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How to Make Money on Instagram

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In this new article, we will be discussing how you can make money on Instagram. 

From advertising to products, to selling images, we cover it all in this article.

Let’s get started

How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

Do you often check your feed on Instagram?

Do you check it weekly, daily, or maybe hourly?

Or are you not there at all?

Do you not go to Insta because It just doesn’t make sense you

But would you log in to Instagram as a regular user if this social network could be turned into a powerful source of online income for you?

How powerful?

It all depends on you.

Today we look at examples of people making money on Instagram, some up to $20,000 every month.

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How many people are waiting for your offers on Instagram

Take a look at the numbers:

  • On October 6, 2010, the application was launched only for the iOS mobile operating system.
  • During the first month, according to the statistics of the App Store, it was downloaded more than 1 million times.
  • To date, more than 200 million active users have been signed in on the network, not taking into account copy profiles, bots, and so on.
  • A survey among internet users around the world shows that 23% of young people consider Instagram to be their favourite social network.
  • Only 5% of profiles on the site have more than 50 images. This indicates a low level of competition, while the application is wildly popular.

Based on these five facts, we can conclude that Instagram is one of the most popular and promising social networks at the moment.

Having started correctly (!) using it for your own purposes today, you will hardly feel any competition in any niche.

The reason is that not all people realize the huge potential of the network and understand how to monetize their profiles (personal or corporate – it does not matter).

There is an opinion that only showbiz, sports, business, and other stars can become popular users and make money on their Instagram accounts. And what if…not?

How to have a quality blog on Instagram:

  • Post images with high brightness. Studies show that such photos gain 24% more likes than dark ones.
  • Do NOT use many filters in one account. Accounts that have consistent images are more interesting for visitors.
  • Find a middle ground between professional photos and ordinary selfies. High-quality pictures have a good influence on the popularity of your account. But modern users love live content. Sometimes photos taken on the front camera of a regular smartphone are more interesting for users.


6 ways to make money on Instagram

  1. Income from advertising sales. Placing advertising posts/pictures for money or earnings on subscribers.
  2. Earnings on the implementation of simple tasks. Money for performing “simple actions”: subscription, like, comment.
  3. Sale of goods. Online stores on Instagram as an effective sales channel.
  4. Promotion of services. Promotion of your services, business, brand.
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM) services. Remote work on the promotion of pages on the Instagram network.
  6. Selling photos on Instagram.

In this article, we will consistently consider each of the above ways to make money on the Instagram network, and show you what you need to achieve this.


#1. Earnings from advertising on Instagram

Perhaps the most effective tool for making money on your Instagram account is advertising, such as posting posts in your photoblog.

At the same time, even today there is no need to search for a direct advertiser: they all already use specialized exchanges.

The latter, in turn, is ready to offer cooperation to account holders.

How to start earning?

  1. You need to have an account on Instagram with the most complete information in the profile, a certain number of posts, subscribers, and necessarily “live” (not “fake”) activity in the feeds.
  2. Sign in on the sites from the list below, get acquainted with the rules, and read the FAQ.
  3. On the site, select the task and perform it – then get the “fee”! Withdraw the money.

How much can you earn?

It depends on your individual situation.

To find out the specific number for your account, sign in on the sites below.

The amount of earnings depends on two factors:

  1. The number of your subscribers (the more you have, the higher the cost of advertising)
  2. The frequency of posting of advertisements


The Epicstars project has been working since 2015, and it is great.

The platform is a meeting place for advertisers and bloggers.

It works with YouTube and Instagram.

If you own an account in this social network (with the number of subscribers starting from 500 people) and want to earn from it, Epicstars is the first service in which you should sign in.

In the personal account, in the top menu, we find a link to the Getting Started and Support Center pages, where you can find answers to all of our questions regarding the service.

After adding your site to the system, it becomes available to the proposals of advertisers, which, by the way, there are already more than 2,000 in the system and over 90,000 bloggers from different social networks!


How to make money on advertising MORE?

It’s simple – develop your blog.

Use all possible ways to improve the quality of your account (the quality of the content: pictures/posts), increase the number of live subscribers, etc.

The greater the base of your followers, the more attractive your photo blog is for advertisers, and the higher the price you can ask for advertising publications.


6 Ways You Can Use Instagram To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


# 2. Fast money on Instagram from likes and subscriptions

This is the easiest way to make money because it does not require a popular blog with a large subscriber base.

Nevertheless, for successful work: the account must be as lively as possible, the information should be filled in (profile photo, etc.), and a minimum number of subscribers and posts (pictures) is required.

Also, if you do not have subscribers, you can get them in the same services in which you will earn.

What is the essence of earning and who will pay you for it?

This is nothing but fake subscribers.

The more subscribers you have on Instagram, the better.

Many owners “buy” subscribers, that is, they are ready to pay you for subscribing to them; they buy “likes” to create the illusion of activity in their account.

That’s all.


Before starting work, you must read the rules and FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions) of the site/exchange where you sign in and plan to work.

This will not only prepare you to deal with each service but also relieve you from annoying troubles, such as getting your account blocked for breaking the rules.

If on one or another site you encounter the message, “there are currently no tasks available,” this may mean one of two things: either there are really no advertisers or all the tasks have been completed, or your account does not meet the minimum requirements of the advertiser.

In the latter case, take care to make at least 100 subscribers and 30 posts in your photoblog.


# 3. Boost revenue selling goods on Instagram  

Instagram users, among other social networks, are the most solvent audience.

It is a fact!

SMM specialists and advertisers have repeatedly proven in practice that the most effective advertising (the ratio of the money spent on advertising to the sales of goods) is precisely on Instagram.

Many owners of online stores are already using this social network as an additional sales channel.

At the same time, a fairly popular practice is the creation of an online trading platform exclusively on the platform of this social network (without having its own online store).

Instead of posts with pictures about your personal life, you post a photo of your product.

Contact information (phone number, etc.) should be in your profile so that the buyer can contact you, and the “About me” field should also be filled.

That’s all!

There are different requirements for each type of sales-oriented account.

For example, visual content is important for an online store – the better the photos are, the more attractive the product itself will be.

For an account focused on the provision of any professional and consulting services (legal, medical, psychological), useful texts are much more important.

It is clear that physical goods sold on Instagram are NOT worse than services.

This is logical.

But what exactly can you sell?

  • Furniture? Yes!
  • Clothes? Yes!
  • Watches and accessories? Also yes!

Of the Instagram audience, 60+% is made up of girls and women under 35 years old.

Any women’s physical goods MUST be sold here.


#4. Promotion of your services or business

As in the previous case, with the sale of goods, the promotion/sale of services works no worse on Instagram.

It hardly makes sense to start a page to an enterprise specializing in drilling wells or manufacturing equipment/engineering (such happens as well).

But there are a number of fields of activity which should be promoted on Instagram.

There are personal accounts of photographers (portfolios), and with the advent of the ability to add video – video operators, manicure specialists, makeup artists, stylists, pages of beauty salons, photo studios, entertainment, and even catering services.

Of course, it’s a sin not to have an Instagram page for travel agencies.

Do you know the audience of Instagram?

If your potential customers use this social network, it means your business must be there.

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#5. Providing services for the maintenance and promotion of Instagram accounts as an SMM specialist

Unlike the previous four ways, this means making money not on your blog, but on managing and promoting your customers’ photo blogs.

Yes, this is the most work: providing your services as a specialist (SMM).

As a rule, it is remote work – in other words, freelance.

Perhaps, you have heard the expression “Instagram manager.”

It is exactly how to be an administrator of a page on Facebook with the only difference that it is not on Facebook, but on Instagram: searching/creating content, selecting pictures/memes, posting, etc.

However, this is not so simple.

You can be sure that in 99% of cases, your client/customer will add to your duties a few additional points, such as:

  • Promotion of an account
  • Attracting new subscribers
  • Conducting advertising campaigns
  • Analysis/analytics

And this is clearly beyond the scope of exclusive administration, but rather, it relates to the duties of an SMM specialist.

This, in turn, requires a considerable base of knowledge and skills. Where can you acquire the required knowledge and skills?

In this case, educational courses are essential for this process.

If you want to provide your services as a specialist, you cannot do without paid courses.

The work of an SMM specialist is very well paid. At the same time, it does not take much time: a common practice is to manage several accounts at once, up to 10-15.

And this position brings a very, very solid salary.

In addition, today the demand for the services of an SMM specialist is quite high.


#6 Selling photos on Instagram to make money

What you need to do to sell photos on this site:

  • Use several keywords for every photo. In this way, a buyer will be found.
  • Search for and shoot something that nobody photographs.
  • Share exclusive photos with sites so you can charge higher prices for your work.



Twenty20 is a marketplace for selling your photos from Instagram.

Sign in or download the iPhone app.

Any photo you post is for sale.

However, the rights to all photos are reserved for you so you can sell them several times.



The Snapwire service offers that you upload many high-quality photos.

Use related keywords for the photos so that they can be easily found.

If you constantly upload your photos, you are awarded points.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to earn more money.

Be sure to check out the “last purchased” section.

This will make it clear what is in demand now.

In the end, we want to share some useful tips for those who decide to earn money by selling photos.

First, you need to take natural, unstaged photos.

Brands are looking for live shots.

One day, a Canadian pharmaceutical company paid $6,000 for 52 photos of friends playing.

Secondly, don’t use a square format.

Although originally Instagram came out of the square, by the type of Polaroid-style frames, the 4:5 portrait format will look more professional.

Calculating earnings for selling photos is quite difficult – it all depends on the service you choose and how many photos you’ll sell.

The cost of one photo tends to be around the $5 – $15 mark.


Bonus Tip – Clickable Links On Instagram

Instagram only allows you a single bio link or the ability to add links to stories if you qualify.

But what if I told you that there was a very simple workaround that would give you the very next best thing to clickable links and at the same time make it much easier to make money on Instagram.

And the best bit is that it free.

Take a look at this post – How To Add Clickable Links on Instagram.


Make Money On Instagram - 6 Creative Ways To Boost Your Revenue

How to Make Money on Instagram – Summing up

Instagram today is not simply a social network for communication, but a great trading platform on which you can deploy your business.

In fact, there are a lot more than just three ideas for making money on Instagram.

You can provide photo processing services, be a giveaway organizer, analyze profiles, issue authoring presets for photo processing, provide design services for creating an account, write texts to order, etc.

Therefore, the main thing is to find that niche in which it will be easy and interesting for you to work.

In this case, success is guaranteed.


That’s all for now.

So are you new to Instagram or are you already successful at making money on Instagram?

Let us know in the comments section below




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Make Money On Instagram - 6 Creative Ways To Boost Your Revenue
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In this article, we will be discussing how to make money on Instagram. From advertising to products, to selling images, we cover it all in this article.
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