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Instagram Restaurant Marketing – Getting Started

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In this article, we will be discussing the basics of Instagram Marketing and using Instagram Restaurant Marketing as our working example.

Everything that you learn here can also very easily be applied to clothing stores, health, and beauty, fitness.

You can use the ideas in this article to market any business or brand.

Instagram Restaurant Marketing - Getting Started

Do you know why restaurant marketing on the social media website is getting popular these days?

There is a very simple reason behind this.

Social media has become an incredible method to market to the masses with Instagram emerging as one of the best sites and apps to use.

There was a time when making a customer base was a long-term process.

But, social media marketing has made it much easier compared to the old school way of building your customer base.

There are a number of social media sites that are popular today that provide a perfect platform to all niches.

Social media restaurant marketing has also gained traction and success in attracting more and more customers.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are some of the popular social media platforms today that can be used for restaurant marketing.

Instagram – this is the name that has won the hearts of millions of people.

This is the platform for smartphone users and is used mostly in the form of a mobile app.

However, the online version can also be opened, via your desktop or laptop computer but with limited facilities.

Instagram is a visual platform used by millions to upload pictures and videos.

It really is the platform of choice for influencers, big brands and small to medium-sized businesses and with more and more new features being developed and added this doesn’t look like changing 

Here are some of the ways you can use Instagram to market a restaurant or a store or any product-based business


Take Full Benefit Of Instagram Tools When Marketing A Restaurant

Instagram has rolled out business profiles in the same way as Facebook has.

Apart from uploading pictures and video, Instagram offers a variety of tools such as a big “contact” call-to-action, facilitating users to email, call or text the business, starting live video for your events & lectures and more.

Moreover, business profiles comprise of access to analytics popularly known as insights.

The insights give users access to impression and engagement data.

If you still have a personal profile and you use Instagram for business purpose, then you first need to convert it to the business profile.

With restaurant marketing, you first need to search the users who are interested in the items you offer in your restaurant.

This is not difficult on Instagram.

You can start by visiting some of the other restaurant profiles and can approach their followers.

If their follower’s list is hidden then you can visit their posts and check the users who like and comment on their content.

In fact, those who participate and engage in these posts are more likely to become potential customers.

They are proven to be active.

Another bonus to this method is that the people who comment on their posts may not necessarily even be their followers so you get some extended reach outside of their follower reach

On Instagram, anyone can like or comment on another user’s post regardless of whether he/she follows that users or not, (unless they have already been blocked).

So, it is extremely easy to find potential customers on Instagram.

Get started by adding some cool posts and follow your potential new customers.

You will be followed back by some of these new niche members. 


Instagram Restaurant Marketing Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are unquestionably the simplest and probably the most useful marketing tool that you can use on Instagram.

Hashtags as we know them started from Twitter.

But now they have gained huge success on other social media platforms also especially Instagram. 

By adding hashtags (#) to specific words, or a combination of words, you can make it easy for others to reach your posts.

For example, if you use #restaurant on some of your posts, then whoever searches “restaurant” in the hashtag search option or sees the tag on a recent post and just clicks it will be linked in to all the other posts that use the same tag with the most recent content showing first on the page

#restaurant would be a very broad term to use for restaurant marketing, and you would be advised to use tags that are more niche to really drill down on those you are looking to appeal to

Examples can be #RestaurantInNewYork #PizzaTime.

Instagram Restaurant Marketing - Getting Started


Promote Your Instagram Profile And Posts On Your Site And Other Social Media Platforms 

If you want to promote your services and attract more Instagram followers, then you also have to look outside Instagram sometimes.

You need to post across all the social media platforms and invite them to your Instagram profile.

It is also a very good idea to connect your Facebook profile with Instagram.

Whenever any of your Facebook friends join Instagram, they can see your profile and are likely to then follow. 

In addition to connecting your Instagram profile to your other networks, you can add the Instagram profile to your business websites.

You can display an Instagram follow button on landing pages and services pages.

So, whenever visitors will come to your website, they can follow you even if they are not going to turn into your customers at that moment.

By following your Instagram profile, they will regularly see your posts and can consider following in the future.


Explore Different Types of Content

It is a good idea to upload different types of content to engage the user.

It is a human psychology to take an interest in variety.

So, by keeping your posts varied, you can keep the users engaged with your posts.

It is recommended to consider posting videos when photos won’t work.

It is often interesting for the users to see the video among thousands of images.

And that is why short videos can work well when restaurant marketing with Instagram.

A number of ideas can be used for the videos.

You can show a behind the scenes view of your restaurant.

The different types of meals that are available.

You can give a brief tour and give a description of some of the services that you offer.

You can also use the Instagram carousel feature.

This feature allows you to add different photos in a single post.

The carousel feature is perfect to highlight different aspects of the restaurant when marketing on Instagram.


Add Stories When Marketing Your Restaurant

Adding stories is an ideal feature to give updates to your followers when you are doing restaurant marketing or any other type of marketing with Instagram.

When you add stories, your followers get notified.

Stories that you add are displayed for 24 hours.

They are great for displaying the most current information that is happening right now.

A good use of this feature when restaurant marketing would be to blast out an update about a discount that is currently available.

Or maybe to promote a 2 for 1 type offer, or kids eat free deal.

Instagram stories are great for promoting anything that is time-sensitive to your followers.

You can also cross-promote from Instagram to Facebook with Instagram Stories.


Use Poll Stickers

The poll sticker feature was launched by Instagram last year in October 2017.

This is an interactive feature, which can be used to engage more and more audiences.

Poll Stickers can be used with Instagram stories allowing.

You ask questions to your audiences on your stories.

Then review the answers.

In the case of Instagram restaurant marketing, you can ask survey type questions like whether people like your meals and services, what improvements they want in your services or meals and a lot more.


Selling Products With Instagram Stories

Instagram is always developing new features for business users.

One such feature is tagging the products to the post.

With the help of this feature, the users who are interested in your products will be able to purchase them in an easy way, and it will definitely be beneficial for your business also.

Some restaurants also sell products, merchandise type products, cakes, and dessert type produce.

Instagram stories can be very useful when selling any products from your restaurant.


Creating Product Pages

It could be a good marketing strategy to create separate product pages for your restaurant or business.

Let’s say your restaurant sells cheesecake as a dessert option. You could make a separate Instagram page around the different cheesecakes that you sell.

This would be a good way to pull in foot traffic for those who would like to buy a slice or two of the best cheesecake in town.

All you need to do is to create a second account giving it a clever username like for example BestCheeseCakeInTown. 


Instagram Restaurant Marketing


Add cool visuals showing all the different cheesecakes that you sell to your new page.

Then you can tag your restaurant on the images to show where you can buy.

You can also tag the new page in your restaurant posts.

Instagram profile usernames are clickable so you have effectively given yourself clickable post links on Instagram, something that is sadly missing from Instagram

Creating a second page for a product is a great way to highlight the product and also a great method of cross-promotion on Instagram and works really well with Instagram restaurant marketing.


Instagram Restaurant Marketing  Pinterest image

Instagram Restaurant Marketing – Takeaways

With this article, we have covered the basics of restaurant marketing on Instagram.

The good news that everything you have been shown here in this article can easily be adapted and applied to work with just about any Instagram niche.

All of the ideas outlined would work just a well if you have a clothing business or are a personal trainer or fitness professional.

With Instagram seeming to be focusing more and more towards business-related updates, now more than ever is the time to use Instagram to market your brand or business.


With the internet becoming more and more mobile device-driven you are really afforded a great marketing opportunity with Instagram.

That’s all for now.

So are you an Instagram member?

Do you use Instagram to market your business?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Make sure that you subscribe to the comments so that when I reply to your comment you are notified




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Instagram Restaurant Marketing - Clever ideas to market your business
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Instagram Restaurant Marketing - Clever ideas to market your business
In this article, we will be discussing the basics of Instagram Marketing and using Instagram Restaurant Marketing as our working example.
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