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Get more backlinks and social shares

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How do you get more backlinks and social shares to your site? Here are our thoughts and ideas on how to do it here at Infobunny.

A website without any backlinks is a website without friends. Backlinks are navigation links from someone else’s site to yours. The more popular the site linking to you the better. So knowing this we often clamor to get as many backlinks as we can because let’s face it the cool kids only hang with the cool kids. In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas on how to get more backlinks and social shares.

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Firstly let’s address the cool kids issue for a minute. The cool kids are the authority sites and blogs that carry some weight if they backlink to you. The problem being they really only tend to stick together. They don’t like to link to a site that doesn’t have a proven consistent track record.

Here are some of the reasons why

  1. Authority sites are some of the most trusted on the web. It just makes no sense for them to refer visitors to articles and blogs that have no influence on Google. TrustRank, as we know, is a key ranking factor with off-page SEO so if Google is not ranking what your writing then authority sites just won’t acknowledge what you do no matter how good it is.

And that is about it really ;-), no real need to investigate other reasons. You are not on their or Google radar, end of story. But all is not lost, you are just going to have to work.

How To Get more backlinks and social shares

If you are not prepared to work you may as well stop reading now But if you are prepared to work hard and be consistent then you will see results. If you want to work and see results then keep reading.

Your on-page SEO has to be good

If you want to get more backlinks and more shares then you first need to make Google your friend. Your search engine optimization has to be on point to get you any kind of traction. You have to start to appear in searches.

The more you appear the more you start to become recognized. This leads us nicely to branding.

Create your brand

Your site needs to be recognizable. You must brand your own personal image or create a logo you can brand. Create something that is recognizable. Use your brand on your site your social channels, on sites that you guest blog for. Spread your brand far and wide and link it back to your own site or blog.

Social channels are key to become visible

Sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Pinning your images on Pinterest are your way to fast track your visibility. Posting on social media creates social signals to your site. This is really the start if the process to enable you to get more backlinks and will, of course, bring you more social shares. Post regularly and consistently to all your social channels. But don’t make the mistake of just sharing your own content. You must share or reshare related content to grab the attention of the content creator.

There are an awful lot of bloggers in the same position as you. They also struggle to get backlinks and to be found. You need to create a base of blogging friends who you follow, who you engage with who have the same common goal as you. A team of bloggers all working together will bring you backlinks, will rocket your traffic. Other bloggers will help you become visible on Google. Commenting on other bloggers blogs is a huge way to start to get noticed. Comments will often result in reciprocal comments and this is good for your SEO as it proves there is a conversation about your content. Obviously this brings traffic and in turn, all of this tweaks googles attention to evaluate your content.

It is all about relationships

It really is. People buy from people, you do business with other. Everything revolves around our relationships with other bloggers and how we engage with them. You don’t just bag authority backlinks you have to build a foundation. It’s the foundation that is key. And let’s not forget as members of your blogging start to rise up the authority ranks so do you.

Let’s say you have built up a relationship with someone who as a result of working hard and being consistent is now getting results with Google the same results you’re looking for. Well, it has become a lot easier for you to move up because you have a relationship with them. It is going to be much easier and more likely to get a backlink from them or to even get a guest blogging spot on their blog. What if one of your inner circle of blogging friends becomes an authority site?

Authority sites link to authority sites and are far more likely to backlink to someone they know and trust who have also proven themselves to be consistent. 

So how do we start the process?

Just share related content on your social channels. Build the conversation and then you can start to reach out to other bloggers. You will even find that other bloggers start to reach out to you

Building relationships will bring you opportunity

Extra steps to build backlinks

The Broken Link method

Broken links, unchecked will kill your SEO Profile with Google. So one method to build backlinks to your own site is to find broken links on related sites. You then contact the webmaster with a message like

Hello, I recently visted your blog article “Title Here” and found that you have a dead link on your post. I have been researching this subject and found another site that has similar content, here is the link to a post that you might want to swap with the broken link “link to your page here”. 

You then add in a bit more about there post, what you liked, your thoughts any ideas you have and then you tell the webmaster that you have shared the post on your social channels.

Tag the member in any shares you make if they are also on the sites you share too.

The Broken Link method is a great way to gain one-way backlinks to your site. You have done the webmaster a service so you have a very good chance of a backlink. At worse, you will get a visit from the webmaster and a reciprocal comment of your site.

Now it can be a time-consuming process to find dead backlinks 

Here is how you find broken links fast.

First, find relevant websites in your niche that have resources pages. You can find them by using these search queries in Google below

      • your keyword + links
      • your keywords + resources
      • keywords inurl:links

So if I wanted to build backlinks to this article I would search “get more backlinks + links”

You can then check the pages with  Check My Links which is a really useful Google Chrome Extension. Just download it and check the search results for broken links and then reach out to the webmaster when you find them.

Get more backlinks and social shares

Join a blogging community

I highly recommend that you find an join a blogging community. The Power Affiliate Club is a great Facebook community to join. In fact, it is how I became a resident author over on Pac Club 😉


Get more social shares

This is as easy as it gets just create a ViralContentBee account and let the magic happen. I’m not going to go into any detail about VCB because I have already written a great ViralContentBee Guide 😉

Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is the most effective way to reach new audiences. By publishing articles on other popular websites, you’ll get your content in front of new readers and win more exposure. Sometimes, it’s not just about the backlink, but about increasing your online reputation or your social media followers. The Power Affiliate Club Facebook Group ( already linked above) is a great active community of bloggers where you can find guest blogging opportunities.

Create Infographics or images that visitors can embed in their own pages

This is all about creating content that visitors can take and use as their own to make their own posts look better. You simply create great images and then supply them with the embed code that they can cut and paste into their own page. You can pick up one-way backlinks with this method. Again it is time-consuming to do this but the worse case scenario is that you have created a great image that can go viral on Pinterest. Build those social signals 😉

Get more backlinks and social shares

Get more backlinks and social shares – Takeaways

Above are just a few ways to start to get backlinks. It is going to take some effort on your part. You are going to need to be consistent and you are going to have to build relationships. Engagement is required. If you just create and share your own content your not going to get the desired results. If you share related content from friends and followers, you not only build your network but you will also leverage them to share for you and to ultimately backlink your pages.

That’s all for now. Did you find my Get more backlinks and social shares article useful?

Join the conversation and leave us your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to subscribe to comments so that you get my replies and better still opt-into our mailing list and never miss another post again

Regards Dexter

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  1. Solomon
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    Thanks for the great article, since I started blogging about 4 months ago, I have been unable to secure a backlink from high authority websites, they only make the link no follow and that is when they want to accept the link at all, and I learnt buying backlink is not advisable, so as to avoid Google’s avoidable penalty…I will try and go through your article once again, so as to apply it properly. Thanks a lot
    Solomon recently posted…See how much Davido claimed he made from his 30 Billion concert in December 2017My Profile

    • Dexter Roona

      Yes, you are correct, never, ever pay for backlinks. Its just a waste of money and a big penalty from Google awaits.
      Dexter Roona recently posted…How to get more Facebook LikesMy Profile

  2. Fred Harrington
    | Reply

    Unfortunately this is where most blogs fail. It’s easy to write posts but it’s harder to get eyeballs on them.

    I’m a fan of relationship building and guest blogging because I think most people can do these easily enough if they are willing to put a little effort in.

    • Dexter Roona

      Yes and that’s why we started the article asking if readers are willing to put in the work.

  3. Kuzey
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    Nice article…
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    Fantastic article – quite a few ideas I’ve never considered. You’re right about one thing though – it’s a lot of work but totally worth it. Thanks for the great read.

  5. Bluetechno
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    A community, a base of blogging friends is the key. Whether there is a community it’s a win-to-win situation. Moreover infographics attract more attention as you said. Also I respect your opinion for the Broken Link method, I think you are right. Great article!

    • Dexter Roona

      The Broken Link method is a huge amount of work. Only a certain percentage will ever agree as bloggers are more and savvier on the intent of any emails they receive.
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  6. Erika Mohssen-Beyk
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    Like always you have useful information for us. I am sure many will find new helpful tips and ways to get more backlinks.I did not know about the broken links and will look how this check my links works out.
    Joining a blogging community like PAC certainly helps a lot.
    Thank you

    • Dexter Roona

      I have never had a message that one of my links is broken because I have a broken link checker that emails me when there is a problem for me to fix. Broken links are a problem for SEO

  7. Asad
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    You are right that backlinks cannot be made easily. A lot of hard work is required. Your tricks are worth noting in mind by new bloggers/website owners like us that are new in this field. For social media sharing, we may also use LinkedIn that give us access to a lot of connections at a time. Facebook groups are also a very good platform just search for adertisemen and you get search suggestions. Thanks
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    Great information Dexter. So many website owners struggle to get backlinks and social shares but you’ve got some good ideas here.

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    TRUE, that’s what we do in our company and fortunately it helping our company to be more productive in terms of having a clients or customer, and that is because of the social shares using the facebook and twitter, posting news for updating website and thats a really big help.

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    How you manage to keep churning out such powerfully informative posts like this is beyond me mate! Guest authoring is one of my favorite ways to build back links and build a network. I’m still working on getting my images and other graphics down to a regular format for posting. Keep up the good work mate!

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    Thanks Dexter. I did not know the method about finding broken links. If I use your ideas, I’ll link to you. I’m also planning an article about how to get links in May.

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