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5 Reasons To Create Your Own Blog

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So you are thinking of starting your own blog but don’t really know where to begin and how to get started.

And you are probably a bit overwhelmed because there are just so many options when it comes to starting a blog.

5 Reasons To Create Your Own Blog

Starting a new blog can be scary, there is a lot to learn and it is very time-consuming but in this article, we will hopefully ease your mind and get you started on your blogging journey.

Choosing your blogging platform

When choosing a blogging platform you must ask yourself some questions.

Are you willing to learn how set up a site?

Do you want to blog for free or create your own space by spending some money?

What will my blog be about? Etc

You have to ask the questions that are relevant to your situation.

Blogging platforms

The big player in blogging is WordPress. According to BuiltWith, 52% of sites are created using WordPress and there is a good reason for this as WordPress is just so good and so flexible.

There is an abundance of cool themes and plugins that allow you to create just the type of site you want.

And this can be done for free using WordPress.com or you can choose the much better option of downloading the WordPress at WordPress.org platform and uploading to your own hosting which of course costs money.

And if you want to get your blog a unique domain name that you can brand you are going to need to factor in the price of your domain regardless of your decision to go the free or paid route.

The paid for route to blogging is my chosen method of blogging because it really is the only way for you to put yourself in 100% control of what you create.

If you are blogging on a blogging social then you are at the mercy of the site’s terms and conditions and it is even possible that the platform you decide to use changes in a way that stops you from blogging or even just closes and then what happens to all your hard work.

It is also much harder to monetize a free blog because of all the platforms rules.

There are other options for you to create free and paid for blog sites and they include Googles Blogger, this is not a bad option but to me just a bit dated or you can also look to the web builder type sites like Wix though these tend to be more expensive for less customizable features. 

There is a good reason why WordPress is just so big!

Blogging Socials

Blogging social sites offer you a good option when it comes to starting a free blog.

You still have the problem of not being in control of your content and having fewer customization options available for you to create.

But the plus side is your working from an authoritative domain and although your just a small part of the platform it is possible to build up quickly if you can appeal to the members.

There are some very good blogging social sites and they include:

Medium, Quora the Question and Answers site (yes they have a blogging section) and Steemit is a good option.

Wakelet is also becoming a very good option for blogging. Wakelet is a content curation site that you can build very simple blog articles in a build builder type method.


Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own blog

1/ There’s plenty of time

There is no real need to be concerned about time in fact blogging probably takes up less time that you spend on social media

You don’t have to post every day on your blog once a week would be enough for a new blog but obviously, the more you post the quicker you gain traction and build your audience. 


2/ Blogging boosts reputation and authority

There’s no better way to build up a reputation online than blogging and creating content.

Give your readers the content they want and they will love your site.

Providing your readers with advice helps to increase trust levels and no matter what domain you choose to blog about, it will help create a good reputation. 


3/ Blogging creates opportunities

Having a blog can open some doors. If your a professional in a niche field the sharing your expertise could get you that dream job you have always wanted.

It can give you opportunities and resources to expand in all sort of different domains just by being in touch with so many different people.

Who knows, there’s a chance you might even be asked to speak at a conference simply because you’re passionate about your writing.


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4/ It organizes your thoughts and helps you learn

This is a big plus side of blogging for me. Blogging really is what got me into Social Media and SEO and by learning the processes and then blogging about what I have learned has really helped me to understand what I do, why I do it and to come up with other ideas that have proven useful in making Infobunny successful.

Having a blog pushes you to continuously push yourself to learn new stuff and stay up to date with all the new info relevant to your domain.

Also, when you’re starting a post, you first organize your thoughts and that helps to build strong analytical skills.

This helps you structure great blog articles.

We all know that communication is not easy, especially when you’re addressing so many different people, however, blogging will help you learn how to reach your readers properly.


5/ You can make money from your blog

It is very easy to monetize your blog and the simplest method is, of course, running ads on your site.

But this might not be so easy if you are running a free blog or using a blogging social because you will have those troublesome Terms of service to adhere to.

Adsense is normally the way to go when first starting to monetize a blog.

You just have to apply for an account and then when you have been accepted you just create your ad blocks then add your code for your ads to your theme, normally down a side panel or between paragraphs and that’s about it.

There are masses of alternatives to Adsense with Media.net  being my favorite.

If you post interesting and useful things, your reader base will grow and before you know it there might be some potential for making money out of your blog.

This is a perfect situation especially if your job does not pay good enough or you simply want to make some extra cash to save for the trip of your dreams or a new car.

The best thing about generating income from your blog is that it can be a form of passive income.

This means that the amount you win out of blogging does not have to be correlated with how much time and effort you put into it.


5 reasons create your own blog

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When monetizing your blog you should always look to have multiple streams of income coming in, multiple ways of monetizing the content that you create.

Applying for a Google Adsense account is normally your first step to monetizing a blog.

But are there any good alternatives to Adsense when it comes to running ads and monetizing your site?


5 Reasons To Create Your Own Blog – Conclusion

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your passion.

You can be a part-time blogger and earn some additional income or you can take it further and build a whole career around your blog site.

There really is nothing scary about blogging. Yes, there is a learning curve particularly on the technical site but then that is why sites like mine exist.

All the advice you will ever need to start a successful blog is here on Infobunny and it is free.

If you are looking to blog then I would strongly advise that you go for the paid route. Grab yourself a cool brandable domain, pay for some hosting.

Buy a premium theme and hit the ground running,

Yes, there is a modest outlay of funds required but your be making easily enough from your site to cover costs and more in no time if you just commit to becoming a blogger.


Now it is over to you.

Are you thinking of starting a blog?

Let me know what you think in the comments below

Regards Dexter

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5 Reasons To Create Your Own Blog
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  1. Jarvee
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    Beside these 5 reasons, there are so many more reasons why someone should create his own blog. If it is being done in a proper way!

    From all these that you mentioned, my favorite reason is that it creates amazing opportunities! And of course, if you do it well, it can help you to generate income, which is a great motivation for improvement.

    Thanks for sharing Kaya!

  2. Judith
    | Reply

    Its a great way to create a stronger energy for your blogging subject: you meet people that think alike and that can give you new inspiration. I run a challenge once a week – on a blogging site – its very small (i don’t mind that) but i learn much from the entries – not in the least i how to improve myself in blogging

  3. Nzekwe Godswill
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    Believe me, this is one of the clearest blog posts I’ve ever had my eyes on.
    Bro, this is nice

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    I am following all your tips for my blog. Great content my friend. Keep it up!

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    Very nice content … every point in this blog is being describe so clearly..

    Great content.

  6. iTechBeat
    | Reply

    I am implementing your steps on my blog and they are working for me very well.

    • Dexter Roona

      Great to hear, in that case, I would also make yourself a Wakelet.com page use that for promotion and for blogging also.

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