If you are serious about building your Tsu Downline or Tsu Team then you need to build some kind of off site presence and here is why.

Tsu posts are not visible to the public on the web. For a visitor to see the content the viewer must first join the Tsu, and if they don’t know about Tsu then it is unlikely that they will sign up to a random site. This is the screen that you see when you visit one of my Tsu Invite Link

Tsu Sign Up Page

It literally just shows my profile page all blurred out. It doesn’t explain that Tsu is a social media site that pays you to use it and rewards content creators.

If you find my page one of my social shares to Facebook or Twitter then what you see is even less inviting.

You are expecting to read the story behind your Tsu post but instead you get a very dull sign up to Tsu page. Not very exciting if you don’t know what Tsu is.

Would you join just to read a story? 

Tsu Sign Up Page

So what is the answer?

Well the answer is that you have to build an off site presence and what i mean by that is that you need to build some kind of splash page or conversion page that explains that Tsu is a new social media site that shares 90% of it’s advertising revenue back to the members. You can take it further and build a whole site if you want, or if you have an existing site you can make a blog that explains what Tsu is. So rather than use your affiliate link you build a page or a site that explains what Tsu id exactly and why they should sign up to Tsu then you use the link to that page or post instead of your affiliate link.

The page or site you build then links into your Tsu Sign Up link.

This doesn’t solve the problem for someone stumbling upon your page via a social share, because you can’t change the link when you share, but what you could do is to add a sentence like “if you would like more information on Tsu the Social Media site that shares 90% of it’s advertising revenue back to members then Click Here” and then just link them into your page or site that explains what Tsu is, giving  them reasons to sign up.

Regards Dexter Roona

My Tsu Splash Page 


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