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Loving yourself first! How to feel better about yourself

Loving yourself! Can you honestly say you love another person but not yourself?

Many of us put ourselves last and everyone else first. To truly love, you first have to love yourself. Of course, we all have flaws! Not one person is perfect.

And we have to learn to deal with our flaws before accepting another’s.

Flaws have many characteristics: attitude, features, habits, etc. 

Learning to love yourself can not happen overnight.

A lot of people are more pin-pointed to physical flaws as to why they look down on themselves.

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered maybe someone else envies what you see as a flaw?

Take your best feature and focus on that. Maybe you don’t like your nose, but your eyes are what attracts people.

Or maybe your personality outshines physical traits. Remember we see ourselves a lot different than others. We are our own worst critic.

Lying is also a flaw in one’s personality. You have to remember you are not lying to others, you are lying to yourself.

Some lie so others don’t judge them. in reality, you are denying yourself self-love.

Those that love themselves have no reason to lie about anything.

Being arrogant is a flaw in many of us. You are no better than anyone.

I have always said, “Someone will KNOW more than you or HAVE more than you do.”

This is where you need to sit back and treat others as an equal.  

You may have more than others or know more than the next but that can always change in one day.

So always be humble and see things in other’s eyes.

As you begin to start loving who you are a lot of these flaws will fade.

Your self-esteem will sky-rocket and others will start to flock to you because POSITIVE ENERGY will radiate from you!

People and yourself will see a glow about you.  

Steps to take to change the way you feel about yourself

Acknowledge your flaws. I have listed 3, there are many.

  • Look in the mirror and point out what is best about you.
  • Work on fixing the negative habits.
  • Tell yourself that YOU love YOU!

Loving yourself first

Changes take time, and can not happen overnight, be persistent and then you will be able to say you truly love another because you LOVE YOURSELF!

Accepting who you are will bring confidence and you will see a new kind of happy.

New people, new opportunities, and a new lifestyle will arise with loving yourself.


So how many of us can actually say WE LOVE OURSELVES? Comment below to help others change their outlook on themselves.

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5 Responses

  1. Michael Noker
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I think the biggest thing for me was learning to appreciate myself for just being human – an authentic, quirky, weird, occasionally deeply flawed human in every sense of the word. I even got it tattooed on my rib cage to remind myself that I am, in fact, always going to be human.

    And there’s something really beautiful and lovable about that.
    Michael Noker recently posted…Uber Driver Diaries: “I got a big dick now”My Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Thanks for stopping by Michael im gonna checkout your work

  2. Elise Cohen Ho
    | Reply

    Great post. It seems that several people are writing about self worth right now. I am happy to see that as we start leading into the holiday season.

  3. ravi
    | Reply

    Much obliged to you for sharing this! I think the greatest thing for me was figuring out how to welcome myself for simply being human – a legitimate, peculiar, bizarre, once in a while profoundly defective human in each feeling of the word. I even got it inked on my rib confine to advise myself that I am, truth be told, continually going to be human.

    What’s more, there’s something extremely lovely and adorable about that.

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