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5 Easy Ways to Grow your Twitter Following

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5 Easy Ways to Grow your Twitter Following

Do you want to grow your Twitter following and build your client base?

Or are you just concerned about growing your Twitter following in the bid to become a celebrity figure?

Well, whatever the intent is about growing your Twitter following, I will share with you everything you need to know about growing an engaged Twitter following.

Noticed the italicized word above?

An engaged Twitter account with less than 500 followers is better than an account with say 10,000 followers with little or no engagements.

Back in the day. I used to be keen on growing a large Twitter account following.

The only problem though was that I never got the expected results; my blog’s comment, social shares, and likes didn’t increase.

It was a sad and painful experience. I wasted so much time joining different social networking sites that promised to help grow a Twitter following. I even went as far as buying followers,  And still, I was unable to achieve my intended goals.

So, in 2015 through to now, I have radically changed my approach and it has made a big difference.

Some of the strategies I deployed and that proved effective in helping me grow an engaged Twitter following are what I have shared with you in this post.

So, if you are really serious about learning how to grow an engaged Twitter following then continue to read on.

1: Modify your profile 

Users make the silly mistakes. They make generic accounts with no tangible and genuine description of themselves or their business or site. In fact, their profile picture is some generic picture taken from Google and what they post on their Twitter feed is nothing to write home about.

Really, that’s not a good thing to do if you are about growing a Twitter following let alone an engaged one.

You have got to be really committed to setting things in order, from your profile picture to your bio and to the things you share.

In 2016, I finally came to an in-depth knowledge of who I am, what I was supposed to be doing and who I was meant to be serving. So, I took the initiative of reworking my Twitter profile and that was exactly what I did.

Here is what I did

First I changed my Twitter cover. Then I changed my profile to a more appealing one, which justifies my professional self. And then i changed my twitter color scheme and of course re-worded my bio.

I didn’t stop there. I also went further to let go of all the members and accounts I have followed from when the account was created.

Now, that was a tough decision but I had to take it anyway.

And so far, I have been following only relevant people who match my profile and who shares the kinds of things I would want to read or contribute to.

Doing these things has helped me grow my account proportionately but more importantly, it has afforded me the opportunity to grow an engaged Twitter account of people who love, comment, and retweet the things I share. All of the above also helps you to optimize your Twitter for SEO son that your tweets can be found outside of the platform.

2: Follow relevant people 

This tip is really important if you are to get the best results from your Twitter account.

Many times, in the bid to grow their Twitter following, people get stuck in following everyone and everything.

That’s not the way to grow your Twitter following, no!

The way to grow your Twitter following is simply following relevant people, people who are industry leaders, motivational beings, folks who have active followers themselves and ones who join in on conversations.

“How do I find these folks, Sam?”

Well, that’s a great question!

There are a plethora of ways to do this and yes, there are many third-party tools like Wefollow, ManageFlitter, Tweepi; all these apps help you find relevant people to follow by helping to analyze their profiles, bio, and their engagement.

If you are like me then you love to do this manually. You might want to map out time to sit with your laptop. Cup of coffee on the table and just keep looking at the social influencers followers and following only their active followers.

I do this all the time and it has proven to work perfectly for me. The only thing though is that you might want to set a Saturday/Sunday to do that.

By the way, these 17 Social Media Monitoring Tools will make a huge difference and really help make your life much easier as you try to grow your Twitter following.


3: Tweet interesting stuff 

The secret of achieving lifelong success via Twitter or any other channel is content!

“Content is the King!”

You have heard that over and over again, right? It really is the King.

People engage with folks who are inspiring, informative, educating, humorous and entertaining.

If you can try to be one, two or all of these things to people, you will grow your Twitter following in no time. Don’t be surprised if you start getting more invites to speak or train people. That’s the result of sharing your awesomeness consistently.

You might be wondering what you could share to achieve the above reality.

  • Quotes are a great way to get people energize and fired up.
  • Images and videos are also a great way to get people engaged.
  • Thoughtful questions are great too as people love to show their level of intelligence every now and then.
  • And yes, you could also jump on conversations, contribute your awesomeness, ask questions, answer them, retweet and respond wittily!

When you do this effectively and religiously, you will soon start to reap the rewards of actively engaging and sharing interesting stuff!

Should you read this great article about content marketing strategies. My friend, Oleg did justice in sharing all that you need to know about the phenomenon. 


4: Respond to tweets from large accounts 

Responding to folks who are relevant and who have large followings will further help you grow your own following.

I do this but not all the time. And the few times I have tried it, it has helped me get seen, followed and hired.

See, when you respond to a giant in your industry, you get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with a bigger crowd. The moment you respond to their tweets, you are immediately exposed to hundreds and thousands of people who will want to follow and partner with you someday soon.

The secret though is in sharing a deep-rooted lesson from your own experience but remember you only have just 140 characters to communicate that.


5: Twitter Chats 

Twitter chats are a great way to grow your twitter following!

I tried it in 2016 when I was preparing for my first ever LIVE event and it proved to be effective. It helped me grow my following over 200% and I got more retweets and comments on my posts.

How it works:

  • Set a topic
  • Get a trainer
  • Pick a date and a time
  • Promote the event
  • Set the ball rolling

That’s all there is to it!

Twitter Chats are a great way to network and meet new people, and if you give it your best shot, it can help you grow your Twitter account as well as help you improve your client base.

5 Easy Ways to Grow your Twitter Following – Wrapping Up

These are the 5 Easy Ways to grow your Twitter Following and I am sure if you can take your time to religiously follow all of the five steps, you will achieve all of your set goals and maybe more.

Are there things you feel I missed out? Please feel free to share it with me as comments. Thanks!


Sam Adeyinka

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  1. Dexter Roona
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    Where do Twitter Lists fit into your strategy?
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    • Sam Adeyinka

      First off, thanks so much, Dexter, for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with your audience. I do appreciate.

      And t answer your question, Twitter List should and would come handy in step 2 and 5.

      So when you find relevant people who share the same interests as you, then go ahead and add them to a Twitter List. And should you join Twitter Chats, be sure to create a list of those who engaged with you during the chats and constantly create talk time with them…

      …the secret though, is to add value to their lives by sharing great CONTENT and sharing the hell out of their stuffs. Chances are they will see, appreciate and do the same for you.

      Hope this was helpful?


    • Dexter Roona

      Yes very. Happy you have added your voice to Infobunny. Let me know when you have something else to add regards Dexter

  2. Bogdan
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    You’ve made me realize that I neglected Twitter as a source of audience. I simply put a “Follow Me” button on the blog and that was all. I’m going to consider and apply your tips.
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  3. Rama Moorthy
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    First, I thank Twitter for their wonderful service in the engaging community of people together. Today, while checking Twitter I found this title eye-catching and clicked to read the entire article.
    Twitter and Instagram are really two most important social media profiles to create a brand for any business.

    Every blogger should have to put great efforts to transform their social profile into a high converting lead driving source. Likewise, your curated points are so valuable for everyone to tweak their profile for the better conversion.

    I have some loopholes in my profile which I am going to correct this time using the tips you have written here.

    Thanks for this article Sam!

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    Very good article with very useful information.

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    Very good article with very useful information.
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