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How to get your articles indexed FAST on Google


How to get indexed fast

In this article, I am going to share with you a few key processes that will really help you get new articles indexed fast on Google

Firstly if you are not already doing so you should ping your new articles after being published. You should be covered on self-hosted WordPress. But if you are using a different type of platform just check this is happening and if not then just use a service like PingFarm

Next, it is time to social share so send your content off to all the social channels you have. Probably the best social channel to help get you indexed fast is Google Plus followed closely by Twitter.

Where possible set up some internal linking from other articles to new ones to help point out the new content,

Add your content to ViralContentBee

Viral Content Bee is a great site that allows you to add your blog articles to the Viral Content Buzz sharing platform to be shared by the members. To add your articles you need sharing credits. You can buy these by becoming an upgraded member or you can earn them by sharing member content.

And now my absolute must do to get indexed fast

My secret weapon is a blogging social site called Steemit. Make a free account and simply make a cut-down share of the content that you want to get indexed fast. Steemit is a site that indexes incredibly quickly. I have seen my cut down posts index in just a couple of minutes. And this has a knock-on effect to the main content you want to be indexed. Because the cut down is pointing directly to the main event.

Here is the snippet of my Steemit cut-down for this article. Click the image to visit the article on Steemit.

Steemit Cut down blog

And that is really all there is to getting indexed quickly

Don’t sit on your hands waiting for the spiders to find you. Be proactive and get indexed fast. 

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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5 Responses

  1. Joan Stewart
    | Reply

    Thanks for an informative article Dexter, yes I have heard SteemIt is great for indexing articles.

    • Dexter Roona

      Thanks, yes it works a treat.

  2. Nigel from Student Aid Struggle
    | Reply

    Hey, Dexter!

    Great article about how to get indexed faster on Google. I was aware that sharing on sites like Twitter and Google+ helped you get indexed faster but this is my first time hearing about Viral Content Bee and Steemit.

    I have a quick question about Viral Content Bee and Steemit if you have the time to answer. Does using these 2 sites bring in a lot more organic traffic? Or are they more for the spiders to crawl?

    Thanks for any help in advance and thanks for a great article!

    • Dexter Roona

      VCB does bring in traffic from VCB members click to see what they are sharing, but the main reason for using is just to get out there and members social sharing is the best way and that does bring organic traffic and helps get you crawled faster. Steemit again depends on how you use it. I make cutdowns that index quickly and point to Infobunny if I spent more time creating there then they would rank better but then its not my site and I spend the majority of my time on my site. The cutdowns point to me they help me get indexed and it brings people from steemit who want to read the full version. Steemit for me is all about helping infobunny and not competing with it

  3. Shahadot Hossain
    | Reply

    Dexter Roona


    This is the perfect info for someone that is struggling with coming up with new and different ways to present content as well as create new content. Can you say burn out???? Yes, but now with this info-graphic I have got close to a dozen ideas to implement that will make life SO much easier.
    This is just what I needed going into the weekend.
    Thanks for Share with us…..

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