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Getting something back for your content – Flii.by

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UPDATE  19/8/2018 – Fliiby has now closed down

Hi everybody,

After 11 years of operating Fliiby and more than 200 million visitors globally, we’re shutting down the service today.


Introducing Fliiby

We all post our pictures, moments and news in many social networks and there isn’t anything beneath the usage of the social networks, coming back us, the content creators.

The good news is that change is happening as there are more and more social platforms that are giving back to those who created the valuable content. And that is exactly what Fliiby is now doing.

I started with Fliiby some days ago and the platform looks good and has some potential. So I decided to ask the CEO from Fliiby a few questions.



Nemanja: “Hello and first we would like to thank you for taking time to talk to the Fliiby team, my name is Nemanja and I’m one of Founders of Fliiby Platform”

What is Fliiby social platform?

Nemanja: Fliiby is digital content publishing platform that enables creative people to publish, share and monetise their digital content with the power of the Fliiby community.
Fliiby enables users to upload any type of digital content: images, videos, audio, documents and other file types and have all their digital work in one place. On top of this Fliiby provides a monetisation program that is ad revenue based. We share revenue with our users when revenue is generated by our ad display program which is very similar to Youtube’s partner program.

How much do you earn on what activity?

Nemanja: “There are 2 ways to earn revenue on Fliiby. The first happens when users visits your content and advertising is displayed. This is what we call  monetised view.

Fliiby will charge advertisers for their advertising performance and you as owner of file earn a % of that revenue.
Earning can go up and down. It is the advertisers are the ones that set how much they wanna pay for ad impressions.

For example if a visitor who see’s advertising is from US the advertiser might pay 10$ for 1000 impressions but for India it will pay only 0.10$. We calculate everything and you see average CPM in your account.
Users can have more views then monetised views because sometimes we can’t display advertising (Ad Blocker, No Ad Inventory etc..)

The referral program

This something that we introduced about a year a go. We pay our users for helping us grow the community. We will pay you 1$ for every Publisher you bring to Fliiby. Publishers are users that are accepted into the monetisation program.

Users do not earn revenue for : likes, comments or follows. Some users thought that we paid for this actions but unfortunately this actions creates a fake effect. Liking everything that is available is not the point. We would prefer members to create and share original content and enjoy the work of others.”

Where does name Fliiby come from?

Nemanja:  “Fliiby was started by 2 brothers Vujadin and Nemanja and it came from our sleeping room (first version) our office is now in Novi Sad, Serbia”.

Where will Fliiby in 2 years?

Nemanja: “Hardest question ever… but our goal is to get to 10.000.000 users with at least 100.000 Publishers. If we can get there then the sky is the limit. We believe that this can be achievable goal.
We wan’t Fliiby to become the go to place to share cool and interesting content and that people love to visit.”

When will there be an iPhone app available?

Nemanja: “The Android application will be out in next few days in August 2016 (Alpha version is live but closed testing). When we confirm that everything is working with the platforms API then we plan to create IOS app. I hope it will be done by November but I can’t guarantee. It might happen sooner since I have an Iphone 6s and I need it also. ;-)”

My Fliiby page

I like the way the user is guided to add a good description, a speaking title and a few Tags to each post. 

What I enjoy most, this is the feeling that your content has some value. Over time you receive monetization for your efforts. I will keep you updated with my results on Fliiby and share some of my most creative content with you.

Detlev Artelt

Detlev Artelt 

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  1. Ron Callari
    | Reply

    Great interview Detlev. Recently I was able to submit a proposal to Nemanja in a recent convo I held with him via Skype a couple of weeks back. It pertained to “Charities” and a request that Flii.by consider adding a DONATION feature to the network, allowing users to donate earnings directly to charities or by conducting challenges. He will be presenting this idea to his investors in early September.

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