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Tsu Social Network – The Social Network Facebook Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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Why Facebook doesn't wnat you to know about Tsu Social

Facebook Deletes Millions Of Member Links To The Tsu Social Network

A true David and Goliath battle is currently taking place on social media between Facebook and Tsu In late September Facebook started to delete member links to the Tsu Social Network. More than 9.5 million links were deleted. The Tsu domain was then also blocked preventing manual shares and auto-social shares from Tsu to Facebook. Any attempt at sharing a Tsu link results in a pop-up box warning that Tsu is “unsafe”. 

Tsu Social Network Unsafe Warning Pop Up

Tsu links on Facebook’s messenger are also prohibited and sister site Instagram has also censored Tsu links on Instagram profile pages.

The question is why has Facebook blocked the Tsu Social Network?

Tsu pays its members for their activity on the site. 90% of the advertising revenue that is generated on Tsu is given back to the members, that’s $9.00 out of every $10.00 the social payment platform earns.

Facebook defends it’s Tsu ban by claiming that it is just blocking spam and preventing its service from turning into a haven for those just wanting to make money. Tsu claims that Facebook doesn’t want its members to wake up to the fact that their content has a value and that they should be fairly compensated for its use.

Facebook has over 1.5 billion members, it is a true Goliath in the world of social media and so has the power to show it’s members exactly what it wants them to see and Tsu is a real issue as it challenges the Facebook advertising business model.

Facebook made an astonishing $12.5 billion dollars last year and $3.54 billion in the last quarter alone and really doe’s not want to compensate it’s members and generate site traffic to a rival that does.

Tsu recently passed it’s 1 year anniversary during which time it has grown quickly to over 4 million members

Facebook insists that Tsu pays its users to post links on other sites, an incentive that breaks its rules for connecting with its platform.

Tsu Ceo Sebastian Sobczak denies that the social payment platform pays its members to post on Facebook, Tsu users are instead paid against how much advertising is sold alongside members posts, which is a similar monetization model to that of YouTube, with Facebook users actively sharing links to YouTube videos.

The Tsu Social Network Philosophy

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