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Nano Blogging – are you a Nano Blogger?

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Nano Blogging

Are you a Nano Blogger? Is there even such a thing in real blogging terms?

We do have Micro-Blogging after all. 

If you run a Google search for the term nano blogger you will find that there is a result telling us that a

NanoBlogger is a small weblog engine written in Bash for the command line. It uses common UNIX tools such as cat, grep, and sed to create static blah blah blah”

And really not much else so not at all relevant to this article. If however, you search Nano Blogging you will see a site that talks all about Nano Blogging. The article that comes up is a kind of a spoof article that talks about a platform called Flutter, a nano-blogging service that uses 26 characters instead of 140 characters

There is a funny video on the site that makes fun of the whole idea of Twitter being a microblogging site and how Flutter uses even less text for their posts hence the phrase Nano Blogging site


But apart from making fun of the term Nano Blogging is there any terminology here that can be applied to real blogging? Well, maybe there is.

We recently saw an article on the Huffington Post by Sue Fennessy  The Rise Of The Namo Influencer where Sue explains:

Mathematically, a nano anything is 10 to the power of -9. Essentially, it’s one billionth of anything. In our world of over 7.5 billion people, that means the individual person is nano.

They used to call us consumers, and in the media industry, we are referred to as eyeballs ad ‘users’ but that would insinuate that we consume and don’t produce or create; which would be incorrect. In the world of social media, the nano are the most powerful people on the planet, and most don’t know their value.

They have one billionth of the world’s population in their immediate orbit. The average person has 8 friends and family who they are likely to engage with and influence, whether it’s passively or actively.

Basically, each and every one of us is an Influencer we all have a network and we all have value.

Could you apply a similar way of thinking and apply it Nano Blogging?

Well, firstly we need to stop thinking of this concept as in the character length of the article or blog and more in the total reach that is achieved and think of the blogger as more of a nano influencer. The point I’m trying to put across here is that a nano blogger is just an everyday blogger. They are not a big site who can command Google to shower them with traffic. They are not a Brian Dean who has learned how to build TrustRank. They are not a blogging guru like Neil Patel.

A nano blogger is a nano influencer that creates content with their blog. They are everyday bloggers. Each and every Nano Blogger has an audience and it’s looking to be heard. But like all things in life they need to learn and develop for this to happen. Here is how you can start to get traction today.

The Power of your GROUP and Nano Blogging

Ask any blogger and they will tell you it is tough getting seen. It’s not because what they do is not good. It is not because they have really badly optimized (SEO) pages tough that won’t help. It really comes down to the fact that Google does not trust them. The biggest influencer signal to gain trust is not how good your SEO is. And it’s not great content( if it;s not being seen how does Google know it’s great). And it is not about having a technically kickass site. It is about the quality of your backlinks.


Nano Blogging and the power of your group
The power of your group and Nano Blogging


You see everyone works hard on SEO as if that it the main contributor to ranking within the SERPS but it is not.

Check your competitors. How good is their SEO? You are going to find sites that rank way above you that just about have no SEO. Yet they are still way above you. It is all about trust and how Google measures trust. Yes optimize your content for SEO but you need to optimize your site for TrustRank.

So here is how you start

You need to read this article TrustRank – Does Google Trust Your Site

You are going to learn about why you need to create the boring and mundane pages on your site. The pages that Google looks for. You will hear about internal linking and linking out to authorities and resources and a whole lot more as well.

[tweetthis display_mode=”button_link”]When you understand TrustRank then it’s time to harness the power of your group rt @dexterroona #seo #trustrank #seo[/tweetthis] WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND TRUSTRANK THEN IT’S TIME TO HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR GROUP

1/ Get your content out on all your social channels. Are you on Facebook, Twitter? Is that all? cause you need more. You need to be posting on Google Plus. You need to be asking questions on Quora. Start to make some waves by consistently posting and engaging.

2/ Get yourself a ViralContentBee account and put your articles into rotation. ViralContentBee was set up by Social Media and Seo Expert Ann Smarty. VCB gives you

Free Relevant Traffic

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3/ Blogging Communities. Facebook, it is no secret if you are a regular to Infobunny that you know that I really don’t like Facebook and that I see Facebook is just a bad habit that you need to break. Unfortunately, occasionally you do have to pay them a visit. The true value and for me, the only value to Facebook is their communities.


There are some great blogging communities. The standout for me is Lesly Federici’s Power Affiliate Club. Again this is bloggers helping bloggers, learning from each other. Making connections, expanding their circle and social reach, harnessing the power of the group. 

You’re not going to get backlinks from big News sites or authorities in your niche. Not until at least you build up and get known. Expanding your circle like this increases your readership. It gets you backlinks that promote your pages and gives Google signals that you are around. Brings you guest writing opportunities if that is what you are looking for. It puts you out there and gives you that start that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Nano Blogging. So to conclude

Nano Blogging, it’s not a shortened version of Micro- Blogging. We see a Nano Blogger as a blogger who just likes to post. A content creator who has something to say but has limited ability to get the message seen. The Nano Blogger is valuable, powerful, and an Influencer especially when they harness the power of their group.





Power Affiliate Club (PAC)

SEO Smarty

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  1. Lesly T Federici
    | Reply

    Hey Dexter,
    This was interesting .. what came to mind is how Yoda would speak using Flutter … are you using it? And THANK YOU for the shout out! I appreciate that … the intern is working on getting conversation down to 10 words? Very, interesting. What platform do you think “sees” you more?

  2. vijay kumar
    | Reply

    Facebook, youtube, snapchat, whatsapp, Twitter… now flutter as well ;-). I hope this program will beat all. best of luck.

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