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Social Media Monitoring Apps on the rise

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Ever since social media became established, our lives have been governed by it. According to Adweek, the average user will spend a total of 5 years of their life on social media and social apps. Check out the average daily time spent on the top social platforms shown by the graphic below.

Social Media Monitoring Apps on the rise
Image source Adweek.com – Full Infographic linked above

As you can see social media has been driving our lives in every sector. From relations to business, people are increasingly relying heavily on social media for making everyday choices in their lives.

The number of social media users is also increasing significantly. Facebook now has more than 2 billion monthly users. The average number of social media accounts per internet user – with the global figure being 5.54.

Keeping your kids safe

Worried parents are also turning to social media monitoring apps to keep an eye on their children.

Tips For Monitoring Your Child's Social Media Usage - The rise of social media monitoring apps
Tips For Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media Usage – Fix.com

How closely do you monitor your children’s internet usage? With a staggering 92 percent of teenagers using social media aged between 13 and 17 daily, trying to exclude your child from social media to protect them isn’t the most realistic solution. They’ll miss out on important bonding with their peers and they potentially do it behind your back anyway. Therefore it is advised you set rules about usage and to have a chat with your kids about the dangers of strangers online. Empower your kids to understand the implications of an online reputation and the importance of privacy

Social Media Monitoring For Business

When it comes to business it is becoming more and more important to implement social media monitoring. Social media monitoring allows you to follow conversations about your product, brand and offered services. This gives you valuable insights to competitors and industry trends. Modern employers can also monitor their employee’s response to the social media customers

Under such circumstances, the trend of social media monitoring apps has been on the upward trajectory. 

Social media is an area where business can thrive

Here are 6 tips to help your business grow using social media monitoring apps and tools

Here are 6 tips to help your business grow using social media monitoring apps and tools

1/ Listen to your Target Audience:

Success with the social media requires more listening and less talking. So you must read and monitor what your target audience says online and engage in their discussions to learn what is important to them. Listening to people’s opinion about your brand can give you an idea about your next business strategy. According to a recent research by Clutch, when businesses listen to their social media feedback, they improve their product by 25% and provide better customer service by 21%.

2/ Increase Accessibility:

Businesses now have to be proactive and responsive when it comes to their relationship with the potential customers. You cannot just publish your content and later disappear and you should always be available to your audience. You need to publish content and participate in conversations. That, obviously, would be done by your employees. Using an effective social media monitoring apps can help you monitor your employees’ social media activity. Online followers are volatile and they do not hesitate to replace you if you do not engage in a timely manner.

3/ Keep Quality Connections:

The quality of your social media relations makes a significant difference in your brand recognition. It is often said that quality trumps quantity. So it is always better to have 1000 online connections who read and share your content with their contacts than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you for the first time. 

So place a special emphasis on how your employees engage with the customers online and monitor their social media activity. 

4/ Create Value:

Social media can be very handy when it comes creating value for your business. If you spend all your time on social media directly promoting your products and services, people will stop listening and some may start giving negative reviews about you. You must add value to the conversations with the audience.

Businesses must engage with their audience at an emotional level. So they should focus more on creating amazing content and developing relationships with social influencers. These people will become a powerful catalyst for the growth of your business.

5/ Online Reputation:

Social media can make or break a business in our generation. One bad experience can bring bad a name to the business. On a bad day, employees can even abuse the potential customers. It’s not just the abused customer will leave. You may trigger a hate campaign on social media. This can produce a serious dent on the present and future sales of the business.

It also happens that the ex-employees or the one you recently fired can leak important information to the competitors. 

6/ Acknowledgement is key:

Acknowledgement brings satisfaction and a satisfied customer is likely to buy the product again. You would not ignore someone who reaches out to you in person. So do not ignore them when they reach out online. Building relationships is one of the key parts of social media marketing success. Always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

For the purpose, social media spying apps can help to monitor your employee response to a potential customer contact. That would ultimately increase the employ profile and benefit customer satisfaction.


Here are 15 Free social media monitoring apps and tools to get you started 


So now it’s over to you. Is monitoring your kid’s online presence now a necessity. And should you be monitoring your clients and business competition?

Let me know in the comments below!



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Social Media Monitoring growing. Keep an eye on your kids and business
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Social Media Monitoring growing. Keep an eye on your kids and business
Social media monitoring is on the rise. From monitoring your kid's online presence to following what your clients and business competition are up to.
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    Amazing list. Thank you for putting this together. I happen to be working my way through it all the day and trying a couple of them.
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    Hi Dexter

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    I am a mother of a 5-year-old girl and I believe of limiting screen time especially on school nights. For my clients though, I have to be always on the lookout for our existing and new competitors. The tips you put up are worthy of a bookmark for a future reference. Thanks for sharing.

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