How to avoid social media drama

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  [tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#socialmedia #socialmediadrama #facebook @dexterroona” display_mode=”button_link”]Dont get involved in social media drama[/tweetthis] Don’t get involved in social media drama Social Media is full of opinions good ones and bad ones. These can sometimes lead to conflict and argument. If you … Read More

Getting something back for your content –

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Detlev Artelt : CEO, @aixvox & Co-Founder @neu_work and Senior Consultant, Author, Moderator, Communications, WebRTC, Speech Tech - #BBQ & #Neuwork
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UPDATE  19/8/2018 – Fliiby has now closed down Hi everybody, After 11 years of operating Fliiby and more than 200 million visitors globally, we’re shutting down the service today. READ MORE Introducing Fliiby We all post our pictures, moments and … Read More

New Social Site Swiends!

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My name is Jess Blevins and I'am mommy Of 3. I love helping those grow around me. Started blogging to make a difference to people's lives and to grow myself. We often learn from our own advice and I love hearing others point of view on things.
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What is Swiends (Social Winning Friends)? A brand new site that many are joining and would love to have you too!! Swiends is a social platform where you can meet up with artists, writers, actors, producers, and other amazing people like … Read More

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