which eventually leads to a reasonable conversion rate.

Conversational articles are better to connect with your audience, and it feels like they are having the same problem as you.

Always try to use words like “you” or “your” in place of generic words like “users” or “peoples“.

Write in the language of your target audience.

Your product review sells well, only if it resonates with the audience. Understand the common phrases that your audience speaks, and try to include that style of your audience. It adds more trust and likeness to your review.

To build an instant connection with your audience, try to replicate the most used jargons in your niche. You can collect a list of these jargons from public forums like Quora, Yahoo Answers, and your niche-related threads.

Include authentic pros and cons

Always try to be authentic when you write a product review. Meaning, you must write the genuine pros and also cons of the product. A buyer always wants to check the real issues/downside of the product before buying.

Including only the positive points of the product sounds more artificial to the readers. As mentioned above, if you already have first-hand experience of the product, you can quickly identify its downsides and be included in your product review.

The more honestly you review the product, the better chances of eliminating doubts about your product review. If possible, try to highlight the pros and cons of the product with the help of the “pros and cons” box, supported by most WordPress page builders.

Write in-depth reviews

As discussed above, always try to provide complete information related to the product in your review. Your article should be the last search for the reader before they make a purchase. Your product review article must:

  • Explain the importance of the product and how it can solve customer problems.
  • Explain every feature and benefit of the product.
  • Provide a video/ detailed information on how the product works
  • Comparison with similar products in the market and how the product is better than others.
  • Also, share real-life experiences about the product and how it has helped you get your problem solved.

To make the review more interesting, try to include many images, explanatory videos, and infographics.

Before reviewing the product, try to include your competitors and become an expert in your niche.

List frequently asked questions and answers related to the product

Brainstorm all the possible questions your readers might search for before buying the product. Some of the most commonly asked questions for every product are:

How does the product help the buyer?

What is the Unique Selling Point of the product?

What are the downsides of the product?

Is the product best compared to the competition?

Is the product the latest version or outdated?

You can also get a list of most frequently asked questions by following niche-related forums and sites like Quora.

Show them social proof.

Social proof marketing psychology has a significant impact on conversion rates. Testimonials, case studies, etc., will act as a trust factor for buying the product. If the product you are reviewing is popular in the niche, you will have a handful of case studies online.

You can also try to embed video testimonials of other YouTube channels because people trust testimonials from multiple sources rather than a single source. You can also embed some reviews from popular websites and influencers.

Use a creative call to action.

Once you follow all the instructions given above, make sure to focus on creating an attractive call to action button.

Depending on the colours used in your blog, try to design your call-to-action button. It would be best if you also tried A/B testing of the button colours. In short, the colour of the button should complement the colour of the website. 

Whenever doing A/B testing, try to test only one thing at a time to understand your variations and associated conversions better.

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How To Write A Product Review For Your Affiliate Website – Final words

On a final note, try to educate your readers as much as possible before selling the product. The product review must look natural, and the audience should feel that you are genuinely trying to help them pick the right product.

Don’t forget to add more social proof in your product reviews, as it has a high impact on the conversion rate.


Now it is over to you.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Regards Dexter


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How To Write A Product Review For Your Affiliate Website
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How To Write A Product Review For Your Affiliate Website
In this new article, we discuss how you can write a product review for your affiliate site that gives results fast.
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