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Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business?

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In this new article, we return to a favorite topic of ours, SEO, and ask the question “Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business?”

Let’s get started!


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Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business

SEO is now mentioned in all the articles that show you how you can build an online business.

But most people who are not “Tech-Savvy” don’t know what SEO means.
In simple terms, Search Engine Optimizations is the practice of ensuring a website’s compliance with all search engine guidelines so it can rank in the result pages when someone searches a relevant query.
Ignoring SEO is out of the question these days if you want to build a successful online business.

Every marketer and businessman has to ensure that they are improving the SEO of their websites.
But there is a debate among marketers about the importance of SEO and how much you have to work on it.

Many will tell you that it’s crucial and your business can’t survive without it.
On the other hand, you will also see people saying that SEO is dead and you would only be wasting your time – which is wrong.

SEO is important, but you can still run a successful business without it

It’s most certainly not dead yet; it has, however, evolved from what it used to be a few years ago.

Its value also depends on the type of business you are running.

If you are running a business whose sole source of sales is the internet, you must invest in SEO.

For example, targeting keywords using the right SEO techniques allows you to close more sales.
A new business is usually looking for quick sources of sales, which SEO can’t do.

It takes at least six months before you start seeing any results, and that also depends on the online competition.
A better option for a new business is paid advertising such as PPC to get a quick return on investment while the effects of SEO start to work.

Every businessperson should invest in SEO if they are not tight on budget as it offers benefits that contribute directly to the success of a business.

You need to know SEO Tactics and Methods in 2021 as its benefits that directly contribute to the success of a business.


Don’t let the competition get ahead of you

You should push your limit to invest in SEO to stay in line with your competition.

If you look at the “Careers” section of any major business, you will find that they are hiring SEO experts regularly.
So if you are not investing your time, money, and effort in SEO, you are not doing the right thing.

You have to evaluate the goals you want to achieve and figure out how SEO can help you achieve those goals.
One of the best things about running an online business is that it’s easy even for beginners.


Business is easy compared to what it was a few decades ago

Many millionaires nowadays started their online businesses with a humble budget and now have built amazing brands.
Today, we have more opportunities than ever, especially since the boom of the internet.

SEO allows you to cash in on the opportunities that you have at your disposal.
These opportunities have also increased the competition in every industry.

No matter what niche or area of operations you choose, there will be strict competition.
If you are scaling, you are going backward because of the competitive markets.
This makes SEO even more important because all your competitors are most probably already doing it.

They are ahead of you, and the margin will keep increasing until you are out of the market.
Taking a look at the SEO authority of a website, like checking its ranking against keywords, can show you the areas where you can apply better SEO strategies than your competitors.
If they are not using SEO to their benefit, you have an opportunity to give you an edge over them.
Out of many proven ways of increasing sales, online research has shown that more than half of the marketers believe that SEO is the most important and effective digital marketing tactic that should not be ignored.


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Source – Marketing Charts


You have to provide the best UX (user experience)

Buyers nowadays don’t like going outside and spending hours finding the right product for their needs.

It’s a lot easier doing a quick web search and finding relevant products.
SEO focuses on impressing search engines, and they focus on impressing their users.

When they show the top recommendations, they want to make sure that these results are best for their users.

If they fail to provide the best experience, their users will switch to another search engine.
You have to provide the best user experience on your website as an SEO practice to rank on the first of search engine result pages.
When the user comes to your website, he should feel like he landed in the right place and will find the solution to his problem right here.
It all breaks down to making your business relevant to your customers.

Using the right headings, keywords and providing valuable content on your website helps you build a relevant brand for your customers.

The user experience mainly depends on the website design and content

You have to make sure that everything is in easy access for the visitor and it doesn’t take long for the website to load.
You have to ensure that the user gets every piece of information and resource he can need, and that also in the most engaging manner possible.
The visitor is more likely to become a lead or customer when you impress them with a great experience.

On top of that, search engines are also impressed with a good user experience.
With SEO, you get to impress all your prospects when the user experience improves.
Search engines check the experience on your website and even monitor the behavior of visitors.

If they see the visitor clicked the back button right or did something not considered positive behavior, it will not look good for your website on result pages.
The best thing is, even if you don’t have a degree in consumer psychology and don’t know how to impress your website visitors using SEO, you can hire SEO experts to do it for you.


Guest posting builds your brand image

Out of the main SEO tactics for improving the authority of a website, guest posting is one of the most important SEO tactics that has so many benefits that it had to be discussed in a separate heading.
A guest post is a piece of content that you publish on a relevant website as a guest author.
It helps you improve search engine rankings, increase website traffic, spread awareness, and build a brand – allowing you to rev the hearts of your prospects.
It is practiced to reach out to visitors of other websites.

They read your article and get to know about you.

If your post provides value to the readers, they will think of you as an industry leader.

Many of them are your potential customers, and they will be more willing to do business with you if they see you as a competent and skilled person.

There is usually a link to your website in each guest post, which creates a path for them to visit you.
Guest posts are usually not a sales pitch.

They are written like a blog to provide information and value to readers.

But there are many difficulties you have to face when publishing tens of guest posts – it’s a very long and hectic process.

You will have to find:

  • Relevant websites
  • Contact their managers
  • Make a deal
  • Write unique articles
  • Send for publishing


Organic SEO source of sales

The goal of SEO is to rank on search engine result pages when someone searches a specified set of words.

They will see your result and click on it to visit your website.

If you are convincing enough, they will become a lead or a customer.
You won’t get any sales if you don’t get any website visitors.

Most businesses have to invest in paid advertising to attract customers.

You often have to pay for each visitor who may or may not convert to a customer.

But SEO creates an organic source of sales where you don’t have to pay for any visitor.

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Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business? – Takeaways

SEO is not difficult especially when your site is WordPress-based. It is something that can be learned very quickly simply by reading a good SEO guide.

But beware not everyone who offers free information knows what they are talking about so read more than one SEO guide.

I would suggest 5 or 6 and then you will start to see a pattern of what everyone is doing.

I’m not suggesting that because everyone does something you should just follow what they do.

But if everyone is doing something it is an area that needs more investigation because it could be a shortcut for your SEO learning.

What you do need with SEO is a lot of patience, results just don’t come overnight.

You will also need a lot of common sense, you need to judge if what you are doing is good or bad.

And finally, you will need lots of time.

Onpage SEO is pretty simple and quick to implement when you have an SEO plugin.

Its really just formating text, naming images, and linking the time is taken up in creating valuable content and keeping it fresh and SEO friendly


That’s all for now!

So do you have a site that you have optimized for SEO?

Perhaps you are paying someone to optimize your site?

Was it money well spent?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Regards Dexter

Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business?
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Is SEO really necessary for the success of a business?
In this new article, we return to a favorite topic of ours, SEO, and ask is SEO really necessary for the success of a business? Let's get started!
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