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Looking at things with a brighter perspective!

Turning a negative to a positive for many!

Living in a world of hate it seems almost impossible to keep a “positive perspective”.

As intelligent beings you would think we would know right from wrong.

A lot of us are not mentally understood and that frustrates the one with the invisible illness, which can bring on violence.

There are many forms of depression that many can not relate to unless you have lived the life of one who has.

To help those that suffer from such illnesses we need to observe instead of judging. Then there are some that just wake up and their day just can’t get any better.

It is our job as people to shine a light on those that need it most to help them gain a better, more positive perspective of their situation

Depression does not have to visible to you to be very real to someone else.

Learn more about depression from BetterHelp.

Some ways to overcome negative feelings or help yourself if you suffer from depression are:

  • Surround yourself around those that bring positive vibes.
  • Avoid gaslighting relationships.
  • Look at the best in what is around you.
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are AMAZING.

Looking at things with a brighter more positive perspective

The first part of gaining a positive perspective is learning to love oneself. This can not happen overnight, and can even take years, but keep pushing, you can change your outlook on everything. 

Remember, we don’t all have perfect days. It is our job to complement each other and remind others they are important.

Reach out and bring a smile to a loved one or a complete stranger.

Do you ever wonder how your bad day would turn out if someone took the time to remind you that you are amazing? Together we can change the outlook on some to help then get a more positive perspective on life.

Have you ever gone into a restaurant and paid it forward? 

Today I want you to do just that, to pay it forward and bring a smile to someone and make their day a little brighter. Comment below what you did to make someone smile. Then tell us how it made you feel.

We as humans take advantage of what we have, believe me there are people that have way less than you and I.

Ever thought to yourself maybe the person with an attitude may have personal struggles at home? A positive gesture may save a person’s life that day. With so much drama around us we need to make a change. Make it a habit and not just a trend.

By sharing with us what good you did you will inspire others to do something Positive.  It’s your time to bring a rainbow to someone’s storm!

So your challenge for today is:

Smile at someone just because, Ask someone how their day is going.  Pay full/half price for the person behind you at the restaurant. Whatever you decide to do you will find you feel great about yourself!

Let me know the reactions you get in the comments below

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5 Responses

  1. Gerald Talbott
    | Reply

    Well written Jess, a smile costs nothing and may turn someone’s day or week around. Peace and respect, JerryT

    • Jess Blevins

      Hey! And you are so right! And you know I love to smile!! 😀 Been a minute since I have seen you around! Hope all is well your way Gerald!

  2. Dexter Roona
    | Reply

    There is a great movie that highlights the Pay If Forward mentality, if you have not seen it i recommend to watch, you will probably find it on Netflix or Amazon…. here is the link to the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfW0wCV9iFI
    Dexter Roona recently posted…How to grow your Instagram followersMy Profile

  3. Easy Web Plans
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing such valuable content. My Personal opinion is that doing yoga or meditation daily and spend time with family and friends always helps you to remove your negativity.

  4. Dr. Dawn
    | Reply

    Positive perspective is everything!

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