5 Herbs That Boost Your Energy Levels

Polly Tlg has always been interested in holistic and alternative ways of healing.

Ayurveda and yoga are the best medicines for her. Deeply intuitive she finds that true healing surpasses the boundaries of the physical body and embraces the emotional, energetic and subtlest layers of our being.

Polly helps people to know how to be healthy and beautiful using only natural remedies. She is an expert in Shilajit, what is one of the main superfood of Ayurveda.

She believes that nature is the best source of human health.
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The first thing many want to do when they feel exhausted is to grab a cup of coffee or open up a can of cola. While these may give a quick energy boost, using them comes at a heavy price … Read More

20 Benefits of healthy eating

Aleksa is a freelance health writer with a Master's degree in Pharmacy.
His main fields of interest are nutrition, herbal medicine, and a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
He found a way to merge his two biggest passions—writing and health—and use them for noble purposes.
Ultimately, Aleksa’s mission is to inspire the readers to improve their wellbeing and live their lives to the fullest.
Aleksa Ristic

In this new article, we are talking about the many benefits of healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get started. Willing to make some positive changes to your diet but still need a push in the right direction? … Read More

Loving yourself first! How to feel better about yourself

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My name is Jess Blevins and I'am mommy Of 3. I love helping those grow around me. Started blogging to make a difference to people's lives and to grow myself. We often learn from our own advice and I love hearing others point of view on things.
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Loving yourself! Can you honestly say you love another person but not yourself? Many of us put ourselves last and everyone else first. To truly love, you first have to love yourself. Of course, we all have flaws! Not one … Read More