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Increase Your Social Reach With CoPromote

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I always get inspired when I come across a new site or app that is going to take the time that I spend on the web more productive. I am always looking for useful tools and resources to help me to work smart and I am happy to say I have come across a very useful site that just ticks all the boxes for me as a blogger and marketer.

Introducing CoPromote

Bloggers, marketers, photographers, artists, we all have something in common and that is we want the content that we produce to be seen by the biggest audience possible. Social media is an absolute must as social sharing is the fastest way to get your message to your audience. CoPromote gives you the ability to take your message above and beyond your normal reach when you share on your social channels.

Here is how it works

CoPromote is a social sharing community that allows you to connect your Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Youtube. You can then load content you have added to these channels to your CoPromote account and boost their social reach. Just select one of the social sites that you have added

  1. Select boost on the menu bar at the top of the page. You are presented with the page as highlighted in the image below.
  2. Choose one of your social channels, in my example I selected Twitter
  3. Select the Tweet you want to boost. I’m boosting my 8App Introduction And Getting Started Guide
  4. Add relevant tags to help members find your content
  5. Review your post
  6. And then just click boost


Your content is then on the system and ready to be shared by members. But to get shares you need something called “Reach” and to get Reach Credits you need to share other member’s content. That’s how the system works you share content in exchange for your content being shared, it’s a reciprocation type deal.


The image above shows my CoPromote profile and the stats that my newly boosted tweet is achieving. 13.4k new people reached when I screen captured the image. I can now report a couple of hours later that my reach is now up over 32000.

So this all sounds great, but what’s the catch?

Well, you are right, there is a catch. And the catch is you can only boost one piece of content per social channel. So one tweet, one Facebook post, one Instagram picture. You can, however, choose a payment option and unlock additional boosts per social channel.

My strategy for using the free version of CoPromote

Create a new article on your blog. You tweet your article, then add it to your Facebook Page. You share the images you use in the blog to Instagram and Tumblr and then you use your CoPromote boost allocation on each of the channels for that one article.

Each boost is in the rotation for 7 days. And for 7 days you are increasing your reach across multiple social platforms. And of course, you can stop active boosts before the 7 days are up and boost new content if you wish.

CoPromote is a great free way to get seen more and explode your social reach

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4 Responses

  1. sue bride
    | Reply

    I’m pleased you like Co-Promote. What I like about it the most is you can pick and choose which content to boost, based on the categories/keywords you choose, so there’s nothing spammy about it. You boost posts that suit your own topics. It’s just like finding content to share or retweet on the social media platforms themselves. I’ve not only had my own boosts shared but picked up a fair few relevant followers too. So there’s a permanent benefit to boosting your own content.

    • Dexterroona

      Hi yes it is not bad at all, i would however like the ability share Fb posts to groups or my timeline rather than my FB page
      Dexterroona recently posted…How to grow your 8App followersMy Profile

  2. Benny Mark
    | Reply

    Hello InfoBunny,
    You did a nice analysis of Co-Promote. Social Sharing is gradually becoming a norm for cutting across wider audience, and services like Co-Promote and making it easy to achieve as not all of such services are user friendly.
    Great Post, I will go ahead and give Co-Promote a try and see how well it works.
    Keep up the good work!
    Benny Mark recently posted…Google Allo Messaging App ReviewMy Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      your welcome, thanks for taking the time to comment

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