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Reasons To Use Phone Tracking Services For Your Business

In this new article, we discuss the reasons why your business should use phone tracking services to help grow the business.

Let us get started!

 Phone Tracking Services For Your Business

Reasons Why You Should Use Phone Tracking Services for Your Business

Running a business without using phone tracking services can be challenging.

Businesses are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and productivity.

On the ways to do this is by monitoring your business remotely using the tracking services.

For example, you might need these services so that you can monitor your employees, especially the drivers on the road.

It allows you to know where your employees are and what they are doing.

Obviously, there are some privacy concerns as well, but if you use these services responsibly, both the employees and the business will benefit from them.

Many businesses now use phone tracking services, as they can be used for various purposes.  

Here are 13 reasons why you should consider using phone tracking services for your business.

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1/ Tracking Time With Phone Tracking Services

If you have employees working from different locations, you can use the GPS time tracking to act as a time clock.

This way you will know for how long each employee has been working.

It helps increase productivity and it makes billing easier.

Sometimes your employees might be slacking, which is the last thing you want from them.

Keeping track of time will help you pay them accordingly.

More than that, your employees should appreciate this system as well.

For instance, if someone works overtime, the tracking service can be used to prove it.

This way, no one is “cheating” and employees are paid for their work.

Phone Tracking Services


2/ Phone Tracking Services – Navigation

For the employees that spend most of their time on the road, they must have GPS phone tracking to make it easier to move around.

You can monitor your employee to ensure that they are following the correct route.

It makes it easier to identify the employees who are not keen on their jobs or mishandling business resources.

You can use the Android Tracker to help you quickly navigate and access through loads of information to track the location of your employees.

The business owner can communicate to employees quickly if there are new orders to ensure timely delivery.

Therefore, the tracking service becomes a useful tool for the employees as well.

For the person who is driving it is a lot easier to focus solely on the road ahead, without having to worry about rerouting or checking whether they have the right direction.

It helps them save a lot of time, which enhances efficiency.


3/ Multiple Devices

You can track more than one device at a given time.

With the GPS phone tracking device, you can track more than one employee in different locations and establish the distance between them.

This feature can be used in numerous ways.

For instance, if you need to talk about a project face to face, you will instantly know which employees are closest to you and can make it in due time.

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4/ Tracking Lost Business Devices Using Phone Tracking Services

To run a business, it is required to use all the modern business tools, such as smartphones.

If an employee loses their phone, you can easily help track it.

If a device is stolen, you can help the police by providing the data from your tracking service. In most cases, you should be able to get your device back, or at least find the person responsible for taking it (if that is the case).

Additionally, to ensure the smooth running of the business, you can track the battery level of your employee’s devices.

If it is running out, you can advise them to take precautions so that it does not affect the running of business when it runs out.

This way, the employee won’t have to worry about constantly checking their battery level, and you can rest assured that the line of communication won’t fail you, or your customers.


5/ Promotes Accountability

An employee is likely to adhere to instructions and work better when they know they are being monitored.

They will work harder to ensure that they do not lag behind the schedule.

If they are driving, they will drive safely and at the prescribed speed.

This means there will be low rates of accidents thus lower insurance costs.

Obviously, constant surveillance is not necessary, and it can even make your employees feel anxious.

It is important that you let them know that the main purpose of the tracking service is to make things more efficient and monitor the safety of the employees.

It is essential that you disable the tracking service after work hours are done, there is no need to invade the privacy of your staff.


6/ Location-Based Networking

Another advantage of using GPS phone tracking services is that you and your employees can use the location-based networking.

You can easily locate one another for a meeting and to exchange documents.

This can be used alongside other location-based tools and internet connections.

More than that, you can estimate how much time a certain employee needs in order to reach a different location, which makes it easier to find the right persons for each task.

It makes it a lot simpler to plan ahead and decide the structure of certain teams.

If an employee needs some help, you can easily put him or her in touch with the colleague that is closer to that location.

In fact, employees can even have access to the tracking service so that they can communicate and set up meetings easily.


7/ Business management

Having a phone tracker facilitates better communication between the employer and the employees.

The employer can tell whether the employees spend office hours slacking on their jobs or not.

It aids better coordination and organization of the work.

If the employees have a looser work program, the tracking system will allow you to identify the most popular working hours.

For the employer, this is very useful, since this data can be used to improve the organization of the business.

For instance, if you discover that most of your employees prefer to work in the morning, but you need the entire day covered, you can hire people that live in a different time zone so that they can take the “night shift”.

You might not realize this at first, but a tracking service offers you valuable date.

If you know how to interpret it, the information you gather by keeping track of your employees can help you enhance your management strategies.

Reasons To Use Phone Tracking Services For Your Business


8/ Informing the customers

Some business offer delivery as well.

When you are transporting the products to your clients the tracking service can become a great tool for your customers.

Obviously, they will have access to a different version.

Such a system allows them to see where their package is located and it helps them estimate the delivery time.

If the driver is stuck in traffic, your customer will see that on the map, and he or she will become more understandable.

Clients might contact you if the package is a bit late, which is something that can be avoided if the customers have all the information they need right on their screen.

More than that,  by offering your clients this information, you enhance your company’s reputation and you make it clear that transparency is essential when it comes to your business.


9/ You can decide how strict to be

Tracking systems allow you to decide just how much control you want. It all depends on your type of business and the work ethic of your employees.

If we take a look at work culture all around the world, we can see that each

nation has different values in the workplace. In some countries, strict monitoring makes employees more responsible, while in other places it makes them feel as if they are under surveillance.

Therefore, it is very important to know your employees very well before using such a service.

More than that, your business’s type will also help you determine just how strict you need to be.

For instance, if your company requires a lot of travelling, a stricter tracking service might be needed. At the end of the day, it’s your call.

Most importantly, make sure that the GPS tracking system is only active during work hours.

It is not legal to track your employees during their free time, so you need to make sure that the GPS tracking system can be disabled once the work day is over.

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10/ Set goals

A tracking service can be used to see where your employees are, but it can also tell you where they should be next.

This system will help them become more efficient, as it sets clear goals and it shows them their destinations so they can prepare themselves and plan ahead.

By having clear goals, it is a lot simpler to find the best driving routes, saving fuel and time.


11/ Send instructions

A tracking service does more than just tracking. It can be used as a line of communication between the employer and the employees.

With the help of such an app, employees can receive instructions or directions for their next job.

Therefore, a tracking service will help you keep everything in one place.

More than that, you don’t need advanced technology, smartphones are more than enough.


12/ Online tracking

A tracking system can also come with online activity monitoring, which is a great tool for employers.

Sometimes employees waste time on various websites such as YouTube.

As a result of that, their results are not satisfactory and productivity decreases.

If you monitor their online activity as well you can make sure that they won’t waste time while they are at work.

You can even take a look at their history and see all the websites that have been accessed.


13/ Save money

A workforce needs to be monitored, one way or another.

The least expensive option available out there remains phone tracking.

You can find tracking services that aren’t expensive, and you don’t need other persons to supervise your employees.

You can do that yourself, with just one app. It is simple, and it is very accessible, which can be a major advantage, especially for small businesses.

The benefits of using phone tracking services for your business are numerous.

It ensures proper communication with the employees for maximum productivity to gain high profitability.


Reasons To Use Phone Tracking Services For Your Business

Useful capabilities

Once you decide to use a tracking service, you need to compare several programs until you find one that matches your company’s needs.

They all provide tracking, but each app comes with something special, and it is important to take into account other features as well.

For instance, it is important that the service is very easy to use.

Some software applications are very complex and you would need time in order get accustomed to them.

Try to choose a program that does not need advanced technical skills.

This shouldn’t be too hard to do, as most software applications come with free demos that you can try out first.

Alerts should also be available for your tracking service.

For instance, if something happens to a driver or a vehicle, the system should allow you to send email or text alerts that inform the others.

It is recommended that you have pre-set notifications for specific situations, such as a driver taking the wrong route.

You might also need notifications whenever one of your employees reaches an important destination.

For instance, an alert each time someone comes into the office or leaves the office, an alert for job sites arrivals or route stops.

You should also think about possible issues.

Things might not work smoothly at all times.

Customer support is therefore required.

You should be able to contact a representative at all times, via chat or phone.

Other forms of support are also useful.

For instance, you might need email support or how-to videos.

Mobile access is also essential.

As weird as it might sound, that are certain applications that do not have support for mobile devices.

Such an app can be highly inconvenient, as smartphones allow you to access the software anywhere, even when you are on the go.

You should also make sure that the tracking system offers you a live location feed of your staff.

It is very important that you are able to locate your employees in their current location, and the system becomes useless if it has a couple of minutes of delay.

Accuracy is required, so make sure that the tracking service that you choose is able to offer you that.

Background tracking is also necessary.

You shouldn’t have to keep the app open at all times, and it should work just fine in the background.

Tracking should resume whenever the phone starts up.

Make sure that this isn’t something that drains the smartphone of your employees, as you don’t want them to run out of battery.

If their phone dies they might miss important meetings and you won’t be able to track them either.


Think about all the details

Before you choose a tracking service, it is very important that you take into account all the details.

There are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself first.

For instance, what is the kind of vehicle that you want to track?

You should also think about the number of vehicles that you need to track?.

Pricing is another important factor.

Complex services tend to cost more.

You should plan your budget and decide just how many features you need.

Make sure that the basic functions are covered by your tracking service.

There should be both navigation and communication options and driver safety tracking.

The dashboard of your software application is key for everything.

The dashboard contains all the important data, and you should find out everything you need to know from just one look.

For that reason, it is essential that the dashboard is clearly organized and it contains all the essential details.

You don’t want to waste your time searching for a certain employee.

All the main data should be in one place, easy to access.

Different businesses have different needs, which means that you should find a service suited for your business type.

For example, if you work on many team projects you might need a program that makes collaboration easier.

If you have a delivery or a trucking business you will need specific tools which allow you to track your drivers and your vehicles.

You might also want reports for the daily/weekly/ monthly miles driven by your employees.

Clear reports make it easier to control your expenses and plan your budget.


Discuss with your staff first

It is very important that you discuss with your staff members first.

All your employees need to be aware of the GPS tracking, otherwise, it might be considered a violation of privacy.

There’s a higher chance that the employees will react negatively to GPS tracking if they haven’t had any previous experiences.

Therefore, you might need to take it easy when it comes to employees that haven’t used a GPS tracking service before.

Phone Tracking Services


That’s all for now!

So do you have experience of using GPS Tracking?

Have or do you use one of the many phone tracking services?

Let me know in the comments below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that you are notified when we reply.




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Phone Tracking Services for Your Business - 13 Reasons To Use Them
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