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How to re-categorise your Tsu Posts with the Android App

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It is very easy when posting on Tsu via the Android app to add your content into the wrong  Tsu Channel or Topic. Here is a very simple Tsu Life Hack to to re-categorize your Tsu content in 3 easy steps.

So here is how you change your Channel or Topic for Tsu posts using the Tsu Android App. You will need to check to see if you can do this via the IOS app.

Take a look at the screen capture below. I have joined 2 images together and highlighted the steps you need to take with numbers on the images.

How to change the topic or channel that your Tsu Content is in

How to re-categorize your Tsu Content

  1. Locate the the Tsu content that you would like to re-categorise on your Tsu profile feed and click the drop down menu as highlighted by the down arrow.
  2. Click Categorize Post to view the available Topics and the Channel Search Bar.
  3. Select the Topic you would like to add the content to or type the name of the Channel that you would like to add the content to in the search box and select it as it appears and then just click done.

You can then check that your Tsu content has been re-categorized by going to the content on your profile feed and you will see the new Channel or Topic name at the top of the post.

What is Tsu Social?

Tsu is a social media site that rewards content creation. When a radio station plays a song it will pay a royalty for using the music. Tsu Social works in a very similar way in that you are rewarded for the views that your content gets against the daily advertising revenue. Tsu returns 90% of the Ad revenue back to the members that’s you and me. For more information on how Tsu works you can check out my Tsu Made Easy Site …. if you are already a member then you may want to check my Ultimate Guide To Tsu.

If you would like to give Tsu a try then click the image below or follow the instructions to join via the Tsu App

Tsu Social - Content Creation That Pays

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