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Tsu Groups are now monetized

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Tsu Groups are now monetized

The Tsu Social Network the social site that rewards and pays it’s members fair value for the content that they produce has now started to monetize Tsu groups.

If you already run a online community or forum then it is time to take a look at what Tsu is offering it’s members… create an engaging active community within the Tsu Social Network and get paid.

Here is the run down on how they work.

Monetization of Tsu Public Groups

Tsu Public Groups will be monetized as follows:

25% = Owner 25% = Split Amongst all Non-Owner Admins

35% = Content-Creating Members

10% = tsu

5% = Designated Charity (Percentages may change slightly as we gather data on groups’ usage.)

In terms of Public Groups and related monetization, Owners and non-Owner Admins may also participate in the Public Group with which they are affiliated as a Member (leading to potentially additional monetization).

Tsu Groups Terms & Conditions

Tsu Groups will match users with similar interests and give the value that is being created to the community that is creating it. By becoming an Owner, Administrator (Admin) or Member of a group you are accepting the following conditions.


There are three types of Tsu Groups – Public, Private and Secret. Only Public Groups are monetizable and anyone can join those and Owners and Administrators preside over those groups maintaining the laws of tsu as well as curating their own content and quality. Private and Secret Groups are invite only. Private Groups are searchable and Secret Groups are not. Posts in Public Groups may be shared outside of the Group to the sharers Tsu feed; posts in Private and Secret groups cannot be shared. No Groups may use the word ‘Tsu’ in their titles unless written consent is given by Tsu management or unless the group is actually run by Tsu. Tsu reserves the right to delete or hide groups or restrict them in any way or hand ownership of Groups to others in the case of mismanagement.


You have the responsibility of managing your Group, curating the content, educating your Admins and not having copyrighted content in your groups unless you have consent to use such content. Your reward for managing a Public Group is that you will monetize the Group but the burden will be on you to run a Group well otherwise the Group Members may not engage and should you mismanage the Group you may be removed from ownership of the Group. Owners will also have the task of assigning one Tsu-based charity that will be affiliated with the Group where a portion of the revenues generated by the Group will automatically go to said charity. Owners will have administrative capabilities over their Groups.


Your responsibility is to curate and manage the Group and in the case of Public Groups you will monetize through a pool of funds that will be distributed to you periodically; all Admins will have the ability to remove posts, comments and ban users. All Admins, including Owner-Admins, will be responsible for keeping the comments sections clean of spam, economic gaming or commentary that is non-responsive to the content posted. Owners will have the ability to remove Admins from their administrative duties, however should an Admin administrate a Public Group for longer than 30 days, they will continue to monetize from their role for an additional 30 days after their departure from their role in said Public Group.


Content-creating Members of Groups will also monetize Public Groups in proportion to the organic views of their content both in and outside the Public Group. The economics of a Group Member’s content that is created inside the Group is distributed entirely to the Group (none goes to any Tsu Family Tree).

Group Member’s content that leaves the Public Group will create economics for the individual content-creating Member and the entire content-creator’s Family Tree. Members for Private Groups must request invites to join the Group and for Secret Groups, Members must be invited by the Group Owners or Admins. Members must adhere to all Tsu Terms and Conditions found here and elsewhere.

Inviting Users to Tsu Groups

Members of any Public Group may invite individuals to Tsu using the Group name, however there is a mechanism in place that will give credit to the inviting Member and any new Tsu users going through this mechanism will be placed into Family Tree of the inviting Member.

For users external to Tsu who stumble upon the Group’s invite code without an invite code from a Member, those users will be placed into the Group Owner’s Family Tree.

Please note that Groups will be searchable in Open Web so choose your group name wisely 😉


An Owner’s secondary account may not be a non-Owner Admin.  

A community may have up to ten (10) non-Owner Admins.

Admins must be fluent in the primary language of the community.

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