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Twitter SEO – How important is Twitter for SEO?

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Outside of Google Plus, Twitter is probably the next biggest social influence to affect your SEO and search engine results, if of course, you are setting yourself up for Twitter SEO success

This Infobunny article will give you some insights on how to improve your SEO for Twitter and ultimately your site or business for you to get better SERPS.

SEO is all about optimizing your content for the best results. It is not restricted to being used just on your site. Optimizing content on your social channels is now a must because when your social message is found on search results, your influence is spread far and wide while linking back to your site or business.

So here are some Twitter SEO tips to optimize your Twitter Account

Setting up your profile

This is probably the most important step and the most obvious yet you still see accounts that just don’t implement setting up the profile correctly. This first step applies to all social sites.

It all starts with branding, everything must be consistent between all your social channels. Use the same profile image on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Use the same picture to create a common theme.

Link your profile to your blog site or whatever your promoting. Your Bio, write a keyword rich bio that speaks

Your Bio, write a keyword rich bio that speaks about you or your site. Again make it consistent across all channels. Your Bio is often taken as the meta description by Google depending on the social site, so make it good

Your profile image and header need to be optimized. Google search optimal image size for your profile and headers so that your page both looks good and loads fast. Images that are too big will scale down but slow your site down. Images that are too small will resize up and go fuzzy and just look poor. Optimize your image sizes for a great look that loads fast. And don’t forget to consider how they look on mobile.


Ok let’s get more Twitter SEO specific

Your Tweets

You only have 140 characters to say what you need to say and get your hashtags in. It really is not a lot. Keywords, you have to get them in so that Google search knows what your tweet is about. Make your tweet text compelling to read, make followers click through. Make the tweet valuable to encourage re-tweets

Tweet Links

If you social share from your own pages then the link will carry your chosen keywords because you have already optimized your posts with on-page SEO, right? If however the link is long or it is not keyword based then you may need to shorten the link. There are a couple of key reasons for shortening the link

1/ Shortening the link gives you more characters for the tweet subject or tags

2/ If you shorten with Bitly you can specify a short link name so adding keywords


We all know what tags are, we have already covered them here…. but just to recap they are just really categories that members can search. If someone is interested in cats and your tweet is about cats, then you should be tagging your tweet with cats and other variants so you’re found.

Within your tweet add a Re-Tweet Credit so for me I add RT @dexterroona so that on every re-tweet my username is pushed out again. This is great for getting new followers and reflects very well on your Klout Score.

Twitter Lists and Moments

Lists and Moments are very important. Lists are more for channels management and Moments are big for SEO

Twitter lists allow you group followers into well lists. So, for example, I have a list called The8App where I can add anyone who is tweeting about The8App. When you add someone to a list they get a notification, which normally results in some engagement maybe even a follow. Lists are very important for growing your followers because they allow you to follow many members and at the same time keep your feed relevant and clean. How is this possible? Well, each list is an individual feed so you can just view a specific list to see what is going on without the clutter.

Moments allow you to group Tweets about a specific topic. This is what makes them great for SEO because you can create a feed that is specific and keyword rich. You have the ability to embed Moments so being able to create a showcase for a site, product or business.

Twitter SEO Optimizing Images

Manually tweet where possible. This allows you can add an image description of up to 420 characters to any image you upload. This gives Google something to index under search and Google Images.

Twitter SEO - Add a description to images that you manually Tweet


Optimizing your Twitter SEO really does allow you to further your social reach via Google Search. Optimizing Tweets really helps them to get indexed and adding image descriptions results in the images you upload being picked up by Google images. It’s all about linking back into your main event organically and boosting your views and hits and ultimately build your TrustRank so that Google loves and trusts your site




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